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Subj: No lesions
Date: 10/9/2009
I have a friend that trying to tell me that he need to take Valtrex for the rest of his life…I don’t believe him…He had no lesions and he told me that he is still taking and the doctor said if he stop the lesions will return after 2 weeks..first the doctor gave him 90days to take it…and he didn’t mention about doing any test but he just want me to give him money for the rest of his life…I don’t know what is the truth he had no lesions and symptoms anymore.


AskDocWeb: Some people take Valtrex for suppression in order to prevent outbreaks. There is no cure for the HSV virus and it may be years before one is found. Why should you give him money for the rest of his life?

Subj: Stabbing head pain
Date: 10/9/2009
I’ve been taking Valtrex for 5 days for Herpes blisters above my lip. I did get the swollen sumbandibular gland, sore teeth, tender skin on my face, and unbelievable stabbing head pain that made my whole body jerk every few seconds. This was all on the left side of my face and head (where the blisters were). Are these all symptoms from the Valtrex? I started getting the violent headaches on day 4 of Valtrex. Yes. I did stop taking Valtrex to see if the sharp stabbing head paid subsides.


AskDocWeb: Valtrex has not been reported to cause the body to jerk nor are the side effects limited to one side of the body. Any extreme pain should be reported to your doctor.

Subj: Success stories for Meniere’s
Date: 10/9/2009
Valtrex has cured my Meniere’s, after 6 months of no work and vertigo once a day, I took Valtrex 1g three times a day for three weeks then 1g two times a day for three weeks than 1g per day for two months. This drugs was not even mentioned by five ENTs I met who also refused to prescribe it, I had to go to a general doctor. ENT’s only pushed me to do drastic, ineffective and irreversible surgical management. Have you heard of other success stories like mine?


AskDocWeb: From the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, University of Massachusetts Medical School: Morphological and clinical evidence supports a viral neuropathy in Ménière’s disease (MD). Quantitative examination with transmission electron microscopy of vestibular ganglion cells excised from a patient with MD revealed viral particles enclosed in transport vesicles. Antiviral treatment controlled vertigo in 32 of 35 patients with MD (91%).

Subj: Inflamed labia
Date: 10/11/2009
Two days ago I saw my gyno for inflamed labia and some broken flesh – she had me take Valtrex thinking there might be a cold sore involved. Since then, just like Marie (9/8/04) I started developing pain throughout that whole area and now have pimple like eruptions – so far, not broken, but very painful. Never have had this before taking the three Valtrex samples given to me. Now that I’m not taking any more, will things go back to normal once the skin heals?


AskDocWeb: That depends on what caused the original outbreak. It is possible that you might have had the same experience even if you had not taken the Valtrex. If you have an HSV virus then it is likely that there will be future outbreaks. It is not uncommon for someone experiencing their first outbreak to blame the medication for the affects of the virus. If you don’t have the virus, that is good but it still leaves the cause of the outbreak unknown.

Subj: Trying to get pregnant
Date: 10/11/2009
Hi there, I actually have a question, me and my wife are trying to get pregnant, will valtrex affect my chances of making this happen? Or will it harm my baby through the sperm?


AskDocWeb: You and your wife should have a talk with your doctor about what to expect during pregnancy. For those who have an HSV virus, it is common for your doctor to prescribe Valtrex during the last 4 weeks of pregnancy so that you can deliver vaginally. If there is any sign of an outbreak at delivery time a C-section is recommended so that the virus is NOT transmitted to your baby. Valtrex is in the FDA pregnancy category B, which means that it is not expected to be harmful to an unborn baby. Good luck.

Subj: Risk taking valtrex?
Date: 10/15/2009
Valtrex is my first break out and I have breast implants jus a month ago. There is any risk taking valtrex?


AskDocWeb: There are risks with all prescription drugs. That is why they are limited to prescription only. In the clinical trials many people were evaluated for side effects. Based on these studies, the most common side effects of Valtrex included:

  • Headache occurred in up to 38% of people
  • Nausea in up to 15%
  • Abdominal pain (or stomach pain) in up to 11%
  • Painful menstrual periods in up to 8%
  • Depression in up to 7%
  • Vomiting in up to 6%
  • Joint pain in up to 6%
  • Increased liver enzymes in up to 4.1%
  • Dizziness in up to 4%

Not everyone who takes Valtrex will experience side effects. On the contrary, most people tolerate it quite well.

Subj: Aciphex and Valtrex?
Date: 10/19/2009
Are there any known or reported interactions between Aciphex (rabeprazole) and Valtrex? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: The are no reported interactions between those two drugs but this does not necessarily mean that none exist. Always consult with your doctor to find out if it is safe in your particular case.

