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Subj: Sore burning dry mouth
Date: 3/19/2009
For the last week I have been taking valtrex (1 gram twice a day) for a herpes infection I experienced in the genital region. Worked excellent there, sores went away quickly but I wanted to ask if anyone treated with valtrex, got a sore mouth or a dry feeling tounge (sorta like you burned it with hot soup), I take no other medications so I don’t believe its mixing with anything, have there ever been reports of this? appreciate the time


AskDocWeb: Yes, the burning sensation and dry mouth have been reported by a few people who also said that these symptom went away after the first few weeks of treatment.

Subj: Weak muscles and spasms
Date: 3/21/2009
I took valtrex for what they thought was shingles. 1 gm started having weak arms don’t know if this is related but feel agitated and weak arms is this possible? Sorta feels like muscle spasms in back, does valtrex cause this? Will it get worse or better?


AskDocWeb: Fatigue is one of the symptoms of any viral illness. More symptoms include fever, aches, and loss of appetite.

Subj: 10 years of Valtrex
Date: 3/22/2009
I have been taking 500 mg Valtrex every day for 10 YEARS!!! I’m happy to say it keeps my herpes in check and, as far as I know, I haven’t had any ill side effects….I don’t know how I’d live without this blue pill!!!


Subj: Long term effects from taking Valtrex
Date: 3/25/2009
Someone else asked but it doesn’t look like you answered, has there been any reports on what the long term effects are from taking Valtrex?


AskDocWeb: So far there have been a small number of reports of kidney problems, liver problems (enzyme abnormalities), hair loss, weight gain, spinal pain, and hepatitis. Older patients are more likely to suffer agitation, confusion, hallucination, delirium and encephalophathy (a break down or death of brain cells). It is possible to become hypersensitive to this drug even after a long period of use. Readers that have used Valtrex for more than a year are encouraged to share your experience with this drug.

Subj: Back to back outbreaks?
Date: 3/30/2009
I took Valtrex for several years for supressive therapy and eventually chose to cease treatment. I have started it once again and am completly baffled by my bodies recent reaction to this virus. I began experiencing prodrome on the 6th of this month. My outbreak finished, or at least I THOUGHT it had, on the 22nd. Two days later I began supressive therapy once more (500mg daily) and now FOUR days after I thought my outbreak had concluded I’m having yet ANOTHER one! I have never had back to back outbreaks in the 11 years that I’ve had this virus. Can you please shed some light on what may be going on as well as explain why I’m getting no relief considering I’ve been on Valtrex for 7 days now?


AskDocWeb: Back to back outbreaks may be rare but they can happen. It depends on the amount of stress you are under and the quality of your immune system. In order to maximize the benefits of Valtrex it is important to begin treatment as soon as possible when an outbreak begins. If you wait more than 72 hours after the first sign of an outbreak, the medication may not be effective.

Subj: Rash
Date: 4/8/2009
I took 2 valtrex for type 2 herpes on the lip, got a rash and itching on penis and genitals….because of valtrex?


AskDocWeb: It is more likely that you have spread the herpes to other parts of your body by touch. This is something to avoid whenever possible because you could also transfer the virus to your eyes. Remember to keep your hands away from the blisters.

Subj: Sperm count?
Date: 4/9/2009
Does valtrex have any effect on Sperm count?


AskDocWeb: No.

Subj: Shingles
Date: 4/13/2009
My 20 yr old daughter was prescribed Valtrex for shingles. By the time the diagnosis was made the shingles were already dried up and starting to go away. She has been off the Valtrex for 2 weeks now and she has a new bout of sores now in the same area. She was taking 1000 mg tid for 7 days. Does she need to start taking it again and does the dose need to be higher? I did not know you could get shingles more than once. Is this common?


AskDocWeb: Yes you can get shingles more than once and many people suffer multiple outbreaks over time. Valtrex is most effective when started within 48 hours of the outbreak. The appropriate dosage is up to her doctor.

Subj: Valtrex is a very effective medicine
Date: 4/13/2009
Ok. I’ve read through every single comment on here. First, I contracted the disease from a toilet immediately after it was used by someone who was experiencing their first outbreak. Trust me I would feel more at peace if I had gotten it through sex, but that’s not an option considering my fiance is my only sexual partner and is negative. My first outbreak lasted a month. It was terrible. I was wrongly diagnosed at first. The pain was unexplainable. I had two outbreaks every month after that. All painful but less severe than the first. I began valtrex 4 months ago, with no outbreaks since. It is a very effective medicine for me. Before that, I had tried to change my diet…no caffeine, no nuts, etc. and I took the lysine pills. It didn’t work for me. I do suffer from extreme migranes and depression. I have gained weight. Despite my depression, migranes, and weight gain, I will not stop taking valtrex because the outbreaks were so frequent and painful. Plus, I refuse to pass it to my partner. I do worry about pregnancy, becoming immune to the drug, and the liver enzymes being increased, leading to hepatitis. In addition, I do have late periods every month now but I do not have constant urination, nor hair loss. I do have more pimples than normally though. But I believe that is from stress. Hope this helps.


