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Subj: Getting permanent make-up
Date: 1/26/2007
In the near future I’ll be getting permanent make-up on my lips. Since I have history of cold sores, I was told to take Valtrex (or Zovirax). They say, I suppose to take it before the procedure, but by question is whether or not Valtrex will keep me from the outbreak? Or should I wait and take it only, when I feel the outbreak is coming? What would you suggest? And if I take it, should I take only 1 day dosage, or continue to take it?


AskDocWeb: The reason they want you to take it before the procedure is likely to prevent an outbreak from occurring while you are healing. Please follow the directions of your physician.

Subj: *Cold sores on my lips*
Date: 1/29/2007
This page is handy yes. I was just trying to see if it effects Marvelon28, my birth control pills. It’s a pretty strong one. It said there are no ‘reports’… does that mean in other words 1. You have no idea.?. 2. No it doesn’t at all. 3. Yes but no one reported once they got pregnant? Write back please,


AskDocWeb: We’ll take door number 2, Valtrex does not affect your birth control pill. Although we did find three drugs that produce non-herpetic cold sores; Hivid tablets, Intron A for injection and Virivax.

Subj: Hell on earth
Date: 2/1/2007
As terrible ordeal 10/29/03 has said – I have had all of the same symptoms after taking VALTREX for shingles. I still suffer – my ordeal also has been since 2003. I went from fine – to shingles – VALTREX – then hell on earth.


Subj: Kissing?
Date: 2/3/2007
Can any one tell me if kissing on the cheek of you partner is all right if you have genital herpes but no cold sore or any thing. Can that be contagious.


AskDocWeb: It is contagious, but a kiss on the cheek is okay.

Subj: Blood test for herpes
Date: 2/3/2007
Does any one knows or tried h balm for herpes. I haven’t tried yet but manufacturer of that drug is claming that if you use this balm daily you can be herpes free. Also what if some one does not have herpes but was given veltrax thinking that he might have HSV2, is their any harm if taken? Also after taking a 5-day course of veltrax 1g. Will the blood test for herpes come negative or will it come positive.

Sad guy

AskDocWeb: If someone took Valtrex without knowing if they had herpes or not it would not harm them unless they also had HIV, renal impairment or another serious medical condition. The blood test would come back negative for herpes only if they truly didn’t have it. Valtrex does not kill the virus, it just keeps it from multiplying.

Subj: Valtrex 500 mg tablets
Date: 2/5/2007
Why would an OB-GYN prescribe Valtrex 500 mg tablets? Would they prescribe for cold sores, shingles or genital herpes?


AskDocWeb: The main idea is to prevent an outbreak during delivery but Valtrex may be prescribed for any of the above reasons.

Subj: Valtrex is awesome
Date: 2/11/2007
Valtrex is an awesome drug. I had severe outbreaks of cold sores regularly for years. Now, taking 1 g daily for 1 year, I never have any. I also hardly got sick this winter whereas last year I had sinus and respiratory infections and asthma all winter. I can’t help but wonder if Valtrex had something to do with it. Thanks for making such a wonderful drug!!


Subj: Outbreak after oral sex?
Date: 2/11/2007
We just got married 1 year ago and this is the second time I had an outbreak of herpe blisters on my vagina. It only happens when we have oral sex, does this mean my husband is the carrier of this infection? Can he be treated in stead of me taking valtrex?


AskDocWeb: Your husband needs to be tested but it sounds like both of you will have to take Valtrex. We suggest you have your husband consult with a doctor.

Subj: Long term damage to baby?
Date: 2/19/2007
Will taking valtrex everyday effect my baby or produce long term damage to the baby?


AskDocWeb: There is no concern about any birth defects but you shouldn’t nurse while on Valtrex without discussing it with your doctor first. Valtrex can be passed to an infant through breast milk.

Subj: Valtrex and sexual performance
Date: 2/22/2007
Does Valtrex interfere with erections or sexual performance?


AskDocWeb: No, there are no sexual problems associated with Valtrex.

Subj: Long term use and muscle spasms
Date: 2/23/2007
Could it be possible to get muscle spasms, back pain, and joint pain?


AskDocWeb: Yes, about 5% of Valtrex users experience Arthralgia, that’s pain in your joints including your back. This is not a long-term symptom and can happen anytime.

