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Subj: Birth control?
Date: 4/22/2007
Does Valtrex interfere with birth control?


AskDocWeb: No.

Date: 4/22/2007
How soon after beginning valtrex is it affective in suppressing transmission? My OB has said I should take it before giving birth in 6 weeks…I have had no outbreaks since first contracting genital herpes over 2 years ago…but I have read that valtrex lowers transmission % quite a bit. I am extremely worried about the affect of the drug on my child, at the same time am worried about transmission (even without an outbreak I assume I can still transmit. Will the antibodies that I have passed on to my child be enough to protect him from the none outbreak transmission chance? Thanks for any advice!


AskDocWeb: The tendency to worry is understandable but most of the time everything works out and the baby is just fine. Your doctor is just being very careful that the baby doesn’t catch anything in the delivery process. Remember to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

Subj: Hellish withdrawals!
Date: 4/25/2007
I have been Taking Ultram for years. This drug at first was great for the pain of Endometrious But, when I run out of my pills and don’t get to the pharmacy I have hellish withdrawals! This drug is highly Addictive this runs my life I have to have Ultam to just function. I have sleepless nights, can’t get comfortable flip flop ,hot and cold sweats, severe pain in my lower legs, and more without the ultram I’m miserable I can say now I’m a drug addict I would never start this drug if I had it all to do over!!!!


Date: 4/28/2007
I’ve been on Valtrex 500mg/day for the last 6 months it has been working VERY well for me but I was just in a third world country where Malaria is present, So I had to take medicine to prevent the Malaria. This Medicine is Called LARIAM, it affects your mood savagely and takes weeks to leave the body completely … And so I have been really Stressed, depressed and anxious for no reasons for the last three weeks and can’t seem to find a way to relax because of the side effects of that drug… So I’ve been struggling to fight outbreaks over outbreaks which makes me even more depressed… So if you really have to take a medication for anti-Malaria ask your doctor for something else then LARIAM… there is other meds available, just thought you might wanted to know.


Subj: Ebstin Barr Virus
Date: 4/29/2007
AT The age of 17 I was diagnosed after so many test that I have EBV (Ebstin Barr Virus) apparently the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My life has never been the same ever, its actually been very scary and life changing, and I’m always looking online to see if there’s any cure for ebstin Barr, cause I’d give anything to live the life I did, and enjoy life as a regular youth! I came across this site and noticed that others are on here that have the same thing I have, and are taking this drug. Do you think if I mention this to my family doctor this may work for me? And if so would I have to take this forever? Or is just a short treatment? Please let me know; no one can ever seam the life of a person living with EBV; what can I do to get better?


AskDocWeb: You’ll have to consult with your doctor and he may need to do some research but it is worth checking out.

Subj: Immune
Date: 4/30/2007
If you take Valtrex everyday for a prolonged period of time for suppression reasons, can you become immune to it?


AskDocWeb: Not that we have heard about, if you think that Valtrex stopped working then talk to your doctor.

Subj: My story
Date: 5/1/2007
Just wanted to let everyone know my story. In only 8th grade I used someone else’s lip gloss and apparently contracted a horrible case of oral herpes (I know it was from lip gloss because I hadn’t even had my first kiss yet!). Anyway, I took Zovirax initially but I was still getting break outs, and not small ones either. I was put on Valtrex after the virus spread to my eye almost causing me to have a cataract surgery. It has now been three years since being on Valtrex, and I can honestly say, it has been my lifesaver. I can now be a normal sophomore in college without being embarrassed about my condition that hit at such an early age. I recommend!


Subj: Lysine
Date: 5/4/2007
I use lysine. No side effects, 1500 mg 2x a day. Now I tried valtrex 500mg 2x a day, I had abdominal pain and diarrhea.


Subj: Painful blisters over legs
Date: 5/7/2007
Hi…I don’t get pain in my genital area but I have a lot of painful blisters all over my legs and they really hurt…is valtrex only helpful for the genitals or is it also helpful for herpes sores on the legs?


AskDocWeb: Valtrex is helpful throughout the body in preventing the virus from multiplying.

Subj: Valtrex for mono?
Date: 5/9/2007
I have had Mono for about three months my doctor gave me a Rx for valtrex and said it would help. I have not found any data to support this idea…. has anyone taken valtrex for mono? Did it work?


