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Subj: Ease the pain of genital herpes
Date: 7/4/2007
I was wondering to ease the pain of genital herpes if a higher strength pain medication would be useful and would it affect the way valtrex works! I was thinking about taking a viccadin or percaset to ease the pain!


AskDocWeb: You want to avoid causing more problems so please, talk to your doctor about what might work best for you.

Subj: Erectile dysfunction
Date: 7/7/2007
I took valtrex for 10 days, 3 times a day and I’m now taking it once a day after an outbreak of Herpes. I feel it is causing me erectile dysfunction. I’m 28 and don’t have a morning erection everyday anymore. I didn’t see this listed as a side effect but I don’t see any other reasons as I haven’t changed my lifestyle. I don’t smoke or drink, I exercise twice a week. Could it be the combination of Stress and the fact that Valtrex causes fatigue?


AskDocWeb: Yes it could be, with stress being the main factor here.

Subj: Valtrex
Date: 7/13/2007
Does valtrex or acyclovir cause anxiety, depression, out of body experiences, or morbid thoughts?


AskDocWeb: In one study of the treatment of genital herpes one percent of those taking 1000mg a day reported depression. Of those taking 500mg there was no depression reported. In another study seven percent of those taking 1000mg a day reported depression and five percent of those taking 500mg a day reported depression. A small percentage of patients taking Valtrex report anxiety but your other side effects are not listed for this medication.

Subj: Amazed at how fast they worked
Date: 7/14/2007
I was prescribed Valtrex 500mg for severe cold sores. I was slightly embarrassed that I was being put on a Herpes medication, but was desperate to find relief for the cold sores. I took 4 pills (they are the smaller ones) and then 12 hours later I took 4 more. Within just 8 hours of the first set of pills I noticed the cold sores drying up. My entire top lip was covered in these sores and they had been that way for 2 days. I was amazed at how fast they worked. It has been 5 months since I have had a cold sore and I am now getting one, so I have taken my pills and I can already feel a difference in my lip. This product is excellent for herpes simplex!


Subj: Anxiety disorder?
Date: 7/15/2007
My son recently told me that he is taking Valtrex for an anxiety disorder. Is this medicine used for this type of disorder? He is 25 years old and I am little concerned that he using a medicine that treats herpes.


AskDocWeb: No, he is wrong is stating that, although he may be anxious about your response, be gentle.

Subj: How long does it take?
Date: 7/16/2007
I’m younger and I get shingles like 2-3 times a year. anyway I just got them like 3 days ago and I don’t have much comments on the drug b/c I haven’t used for long, but do you know how long it takes for a shingles rash to go away once its being treated? Anything ballpark range would be nice. I get it on my forehead and it blows!


AskDocWeb: Of course it varies from one individual to the next but it should be about four days.

Subj: Cold sore
Date: 7/16/2007
I have a wedding in 5 days. I have a small cold sore with two very small blisters, less than the size of a pin head. I am taking a prescribed dose of 1 gram of Valtrex 3 times per day. I am also taking Abreva. I took my first dose just after I first noticed it 1 day ago. I didn’t notice a tickling or itching. Is it possible that this cold sore will be cleared up in 5 days?


AskDocWeb: Yes it should be cleared up, congratulations.

Subj: Chicken pox from shingles?
Date: 7/19/2007
I have been prescribed Valtrex for a shingles outbreak. Some of the blisters are going away, but I still have about one more every morning. Is that normal? Been on the drug since Tuesday 7/17 (now Thursday 7/19). Dosage 1 gram tablet three times a day for 21 days. Also, is it true that my three year old son could get chicken pox from me (he has not had them and is not yet vaccinated). Finally, everyone else in my household has a really bad cold. Is it okay to take Zicam with this medication?


AskDocWeb: Typically shingles is not thought of as being contagious but contact with a person with shingles can lead to chicken pox in someone who has never had chicken pox and has not received the varicella vaccine. In such cases, transmission occurs during the active phase when the blisters have erupted but have not formed dry crusts but not by breathing or coughing. You may want to take some precautions such as wearing long sleeves until everything is cleared up. There is no problem with taking Zicam with Valtrex.

Subj: Shingles at 18?
Date: 7/19/2007
My son went to the Dr. yesterday because of welts on his neck and chest toward his under arm on the right side. The Dr. gave him Valtrex and told him that he had shingles and possible when he was younger that his Chicken Pox went dormant so they could come out like this now. Is this true? My son is only 18 years old and to have shingles I am concerned.


