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Subj: Note to Mish:
Date: 10/21/2007
My head hair, too, is falling out. It’s been going on for about 4 months. Has your hair recovered — is it growing back — or continuing to fall out? Thanks.


Subj: Blonde hairs?
Date: 10/27/2007
Does Vaniqa reduce the amount of blonde hairs also? I have had a laser hair removal on my chin and upper neck (under the chin) and it has helped, but I feel like the blonde, finer hair has grown back in thinner. Will this product help reduce the number of blonde hairs in the chin, sideburn and upper neck areas?


AskDocWeb: Yes, that is what they claim and the feedback is confirming it.

Subj: Zits with Vaniqa
Date: 10/29/2007
I began using Vaniqa a couple of weeks ago. I noticed a decrease in hair growth the first day. I have only used it once a day, not twice, but it has helped the unsightly 5 o’clock shadow. Only one problem… The past couple of days I have broken out with so many zits…haven’t had this many on my face at one time since I was 14. I see acne is a side effect. Guess I’ll have to use Vaniqa on special occasion days only.


Subj: Vaniqa with retin-A?
Date: 11/9/2007
I’m considering using this product. But I was wondering if anyone knows what happens if you combine use of this product with retin-A (an anti-acne skin treatment)?


Subj: Scared
Date: 11/19/2007
I am scared of using vaniqa as I do not want more hair to grow back. I have heavy dark black hair on my sides and below my chin but above my neck. Currently I have to wax around every 3-4 weeks.


AskDocWeb: That is what Vaniqa is for, to slow or prevent the growth of facial hair.

Subj: Vaniqa usage
Date: 11/29/2007
I have excessive growth of facial hair – mustache and beard areas underneath jaw and chin. I bleach but do no shave or pluck. I noticed it says you should pluck or shave area and then apply. Is that the only way for it to be effective or do you know? Thanks.


AskDocWeb: It will still be effective, just not as much. Vaniqa is not a hair remover (depilatory). Whatever hair you have will still be there unless you remove it. The most effective use of Vaniqa is to remove any facial hair that is present using your current hair removal techniques and then wait at least 5 minutes after hair removal before applying. Remember to wash your hands before and after each application.

Subj: Back to waxing
Date: 12/9/2007
I tried Vaniqa because I wanted to stop or reduce waxing and was tired of plucking those coarse little hairs from my chin. A small tube cost me $70! Although it seemed to work when I used it diligently, I had a hard time keeping up with the 2x daily application. What I discovered when I didn’t apply it is that not only did the hair come back but MORE hair came back than ever before and in places I did not have a problem with before. I actually ended up using it to encourage hair growth around my eyebrows that have gotten too thin. I have gone back to waxing which is much more effective and actually causes less hair to grow back – unfortunately now I’m waxing more areas than before.


Subj: Severe acne
Date: 1/2/2008
Just a warning to the side effects of Vaniqa, I used it for 1 month and 3 months since I stopped, I am still suffering the effects of severe acne.


Subj: Vaniqa in UK?
Date: 1/21/2008
Could u tell me if this is available in the UK please, also is it available 2 buy direct from somewhere or can it only be obtained by prescription?


AskDocWeb: You can call your local pharmacist to find out if it is available in your country however, in the USA it is only available by prescription.

Subj: Groin hair?
Date: 1/23/2008
My question is: Can Vaniqa be used on groin hair, is this cream can help to reduce hair growth on this area and can using it there be dangerous?


AskDocWeb: That would be considered an “off label” use and is not recommended. No testing has been done to find out what would happen if it were used in that area.