AskDocWeb: Thanks Jamie. You don’t have to worry about becoming immune to Valtrex. So far no one has become immune to Valtrex by taking it long term.

Subj: Valtrex and Shingles on Face
Date: 4/15/2009
I get shingles 4-5 times a year on the same side of my face. It is getting frustrating. The doctor gives me Valtrex for each outbreak. This last episode is on the temple and forehead in my hairline. I am 29 years old, and currently having pain run down the upper part of my jaw on the shingles side. Is this from the Valtrex, Shingles, or something else? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: The pain is quit likely from the shingles as the virus follows along nerve paths. It may help to know that most patients recover without permanent effects except for occasional scarring at sites that have especially bad blistering.

Subj: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Date: 4/15/2009
An Infectious Disease specialist gave me Valtrex 4 grams per day, for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. So far, my blood pressure is out of control and I have a severe headache when I bend over, cough, sneeze, sing or have a bowel movement. I simply can’t function anymore. When I asked the ID doc about it, he said Valtrex didn’t cause headaches – but it’s listed as a side effect… Now I probably have PSTD because doctors, in their blind arrogance, treat people with CFS like crap. I don’t even want to leave my house anymore. My head hurts and I feel like I’m going to have a stroke any minute. My face and arms keep getting numb.


Subj: Nausea, headaches, vomiting, and stomach cramps
Date: 4/15/2009
I’m taking valtrex for shingles, but I have nauseas, headaches, votiming, and stomach cramps as side effects how long it will last?


AskDocWeb: There is no way to know how long those side effects will last but for some the side effects go away as the body gets used to the medication.

Subj: Keep it from spreading to others
Date: 4/16/2009
I am taking 500mg Valtrex once a day as preventative measure having been recently diagnosed with II. I have not had an outbreak but my ex-boyfriend discovered he had it while we were together and my tests came back positive once he called to alert me. So whether I was a carrier or he shared it with me we don’t know. But to add, I have had mild headaches since beginning taking it and I can’t say its really changing anything since I never had an outbreak before. So my questions is, if you are a “carrier” (someone who has it but never had any symptoms or outbreaks) is it more important to take Valtrex to keep it from spreading to others – or should I just wait until I have an outbreak and use it then (if ever)? And if I stop taking it now that I’ve been on daily doses am I more likely to have an outbreak?


AskDocWeb: If you have been prescribed Valtrex as a preventive measure and stop taking it, you are more likely to have an outbreak. Once an out is in progress the chances of spreading it are increased because of viral shedding. To avoid spreading the infection, don’t have sexual intercourse during a flare-up.

Subj: Tingling sensation and insomnia
Date: 4/17/2009
I’ve been using Valtrex for a week now and have a tingling sensation in my brain and upper spine. I am also using another drug to lower my blood pressure. For a couple of nights this week, I battled with insomnia, I simply could not fall asleep. I am concerned that it is the Valtrex.


AskDocWeb: In many instances a tingling sensation is caused by the virus but insomnia is not listed as one of the possible side effects of Valtrex.

Subj: Non Hoskins Lymphoma
Date: 4/18/2009
My husband has Non Hoskins Lymphoma and one of the medicines the doctor has prescribed for him is Valtrex. I thought Valtrex was for treatment of herpes why would they prescribe it for anything else? I read one of the questions above and see that it was prescribed for the women with Lupus and another for mono. I am just worried that I am not being told everything that I need to know about these medications. Thank God for the web where we can ask questions. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: The only reason we can see for the Valtrex is to prevent a secondary infection during treatment from a virus already present in his system.

Subj: Zostavax shot
Date: 4/21/2009
I am 34 and have had 4 shingles outbreaks in the last 5 years. After the last one, my dr put me on 500mg Valtrex, and I am still taking it a year later. My dr just gave me the Zostavax shot today. Do I keep taking my Valtrex? I want to make sure my body has a chance to build up immunity to the virus, and I’m not sure if the Valtrex will change the virus enough that my body won’t have a chance to do that. Do you know if I should still take the Valtrex or shouldn’t?


AskDocWeb: Valtrex doesn’t change the virus, it just slows down the growth of the virus.

Subj: Good medication
Date: 4/26/2009
Good med. I’m a nurse, never had anyone react poorly to it. Take it my self for cold sores.


Subj: Herpes outbreaks
Date: 4/29/2009
I get genital herpes outbreaks often, at least once a month. I am taking valtrex 500mg once a day while I have no symptoms and twice a day with outbreaks. It doesn’t seem to help much for me, is there something stronger I can suggest to my DR. I have had herpes or 7 months and I am finding this very hard to cope with. Please Help. What do celebrities use?


AskDocWeb: It is possible to adjust your dosage so talk this over with your doctor. Read more feedback about Valtrex. Valtrex report293031Page 32333435Last Page 58

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