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Valtrex and yeast infection
Date: 4/30/2014
I’m taking Valtrex but I have a yeast infection also what should I do? My doctor told me to take 4 pills of Valtrex daily for 10 days so I’m scared to take another prescription for my yeast infection.. How do I get rid of my yeast infection?


AskDocWeb: Your concern seems to be an interaction between the prescription medications used to treat the two ailments. If that is the case then you may be relieved to find that most yeast infections do not require a prescription medication for treatment. Also the over-the-counter remedies for yeast infection are not known to reduce the effectiveness of Valtrex.

Confusion after discontinuing Valtrex
Date: 5/29/2014
My 81 year old mother was prescribed Valtrex for Shingles. She took it (1 gram) once a day for about 5 days. She became very confused while on this drug. She’s been off of it for a week and she is still confused. She was not confused before she started taking Valtrex. I have read that confusion is one of the side effects, especially in older people. Have you heard of the confusion lasting after someone has stopped taking Valtrex and if so, how long will the confusion last? She was also taking Prednisone for the shingles at the same time as taking Valtrex.


AskDocWeb: Sorry Pat, we don’t have enough data to give you a helpful answer. This is a subject that needs more clinical study.

Old scars?
Date: 6/11/2014
Will Valtrex heal old scars from prior outbreaks?


AskDocWeb: Unfortunately no, Valtrex has no effect on old scars.

Valtrex in early pregnancy
Date: 7/9/2014
I had a healthy start to my pregnancy. At 6.5 weeks we were measuring 6w6d and had a strong heart beat. Today I went in for a 10w ultrasound and the fetus was not living. It stopped growing at 7w4d. I started taking valtrex at 7 weeks due to a outbreak. I have never experienced a miscarriage and have two children already. I can’t say factually that the miscarriage is a result of the valtrex but the timing is exactly the same. I would not and will not ever take valtrex in early pregnancy nor would I ever tell someone that it is safe to take in early pregnancy.


AskDocWeb: According to Glaxo Smith Kline, the maker of Valtrex, taking Valtrex during pregnancy is not proven to yield destructive and detrimental effects to the forming fetus. And because there is no proven risk in humans the FDA has put Valtrex in Pregnancy Category B.

Valtrex rebound effect
Date: 7/16/2014
Been taking Valtrex for many yrs. after suffering outbreaks of genital herpes every 2 wks. for yrs. Noticed that as I age, am 60 now, that I feel this weird anxiety sometimes when I wake up in the morning. So I try to remember to drink a lot of water to flush it out of my system as I suspect it may be that my liver and kidneys aren’t getting rid of it.

Haven’t had an outbreak for yrs. Have therefore decided to wean myself, instead of taking it every day, will take it every second day. I noticed some emotional upset, which is quite unusual for me and after that I noticed a patch of blotchy redness on my abdomen. It didn’t itch or anything and disappeared after about 6 hrs. or so. Also feel quite exhausted, wondered if that might be a side effect, or the cold I’m coming down with. Suspect it is the cold.

Yrs. ago I went off the Valtrex and had the rebound effect, which I notice no one mentioned. I had a very bad outbreak, hence why this time I am treading lightly and trying to wean to take it once every 2 days. My doc told me that the new shot wouldn’t work as it is for prevention. A cure would be so great. Don’t look forward to having to continue to take it for the rest of my life, especially if I have to pay a portion when retired. Just wanted to add my experience.


Irregular menstrual bleeding
Date: 11/7/2014
While I was on Valtrex daily for 6 months, I had irregular menstrual bleeding from the first day I started taking it. My period has ALWAYS been consistent when not taking Valtrex. From age 13-19 before I started taking Valtrex and age 21-today after it normalized when I stopped taking Valtrex altogether. While taking Valtrex, I reported this side effect to multiple doctors; all of whom said that is not a side effect of Valtrex and prescribed increasingly stronger birth control pills to attempt to normalize the bleeding. The bleeding did not stop until I stopped taking Valtrex and it took nearly 2 years to become completely normal again.


Bad reaction
Date: 11/20/2014
I was just prescribed valacyclovir (generic valtrex) for a mouth sore. I am supposed to take 2, 1 gm, tablets every 12 hours for 5 days. I took 2 tablets and within a few hours my face swelled! This treatment certainly won’t work for me…just popped 2 benadryl…hope it counteracts the swelling.


Immune system
Date: 1/2/2015
So i found out i have hsv type one, i take valtrex daily by choice to help spreading it to my boyfriend. My question is, does taking valtrex daily make it hard for you immune system to build up immunity to herpes? Just wondering what would happen if i were ever wanting to stop taking it because i know as time goes on, you are supposed to get fewer outbreaks,


AskDocWeb: The clinical studies on Valtrex indicate that this medication supports the immune system and give the body an increased ability to cope with the virus.

Date: 1/11/2015
Valtrec the generic gave me terrible extreme dizziness and a lot of muscle and joint pain the next day. I stopped it immediately. And you can’t even get your money back.


Late menstrual cycle?
Date: 1/15/2015
can valtrex cause your menstral cycle to become late?


AskDocWeb: Yes, menstrual irregularities are listed among the reported side effects of Valtrex (up to 8% of users).

Dosage and hemorrhoids
Date: 1/26/2015
Hello, I have been taking valtrax for over month now and I have some mix emotions about the product. I started off taking 500mg daily, then when I get a break out I would take 500mg x4 twice daily 12 hrs apart. It would work instantly and clear up in 24hrs. Then I would go back to 500mg once a day. A few days later I would feel a tingle and I would start up another 500mg x4 twice daily 12 hrs apart. That would happen through out the month. Does this mean I should up the dosage? Or does it mean the product doesn’t work for me? Also, I have been getting blood in my stool which I got checked out and doc said she could feel anything in my rectum but she still prescribed a hemerriod medication. The blood hasnt pasted for a weeks now and I concerned if this is a side effect. Thank u


AskDocWeb: If you think your dosage may need to be adjusted talk with your doctor about it.

Blood in the stools is listed among the possible side effects of Valtrex although the rate of incidence is still unknown.

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