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Subj: Valtrex 500 mg
Date: 12/20/2006
I get cold/canker sores when I get my period. I was using Valtrex 500 mg twice a day but sometimes took it late after my lips were very swollen and itchy. I went to the Dr. and they gave me 1gm to take 2 tablets twice a day. It improved a lot and the swelling went away and the sores didn’t even come out. This was within 24hrs. Want to also thank God for it. The only side affect I think I’m getting is headache.


Subj: Valtrex during last 4weeks of pregnancy
Date: 12/23/2006
Hi…it is common for your doctor to prescribe valtrex during the last 4weeks of your pregnancy so that you can deliver vaginally. If there is any sign of an outbreak at time of delivery a C-section is recommended. I am constantly searching for information on the effect of valtrex to the fetus but cannot find anything to put your mind at ease. Valtrex is listed as CATEGORY B. if you feel any symptoms at all when labor begins have a C-section so the virus is NOT transmitted to your baby. Good luck.


Subj: Loose white, flaky, scaly skin
Date: 12/30/2006
Taking Valtrex as prescribed for small cold sore at corner of mouth. Recently the following symptoms showed up./ Has there ever been a report of loose white, flaky, scaly skin inside the mucus membrane, when taking Valtrex?. My inner lower lip appears like it was burned with hot food! Is this a side effect of the Valtrex, or something else. Please let me know. Also the exact same cold sore has appeared, 3 times, within anywhere from 3-6 month intervals between with no symptoms.


AskDocWeb: No this isn’t a side effect of the Valtrex. You should have this examined by your physician.

Subj: Shingles and sex
Date: 1/4/2007
I have shingles, should I wait to have sex after it is clear up on my body. Please let me know because I don’t enjoy sex because my side, it is itching. Thank you,


AskDocWeb: It would be a good idea to wait until everything is cleared up. If you’re uncomfortable the way it is now, you may not enjoy the experience.

Subj: Increased frequency of outbreaks?
Date: 1/4/2007
I noticed someone wrote about an increased frequency of outbreaks after taking Valtrex. I have had the same experience. I was having one outbreak every year or two years but started taking Valtrex as a suppressant 8 months ago. 6 months ago I had an outbreak and upped my dose from 500 mg to 1g. I have had outbreaks ever since, with only short breaks of one to two days in between. I suspect the Valtrex is the culprit. Is that possible that it has an opposite effect on my system? Should I stop taking it? My doctor does not think so.


AskDocWeb: I’ve never heard of anyone getting outbreaks every three days as you have had, that’s awful. It sounds like you need to see a specialist.

Subj: Skin discoloration
Date: 1/7/2007
I take Valtrex when I feel an onset of an outbreak for the last year. Several months ago I noticed discoloration of my skin on my inner thighs and occasionally on my calves or arms. Can this be a side effect?


AskDocWeb: We’ve not heard of this one, it sounds like it may be something else. See a dermatologist to get it checked out.

Subj: Valtrex for suppression
Date: 1/8/2007
I have been taking valtrex 500 qd for suppression purposes… it has helped. Now taking for about 2 months and about 9 months for outbreaks only. I have noticed that I am more fatigued, not the same level of energy I used to have, am a bit more easily brought down and have lost weight. I know the package insert shows no weight loss.

Subj: Long term affects of Valtrex
Date: 1/8/2007
I was diagnosed with genital herpes in June 2002 and have been taking 500 mg of Valtrex every day since that time. I’ve been told by doctors that there will be no long-term effects, but this is a lie. My kidneys are in the beginning stages of failure as well as my liver, my hair is thinning, my weight is at an all time high and I have massive spinal pain. The only reason I know all of this is because I finally went to a holistic doctor and he was able to figure this all out. I want everyone to know that there is an herbal version of Valtrex and that contrary to GSK’s claims, this drug will do long-term damage. I’m finally on the road to recovery and outbreak free since I started this new, healthy therapy. Please be careful of this drug, I wouldn’t want anyone to end up in my shoes.


