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Valtrex for Impetigo or cold sores?
Date: 5/7/2006
Have impetigo on my chin dr prescribed valtrex 500 mg twice daily for 5 days. How long will it take to clear up? Blisters just started forming.


AskDocWeb: Are you sure it is impetigo? Impetigo is a skin infection caused either by streptococcus (strep) or staphylococcus (staph), both of which are bacteria. Treatment options for impetigo can vary depending on the type of infection but usually doctors prescribe antibiotics. Antiviral medications like Valtrex are not effective for treating impetigo. Whether it is a cold sore or impetigo it is likely to take a week or two to heal.

Date: 5/16/2006
I have a question about Valtrex. I have had hypersomnia since 1994. If I don’t get 12 hours of sleep I cannot function. I suspect the sleep disorder could be associated with the herpes virus. I only know that I have herpes simplex. Do you think that Valtrex may help me? I’m sleeping my life away.


AskDocWeb: Valtrex is traditionally used against most types of the herpes virus. It works against aliments like cold soars, shingles, and genital herpes. Valtrex has also been shown to lower or eliminate the presence of the Epstein-Barr virus in subjects afflicted with acute mononucleosis, leading to a significant decrease in the severity of symptoms (Simon et al. (March 2003), the Effect of Valacyclovir and Prednisolone in Reducing Symptoms of EBV Illness In Children: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study. International Pediatrics. Vol. 18, No. 3. pp. 164-169.)

Good mediation
Date: 5/30/2006
This is a good mediation for many things, but you need it controlled by your family physician.


Date: 8/5/2013
A year ago I was diagnosed with herpes but the doctor couldn’t tell me which type.. I haven’t had an outbreak in over a year.. was I misdiagnosed?

AskDocWeb: You would have to have more testing to find out for sure. Some people are known to carry the virus without any symptoms at all.

Severe twitching
Date: 8/7/2013
I’ve been on valtrex generic 500mg for nine months. Had been experiencing sever outbreaks in my entire lower lip for two years. Seems to have worked great. I often have a feeling of lip inflammation and small red areas which I’m assuming are an outbreak nipped by the valtrex. The problem is I’ve started experiencing severe twitching of my lower lip which is almost daily. It seems to happen right at the area where the herpes was. Should I I try taking two pills a day?

AskDocWeb: Always consult with your doctor before making any changes to your treatment plan.

Cramps, dizzy, and numbness
Date: 10/15/2013
I started valtrex yesterday after finding out I had exposure to herpes. Prior to taking it, I had interior tingling in the vagina and lower cramps below my stomach. Today, I was leaving work and was extremely dizzy. Now I have a numbness in my legs. Are these symptoms normal?

AskDocWeb: Up to 4% of Valtrex users report experiencing dizziness while on this medication. Abdominal or stomach pain is reported in up to 11% of Valtrex patients. Numbness is not listed among the possible side effects of Valtrex (Physician’s Desk Reference). Remember to talk to your doctor about any side effect that becomes a concern or interferes with your daily activities.

Shingles vaccine and Valtrex
Date: 11/8/2013
hello I am 65, male, and take Valtrex 500 mg daily to suppress outbreaks of Herpes 1 and 2. I have been advised to get the shingles vaccine and also advised not to take Valtrex for 14 days after the vaccine and 24 hours prior to receiving it. Will this put me at more of a risk for getting outbreaks during this 14-16 day period? Thanks.

AskDocWeb: Yes, it does. This is one of the trade-offs concerning the known long-term benefits with the short-term risks. The shingles vaccine is a live virus and taking an antiviral agent would interfere with its function reducing its effectiveness.

Itching, rash and pimples
Date: 3/11/2014
Hi there, I just recently had a mild form of shingles on my arm / underarm and slightly on my side, it was caught early and I had been prescribed Valtrex 1000 MG a day 3 times a day…, I’ve taken this medication for about 7 days … my shingles are almost cured but I got extreme itching all over my body it happened during day 5 on Valtrex. I stopped taking it on the 7th day as I read that it may cause itching and rash… This is a second day off of Valtrex and the itching is still there, especially on the palms of my hands, I had been scratching it and I can see rash on my palms in form of pimples that are very itchy, I can only see them when I scratch them … is that caused by Valtrex if so what is the approximate time that this rash and itching disappears? I have never had any skin or rash problems on my body, I’m 41, thanks.


AskDocWeb: Valtrex is not known to cause pimples. Your doctor would have to examine you in order to determine the cause of your symptoms and estimate a recovery time. However, don’t expect a firm estimate on recovery time, there are just too many variables.

No side effects
Date: 4/2/2014
been taking valtre for 4 years on and off, its really helped control my symptoms, no side affects noticed.


Strong stomach cramps
Date: 4/30/2014
I have taken Valtrex for a fever blister: One 1 gram pill followed by 2 grams 24 hours later then 2 grams 12 hours later. (I discovered the first pill was too small a dosage, so I went on to take the correct amount the next day.) I woke up the second day with strong stomach cramps. Today, the third day, the cramps are still lingering but not as severe. Do I need to see my doctor or can I wait this out?


AskDocWeb: Up to 11% of those using Valtrex experience some kind of abdominal or stomach pain. This side effect may go away during treatment as your body adjusts to the medicine. Check with your doctor if any side effects continue or are bothersome or if you have any questions about them. Your doctor may be able to tell you about ways to prevent or reduce some of these side effects.

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