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Subj: Tinnitus and rash
Date: 2/18/2009
I contracted genital herpes 6 months ago. I was gettin an outbreak every month and then I started to take valtrex. I had currently started work at a bar and was under some stress. I felt like my ears felt more sensitive than normal at the bar. Is hyperacusis or tinnitus a side effect of valtrex? I also noticed that about a month into taking valtrex, (the time when I would usually have an outbreak of herpes,) I instead had a rash on my chest. Is that my herpes just exposing itself at a different location?


AskDocWeb: That may be but a rash is also one of the side effects of Valtrex. It’s best to see a doctor and start the drug within 48 hours of first noticing the rash. If you wait more than 72 hours after you first get the rash, the medication may not be as effective. Tinnitus is not listed as a side effect of Valtrex.

Subj: Do it without a condom?
Date: 2/19/2009
I’m about to have sex with someone for the 1st time. I don’t have Herpes, she does… She says if she takes 2 Valtrex a day, we can do it with out a condom… This girl is really special, no fling… I think she’s the one… How bad is living with Herpes guys, just incase? And how long does it take for the pill to get into effect? She hasn’t had an outbreak in 2 years.


AskDocWeb: Please think about this: Herpes can be transmitted even when there is no current outbreak. The use of a condom does not eliminate the chance of infection but it does reduce it.

Subj: Very achy joints
Date: 2/24/2009
I am a cancer survivor and have taken several different medications in the past 2 years. I am one of those people that get the side effects that only occur with a small percentage. I am trying to figure out which drug is causing my joint pain. After 2 three month injections of Boniva, I discontinued that. I have recently stopped taking Tamoxifen and I am wondering about my Valtrex which I’ve been taking for 10 years. I take one a day and have very little trouble with outbreaks. I also took Nurontin for some shoulder pain but have since stopped. Which drug do you think might be the culprit of very achy joints – hands, feet, knees, hips, back, elbows, etc.?


AskDocWeb: The medical term for joint pain is arthralgia and unfortunately about 5% of Valtrex users experience this side effect.

Subj: Affect on menstrual cycle
Date: 2/25/2009
I have been using Valtrex 500mg per day for suppression treatment for one month and I have noticed that my once very regular menstrual cycle has been thrown out. I am a week late and have a specific awareness of my uterus and slight tension in my abdomen, a bit of pain but not much.


Subj: How fast for improvement?
Date: 2/25/2009
Was in to my doctor and he thought I had worts, things got worse for me so I saw another doc and he said he thinks I might have herpies but was not sure did not look typical of herpies he put me on Valtres right away. How fast will I see improvement, did have labs taken but have not got them back yet.


AskDocWeb: The sooner you start taking Valtrex after the first sign of an attack (tingling or burning in the skin), the better. Taken quickly Valtrex can shorten the amount of time an outbreak lasts or in some cases, abort the attack altogether. Valtrex may not be effective if you wait longer than 72 hours after the first attack or 24 hours after a later attack.

Subj: I am more than happy
Date: 2/25/2009
I take valtrex for 1 week at a time when I get an outbreak. It sucessfully reduces all of the symptoms and times it takes for them to clear up. I wouldn’t say it prevents them, but, however I often get them every 4 weeks. To break the cycle I take valtrex. I then may not get any for 4 months! I am more than happy, and do not suffer with any side effects that I have noticed.


Subj: Reduce the side effects
Date: 2/26/2009
I have h2 and have been taking valtrex for over a year. This product does work but I notice if I take more than 500 mgs a day that I tend to get pain on the right side under my ribs. Would just like to say to help reduce the side effects of this to drink plenty of water during the day. When I first started valtrex I lost alot of weight because of it. I was tired all of the time and had blurred vision. But since I have increased my water intake I feel alot better and side effects have subsided.


Subj: This so called miracle drug
Date: 2/27/2009
I had shingles in Aug ’07, and I took this so called, “miracle drug” I had uncontrollable toe twitching that progressed from one toe, to my whole foot, then my hands, and to present day, gradually worse!!! I have been to the top 2 nuerologist in HOUSTON!!! MRIS’s blood test, anything and everything tops doctors could think of! I even have horrible muscle spasms that I encounter practically every day! Rare circumstances I have charlie horses that takes place for at least 15 minutes! If anyone else has any of these symptoms please let me know! I am in pain every single day! I have been in pain for over a year in half everyday since I took this “wonderful medicine”


Subj: Change in period
Date: 3/1/2009
I’m so glad to see that someone else had the same side effect as me. The day after I started taking the Valtrex, I got my period which was not due for another two weeks. It was also heavy and prolonged (until I stopped taking it… a week).