AskDocWeb: Yes, we have heard of this before and it does help in some cases but it is an off-label use, not commonly used to treat mono.

Subj: Prescribing Valtrex to those with Lupus
Date: 5/10/2007
My sister in law suffers from Lupus and was prescribed valtrex for shingles. She thought that she was having an allergic reaction to it then she started fainting. She went to the emergency room with low sodium and low blood pressure. After 8 weeks in the hospital, 7 in ICU, she is suffering from muscle weakness in shoulders and hips and also in her esophagus. Could this be the result of her doctor prescribing Valtrex combined with Lupus?


AskDocWeb: No, it is highly unlikely that Valtrex had any affect on her sodium level or blood pressure, and muscle weakness is not a side effect.

Subj: Old prescription
Date: 5/12/2007
I take Valtrex for cold sores. I haven’t had one in a couple of years and have an old prescription that I had on hand just in case. I was wondering how long before the drug expires.


AskDocWeb: Your prescription was expired, get a new one.

Subj: Taste and smell
Date: 5/21/2007
I took a 3 day treatment of Valtrex and I cannot taste or smell. ???


AskDocWeb: Very unusual, we suggest you consult with your doctor.

Subj: Diagnosed with genital herpes
Date: 5/25/2007
I was just diagnosed today with genital herpes. I have VERY painful/itching sores and swelling that makes it even difficult to walk at times…they are concentrated between the anus and right below the vagina opening (hymen)…I have two questions. One is, I’ve been in a serious relationship for over a year and half, meaning neither of us have had other sexual partners…why then all of a sudden have I had this first outbreak? Is it possible I could have contracted it a long time ago form someone else (or him contracting it) and just now it is coming out?

2nd Question is how long does it take for me to start feeling less pain/itching by using Valtrex? I am taking 1 pill, three times a day (400mg)…I just took my third pill tonight. How long does it usually take to feel 100% better? (Anyone’s experience would be helpful!)


AskDocWeb: Either one of you could have contracted it a long time ago without noticing it. It can stay dormant for years. In clinical trials the median time to cessation of pain was 5 days.

Subj: Dormancy?
Date: 5/26/2007
Hi, I went to doctor and he found herpes 1 but I never had sex 3 years so ask can genital herpes show after 3 years ago?


AskDocWeb: Yes, it can stay dormant for a long time, years.

Subj: HSV 2
Date: 5/27/2007
I have been on Valtrex for about 5 months for HSV 2, I take 500mg everyday to help reduce transmission…though I am on Val I still had an OB. I only got a minor blister on my pubic area until last week I experienced an OB in different location, cauliflower at the entrance of the vagina…is this normal? Can OB change location? What can I do to avoid or relieve OBs deep inside or around vagina entrance? I’ve had 3 OBs since I contacted, though OBs seem shorter with Valtrex they haven’t stopped Obs. Does it take a few months to work effectively?


AskDocWeb: Yes an outbreak can change its location, and all you can do is take Valtrex. Consult with your physician about the dosage you are presently taking because you are still having outbreaks.

Subj: How many people take valtrex?
Date: 5/29/2007
How many people/Americans take valtrex?


AskDocWeb: While we can’t give you a number we can tell you that between 50 and 80 percent of American adults have HSV-1 and about 25 percent have HSV-2. Not all of these people take Valtrex of course but over a billion dollars a year are spent on this drug. Almost 45% of all antiviral prescriptions are for Valtrex.

Good News: In February 2007, the FDA approved the first generic to Valtrex. However, supplies of the generic are not expected to become available until the patent for Valtrex expires in 2009.

Subj: Cut a tablet in half?
Date: 5/29/2007
Can you safely cut a tablet in half and just take half a pill? I have 1 gram pills and want to change to a 500 mg dose. Don’t want to waste the pills I have if I don’t have to.


AskDocWeb: No, if you are prescribed one gram, take one gram. People sometimes make the same mistake with antibiotics when they discontinue use just because they feel better in stead of finishing their medication. Your doctor prescribed the one gram because that is what you need for your circumstance. Read more feedback about Valtrex. Valtrex report141516Page 17181920Last Page 64

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