AskDocWeb: Yes, anyone that has had Chicken Pox can get shingles.

Subj: Fabulous results and no side effects
Date: 7/21/2007
I have been taking Valtrex for suppression therapy with fabulous results and no side effects for two years. I now have rashless shingles (they think the Valtrex suppressed the rash) and my dosage had been increased from 500mg once per day to 1000 mg 3 x per day. I feel a little nausea but I was already feeling it with the shingles. Hopefully the pain will subside soon. It’s a very helpful drug.


Subj: Cold sore pain
Date: 7/25/2007
I have cold sore inside my mouth and its very painful. I take 1 gram of Valtrex daily, is there anything I can take for the pain.


AskDocWeb: You could try tylenol extra strength to see if that works. If not then ask your physician for something stronger.

Subj: How safe is Valtrex?
Date: 7/26/2007
Hi, I am pregnant and have recently been prescribed Valtrex 500mg. How safe is it to the fetus and its development?


AskDocWeb: There are five pregnancy categories ranging from the most safe to the most dangerous;

  • A – Proven Safe
  • B – No Proven Risk
  • C – Possible Risk
  • D – Proven Risk
  • X – Do No Use while pregnant

Valtrex is in pregnancy category B with no proven risks.

Subj: Doryx and Valtrex?
Date: 7/30/2007
I am on a medication called Doryx, which I am taking for some chin acne. But I take Valtrex once in a while because I had the shingles virus on my face. And I take it whenever I feel a flare coming on. Are the 2 drugs bad to take together?


AskDocWeb: They are not listed as having any interactions with each other.

Subj: Cytomegalovirus (CMV)
Date: 7/30/2007
I’m pregnant, and my blood test shows cytomegalo virus IgM negative IgG POSITIVE 525 (THE POSITIVE IS UP TO 15). My doctor advised me to take valtrex 2 doses every day for 9 days, is that treatment harmful during pregnancy? Note: I’m in the first month of pregnancy. I have 2 healthy kids with the same test result and didn’t take valtrex before.


AskDocWeb: Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a member of Betaherpesvirinae in the subfamily Herpesviridae, which means that CMV is another type of herpes virus and Valtrex can help prevent CMV infections. It is a common virus that infects most people worldwide. A CMV infection is usually harmless and rarely causes illness in those with a normal immune system. A healthy immune system easily holds the virus in check. Typically there are no symptoms and the virus lives in the body silently without causing any obvious damage or illness. That changes where pregnancy is concerned. CMV can cause birth defects, low birth weight, and/or developmental disorders. The risks and benefits of using Valtrex while pregnant should be discussed with your doctor.

Subj: Long-term use of Valtrex
Date: 8/10/2007
I have had herpes for 10 years now and have been on valtrex for the whole time my liver enzymes have increased and I urinate alot and have had abdominal pains. I have been off of valtrex for 6 months now but have had 2 outbreaks a month it is very annoying but I’m not gonna give up. I’d rather live longer than mess up my liver. When I got tested my live enzymes were very high. My doctor ask me if I drank alot (I don’t drink) so he made me get off the valtrex for 1 month, my enzymes got lower. 2nd month even lower, 3rd month lower so that is proof that valtrex can harm you if you use it a long time. I also urinate less that I’m off of it and don’t have my abdominal pains. However rebound breakout occurrences have been a nightmare. I hope this helps others out there. I’m gonna hang in though to see what happens if any?


Subj: IC?
Date: 8/14/2007
Taking 3000mg daily for months – for shingles suppression – 8 outbreaks in 8 months. Tried lower dose but breakout again in few days. Could this cause my IC diagnosed last week via cystoscopy? Also have advanced prostate cancer and on Lupron and Casodex. Also have missing disk #1 that flares up occasionally.


AskDocWeb: There is no connection between them.

Subj: Bottom lip is swollen
Date: 8/21/2007
I started taking valtrex about 2 years ago. After taking it for about a 3 months and being extremely helpful I started having chest pains. After stopping the medication problems stopped. I started taking it again about 6 months later. This time I am having constant cold sore outbreaks and my lips are starting to swell slightly. Last night I took a pill before bedtime and within 30 min my lips began to swell even more. This morning after waking up it looks like I have a second bottom lip. The top is not swollen. The bottom is very large and kind of painful and itchy with very small bumps. Could this be a reaction to the Valtrex?


AskDocWeb: Yes, several people have reported the same thing and facial swelling is listed as a possible side effect. Read more feedback about Valtrex. Valtrex report161718Page 19202122Last Page 64

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