Subj: 12 years and counting
Date: 3/2/2009
I have been using Valtrex since 1995. I started only using it for outbreaks, which it healed in 2-3 days. As my outbreaks became more frequent, (due to the use of Valtrex or plane stress I am not sure which) and because I got herpes in my eyes, I started taking 500mg twice daily. I did that for about 5 years and then read that 1500 mg of L-Lysine was the same as 500mg of Valtrex. 3000 mg of L-Lysine didn’t stop my out breaks but a combination of the two did. So I took 500mg of Valtrex and 1500 mg of L-Lysine daily for another 7 years however I have slowly put on 45 pounds. I recently read where weightlifters use L-Lysine to gain weight. Just a month ago I began taking 500mg twice daily again and have lost 8 pounds. I have taken Valtrex continually for the past 12 years…my side affects seem to be little to none. I have regular blood panels done for other reason and nothing has come up abnormal with my liver. I too have questioned whether this is good for my body or not, but having herpes in your eyes is so dangerous (possibly even deadly) I will stick to Valtrex. 12 years and counting.


Subj: Sore skin
Date: 3/2/2009
My wife and I have both been diagnosed with herpes simplex 2. Once of us gave it to the other before we got married, but not sure who. No matter. During the first few years, we would both get the usual blister type outbreaks a couple times a year. However, preceeding the outbreaks, we would both get hyper-sensitive skin that would many times be located in and around the area of our outbreaks, but sometimes could be located far away from the blister area on our lower legs, arms, back, etc. This “sore skin” as we called it was more painful and annoying than the outbreak itself. Then, about the 3-4 years later, we both stopped getting the full blister outbreaks and just got the “sore skin”. It can last anywhere from one day to 3-4 weeks. It is not shingles, as we have been into our doctor to have checked during one of our “sore skin” episodes. There is no rash or inflamation of any kind. You cannot see any visual signs – but believe me – it’s there and it hurts when even slightly touched. My doctor had me try acyclovir 800mg 3 times per day at onset and it did nothing for me. Now he has prescribed Valtrex 500mg twice per day on onset – so I will try it. Have you heard of this symptom? Our doctors have not been able to diagnose and or provide treatment. Much thanks.


AskDocWeb: You may want to consult with a dermatologist because there is a possibility that your sore skin may be unrelated to the herpes. Also let us know how the Valtrex works out.

Subj: Better results with plain L lysine
Date: 3/5/2009
This is my second day on valtrex, my cold sore hasn’t stopped hurting or dissappeared or gotten smaller, I’m just wondering if it might not be working? Does it all of a sudden start working when you least expect it? I think I have better results with plain l lysine…


AskDocWeb: Remember that the medication may not be effective if you wait too long to take it, longer than 72 hours after the first attack or 24 hours after a later attack.

Subj: Oh what a difference!
Date: 3/6/2009
Hey there! I was diagnosed with Herpes when I was 19. My then partner (who I married several years later) didn’t see the point in treating my outbreaks since he was the one who gave it to me. So, I have had nearly monthly outbreaks for 7 years now. I have recently left him and gotten a job with good health coverage and I am in my second month of taking Valtrex. Oh what a difference! I have had a few side effects, espically when I drink alcohol, but I can handle those much easier than the outbreaks. It’s not a cure all by any stretch of the imagination, but I am so grateful that it is available. And I remain hopeful that a cure will eventually be found, as we all do I’m sure.


Subj: Blisters are clearing up
Date: 3/7/2009
So I just found out that I might have genatil herpes. But my so called blisters don’t look the blisters. Its looks more like raw irratated skin. I had been picking at it for 3 days trying to be my own MD when it became raw and the skin started peeling so I decided to just put some neosporin on it and called it a day. The irratation went away until I went to the Dr. and told him about it and he did a culture. He put me on veltrax which I’ve been taking for a day and a half but my so called blisters are clearing up. Is this because of the med. or because I keep using antiseptic wash and neosporin?


AskDocWeb: It could be both, Valtrex works by inhibiting the reproductive cycle of the virus. Hopefully your doctor cautioned you about picking at the sores. That is one way the virus is spread to other parts of the body, something that is worth making an effort to avoid.

Subj: Increase in outbreaks
Date: 3/8/2009
A few people have been posting about the increased frequency in outbreaks since starting valtrex I agree with the “T” who posted on 1/4/07 that I also have and increase in outbreaks that occur every 3 days as well, shorter with a new location each time, it has been torture and I am beginning to feel like there is no benefit for me. I am on 500mg daily for genital HSV2.


Subj: RE: Terrible ordeal
Date: 3/11/2009
I think I am undergoing the same situation! In the past I had only taken Valtrex when I had an outbreak but decided to do the suppressive therapy because I had a partner (to protect). Now I have strange muscle “vibrations” in my limbs, am awakening in the night with it, and my left calf has been twitching for almost 2 months. I also went to the eye doctor because of my blurred vision. I pray that quitting the drug will help my nervous system return to normal. I saw a neurologist today who ordered an MRI of my c-spine (they have already done my lumbar spine and brain!) and a herd of blood work.


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