Subj: Different then a normal headache
Date: 10/20/2009
Hi, My story is a little different but I had blister type sores in my vagina. I went to my gyn and she said that it didn’t look like a typical herpes first breakout although I was very upset and felt pain below. She prescribed me valtrex for 10 days. I took my first one at night and instantly felt weird in my head like pressure in my head. The valtrex wasn’t working for my hurting sores. I finished the valtrex and went back to her and we got a second opinion and discovered that I have vericose veins in my vagina that can hurt really bad. The doctor said all you need is cortisone cream over the counter. My blood work by the way came back negative for herpes.

My issue is…I haven’t felt the same ever since taking valtrex and I’m very upset. My head feels like a have a constant headache. I wake up with it and I go to bed with it. But it feels different then a normal headache. It feels like pressure, a light annoying pain in my head. I never had this until my valtrex experience and I’m upset because I never needed it to begin with. Will my head ever feel normal again? It has been feeling this way for 3 weeks straight now. Is there anything I can take. I’m afraid that I’m always going to feel this way. I can’t believe the effect that valtrex gave on me. It was like instant the weird dizzy kinda pain in my head.


AskDocWeb: Unfortunately we found nothing about how long the headaches may continue after discontinuing Valtrex. Headaches are considered an adverse reaction and should be reported to your doctor.

Subj: Long term side effects?
Date: 10/20/2009
I have been taking valtrex 1 gram for about a year and a half daily for suppression. It works great, but I have a concern about long term side effects. Is there anything I need to be looking for?


AskDocWeb: So far there have been a small number of reports of kidney problems, liver problems (enzyme abnormalities), hair loss, weight gain, spinal pain, and hepatitis. Older patients are more likely to suffer agitation, confusion, hallucination, delirium and encephalophathy (a break down or death of brain cells). It is possible to become hypersensitive to this drug even after a long period of use. Readers that have used Valtrex for more than a year are encouraged to share your experience with this drug.

Subj: Cold sores inside mouth?
Date: 10/23/2009
Hi! I have a question about Valtrex. Is there any new research on the effectiveness of using Valrex for cold sore suppression? I am getting cold sores inside my mouth and now on my face (other than on my lip). I also get them traditionally on my lip. I am anxious to do anything that might help in suppression. Any thoughts?


AskDocWeb: A cold sores, also called a “fever blisters,” usually appear on the outside of the lips or mouth. It is different from a canker sore, which appears inside the mouth. Since this sounds like it might be spreading, we encourage you to consult with a dermatologist.

According to the Valtrex website, Valtrex is a one-day oral treatment proven to speed the healing and shorten the pain and discomfort of cold sores. “The recommended dose for VALTREX is 2 grams taken at the first sign of a cold sore, and then again about 12 hours later. It’s important to start treatment with Valtrex at the first sign of a cold sore (such as tingling, itching, or burning).” … “When treating cold sores with Valtrex, you should not take it for more than one day.” There are no studies that show if Valtrex works when used after a cold sore appears.

Note: Valtrex (valacyclovir hydrochloride) for the treatment of genital herpes and cold sores goes off patent this year (2009). Teva has received tentative approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin marketing its generic version in December.

Subj: Meniere’s vertigo attacks
Date: 10/24/2009
Valtrex cured my meniere’s vertigo attacks. Six months of having three to four vertigo attacks per week, I could not go to work, I did not eat any salt, I heavy usage of Ativan, Duretics and Antivert nothing helped. Doctors said surgery but I decided to start on 3g per day of Valtrex. After 5 days my vertigo was gone and I stopped using all other drugs. I reduced my dosage slowly to 1g per day, this was two months ago now and I am still attack free. When the next one hits at least now I know what is the cause and how to stop it.


Subj: Vibrox
Date: 10/27/2009
I have had herpes for more than 5 years now, At the beginning I was treating it with valtrex 500 mg twice per day for 5 days, then I changed to another drug “vibrox” the outbrakes were getting better. I used to have only 2 per year, this year I stop that drug since I’m very healthy and don’t have HIV, (vibrox is for people with HIV). Since I return to “valtrex” my condition got worth, I have repeat outbrakes more often now, the last one only 1 month after and now another one just 2 month after the last one… I’m really worry I just went for a HIV test and is neg. I don’t know what is going on please help…


AskDocWeb: Vibrox is not just for people with HIV. It is a brand name for doxycycline, a tetracycline antibiotic used to treat a variety of infections such as Lyme disease, intestinal amebiasis, severe acne, and inflammatory lesions associated with rosacea. You may need the help of a specialist. We would start with a dermatologist. Read more feedback about Valtrex. Valtrex report343536Page 37383940Last Page 58

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