Subj: No label
Date: 2/23/2007
I found a bottle of Valtrex in my boyfriend’s coat pocket. There was no label, but from a Walgreen’s pharmacy. Inside the pills said Valtrex. He is taking them as I am sneaking around and counting them. They go down by two a day. I confronted him – asked if he had herpes – he said no! Do I believe him, what else would it be prescribed for?


AskDocWeb: He may call it something else, shingles or cold sores, but it is most likely herpes simplex virus, either HSV-1 (oral) or HSV-2 (genital). Since the label was gone he seems to be hiding something.

Subj: Hair loss using Valtrex
Date: 2/24/2007
I have had hair loss after using valtrex 500 mg. daily for 1 year. If I stop using valtrex will the hair loss stop and my hair growth revert back to normal?


AskDocWeb: Sorry Tonya, there is no way to know if your hair will grow back or not.

Subj: Depression and hair loss
Date: 2/25/2007
I have been taking the outbreak suppression dose of 1 tablet twice a day, as needed for three days for over a year now. Valtrex shortened the duration of my outbreaks but recently I have noticed the frequency of my outbreaks INCREASED! Now I take my regular round and have to follow it up just a week or two later with a second round of medication due to repeat outbreak. I am wondering if the virus or my system has built up a tolerance to the medication. My outbreaks are also much more painful and widespread than prior to taking Valtrex. I was surprised to find that Valtrex can cause depression! I had assumed I was getting depressed because of shame and hopelessness of an incurable disease/virus but it may well be due to the meds. I also was surprised to find out that the hair loss I have been experiencing may be a side effect of the medication! My hair began growing back in-between doses but now I will be watching more carefully. I will be discussing these concerns and observations with my doctor at our next appointment in two weeks.


Subj: Nerve pain?
Date: 3/3/2007
I’ve taken Valtrex for 6 months then stopped. Now I have pain in my rear, itching, tingling and burning real bad. Doc gave me a colonoscopy and said it is not anything he can diagnose. Does Valtrex help nerve pain as well as speed up the ob’s symptoms?


AskDocWeb: What is an OB? Central nervous system symptoms have been reported in patients with underlying renal disease who have received inappropriately high doses of Valtrex.

Subj: Water weight gain?
Date: 3/7/2007
Does Valtrex cause excessive water weight gain? Thank you.


AskDocWeb: We have heard from others that it has caused weight gain, although that isn’t listed as a side effect in the drug books.

Subj: Valtrex weight gain
Date: 3/9/2007
I have been taking Valtrex (500mg) a day now for I believe over 3 years. I have only had one outbreak in those 3 years and feel the medication is doing a wonderful job for me in that area. I have noticed that over the last 3 years though, I have had a terrible time controlling my weight. Have there been any reports linking weight gain or bloating to Valtrex?


AskDocWeb: Yes, others have reported a weight gain although it isn’t listed as one of the side effects. Bloating has not been reported.

Subj: Drug screens
Date: 3/9/2007
I am not sure if this is in the correct location, but here goes…does Valtrex show up in drug screens? If it does will it be known what, exactly, has been taken. In other words, will I get in trouble for taking Valtrex?


AskDocWeb: Valtrex does not cause a false positive for any other drug. The ones that do are listed here.

Subj: Antibiotic?
Date: 3/9/2007
Is Valtrex an antibiotic?


AskDocWeb: No it’s not, Valtrex is an antiviral. An antibiotic works on bacteria and antivirals work on virus.

Subj: Can’t focus
Date: 3/9/2007
Taking Valtrex for shingles that attacked my L2 & L3 nerves, lower rt. leg, buttocks, and groin. I accidentally took one dose too soon. Now I can’t focus (eyesight), but no dizziness or headache. But it took me more than 5 min. to write this.


AskDocWeb: Things like this need to be reported to your doctor immediately.

Subj: 9 years old?
Date: 3/9/2007
My son is 9 years old and suffers with chronic cold sores. I have searched everywhere for treatment. Is valtrex safe for children? Does anyone know?


AskDocWeb: The safety and effectiveness of Valtrex when used in pre-pubertal (before puberty) pediatric patients has not been established. Read more feedback about Valtrex. Valtrex report111213
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