AskDocWeb: Be sure to check the ingredient list in any herbal remedy that you try. Some herbs interact with medication.

Subj: Intense lower back pain
Date: 1/12/2007
I was prescribed Valtrex for a one time, and he had me take 2 500 milligrams at one time then two again later that day. After the first dose I began to have intense lower back pain and have had it since for 4 days. I did not take the second dose. Has this happened to anyone?


Subj: Compromised immune system?
Date: 1/13/2007
What would happen if you took valtrex for herpes 2 but did not know that you had a compromised immune system, would the valtrex make the outbreaks worse?


AskDocWeb: It appear that the manufacturer’s recommendations only apply to those with normal immune systems. They do not provide information about what happens if it is used in those with a compromised immune system.

Subj: 2 Questions
Date: 1/19/2007
Hi, I would like to ask you 2 questions, please: 1- Is Valtrex an antibiotic? 2- If I take Valtrex (1 gram per day) over a long period of time (1 year or more), will the medication have an adverse effect on my liver? kidney? or any other organs for that matter? Thank you,


AskDocWeb: Valtrex is an antiviral medication, not an antibiotic. It has no effect on bacteria, only on the virus.

Subj: Long-term effects of Valtrex
Date: 1/19/2007
I would like to know what is the long term effects are when taking valtrex? Does it cause any health issues in the long run when talking every day?


AskDocWeb: Statistics on the side effects of long-term use do not seem to be available although there seems to be the possibility of developing liver enzyme abnormalities (rare) and hepatitis.

Subj: Generic of Valtrex
Date: 1/21/2007
About 6 months ago I suffered from a herpes infection in my eye. I have been on Acyclovir. I heard long term use of Valtrex can cause liver damage and from my understanding Acyclovir is a generic of Valtrex. Is this true and what is considered long term use?


AskDocWeb: Valtrex is the hydrochloride salt of L -valyl ester of Acyclovir, not a generic. The medical community has not defined the term “long-term use” and the drug companies seem to have a verity of definitions. Many of them refer to one year as long-term usage.

Subj: Long-term Valtrex usage
Date: 1/22/2007
I’ve been using Valtrex now for about 6 years for suppressive therapy for cold sores (500Mg a day). I would get an outbreak every one to two months before taking the medication. I’ve been taking the drug for 6 years like I said only stopping twice in that time frame, each for about a month or two long. Both times I stopped, I got another outbreak within the two months. I am going to try and cut it down to 250 Mg a day and see if that keeps the cold sores away. All blood work thus far has come out perfect. The only thing was I started to get high cholesterol, but it is a family problem, so I am disregarding that one. I also asked my doctor about long-term treatment and she informed me that it is very safe. She informed me that there are people who have been taking it a lot longer than me. I will keep you all updated, as I have to go for blood work in April. So far so good with no outbreaks in 6 years except the two when I stopped taking the medication. One last thing, I think I worry a little more than I use to before taking the drug. Could be I am a little paranoid about things but I think it could be valtrex, or the oxycodone I take for pain. Either way, I am not that paranoid where I need physiological help, so I will keep taking it and hope to be outbreak free…


Subj: First outbreaks suck!
Date: 1/23/2007
I am taking Valtrex right now for 7 days to suppress my first outbreak. My first outbreak was a mild lesion on my outer labia, but was PAINFUL…. A few days of taking Valtrex did not give me ANY noticeable results. For the pain from the lesions/ulcers have your doctor prescribe lidocaine jelly…..GOOD STUFF! numbs it almost completely…and you can use it twice a day. In addition, for suppression I just started taking l-lysine tabs 3000MG a day and have seen a significant decrease in pain and it seems that the lesion I starting to heal. L-lysine is a blocker of argenine (what is required for either the herpes virus to live or breed…one of the two) … less argenine…less breakouts…hopefully it’ll suppress the herpes…first outbreaks suck!


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