Subj: Facial hair got worse
Date: 1/28/2008
I have been using over 1 1/2 years.. I have not seem ANY change. If anything…facial hair got worse. I used to pluck, starting shaving to apply cream. Its gotta out of control…I don’t believe anything out there can help my problem. I’m happy to hear some did get satisfaction…


Subj: It works wonderfully
Date: 1/30/2008
My mom uses this product. She has PCOS and has struggled with unwanted facial hair for most of her adult life. She started using it a couple of years ago when it first came out. She said for her it works wonderfully, no major side effects, some thinning hair, but that could just be age related, nothing to make her stop using this product. She loves it and highly recommends it to everyone.


Subj: TONS more hair
Date: 2/4/2008
Every time I try to use Vaniqa it actually gives me TONS more hair growth than before. Instead of having maybe 4 thicker course hairs to tweeze…after using Vaniqa…the areas that I placed the product suddenly have all kinds of thinner hair growing that never EVER used to be there. No one in my family has ever had this problem. I feel like I am turning into a hairy man. I wish I never used this product EVER. Not even once. Now I’m contemplating some sort of surgery.


Subj: Will this work?
Date: 2/5/2008
Will this work on very light hair or just dark black? Can I use it on my whole face?


AskDocWeb: Vaniqa works on both very light hair and the dark black hair. Please follow the directions and only apply it to those areas where you have unwanted hair growth, not your whole face.

Subj: Any correlation?
Date: 2/11/2008
I used Vaniqa for several months with great success. However, I did notice a softening and falling out of the hair on my head. After a few months, without the use of Vaniqa, my scalp hair is returning and the normal texture is noticeable. Is there any correlation between the Vaniqa used on my lip and chin and the undesirable condition of the hair on my head?


AskDocWeb: Several people have reported that the hair on their head thinned when using Vaniqa but according to the manufacturer it is not supposed to do that.

Subj: Irregular periods
Date: 2/24/2008
I’ve been using vaniqa for a few months now, and ever since I started it I’ve noticed my periods have become irregular, can this be caused by the vaniqa?


AskDocWeb: Menstrual irregularities are not listed as a side effect of Vaniqa.

Subj: Wonderful results HOWEVER
Date: 4/15/2008
I have been using Vaniqa for the last 4 -5 years and have gotten wonderful results HOWEVER the hair on my head has thinned out a lot — I used to have a nice thick head of hair and now I see so much scalp that I never saw before. I do believe that Vaniqa is responsible and I am definitely going to discontinue it. Would love to know if others who have stopped using it have seen regrowth of the hair on their head.


Subj: Available in Australia?
Date: 4/16/2008
Hi there, I am wondering if Vaniqa is available in Australia or not. Is there anyway that I can purchase this being a prescriptive drug?


AskDocWeb: To find out if you can get it locally, call your local pharmacist.

Subj: Thinning head hair
Date: 4/27/2008
I have used Vaniqua for 4 months and have noticed thinning head hair. Is this a side effect? Will the thinning stop if I discontinue using?


AskDocWeb: Losing the hair on the scalp is experienced by about 2% of Vaniqa users and several have reported that kind of hair loss. If the thinning doesn’t stop once you discontinue use there may be another cause such as a thyroid problem that may need attention.

Subj: Eyelashes breaking off
Date: 8/14/2008
I’m a 47 year old female. I’ve been using Vaniqa for about 6 months now. It’s been wonderful for reducing my facial hair. I do have one concern though: my eyelashes seem to be breaking off lately and they’ve also thinned off. Could this possibly be a side effect of using Vaniqa?


AskDocWeb: The loss of eyelashes is not listed as a side effect.

Subj: Hair on head is thinner
Date: 9/18/2008
I have been using Vaniqa for 6 weeks and have found a decrease in facial hair lately. However, I also have started to fell that the hair on my head has become much thinner. Could this be a side-effect?


AskDocWeb: Although it is not listed as a side effect, others have also reported loosing scalp hair.

Subj: Acne
Date: 9/24/2008
I have acne pcos hirsutism will vaniqa agrevate my moderate acne. I dont know if I should purchase?


AskDocWeb: Vaniqa has been reported to aggravate acne.

Subj: What will happen?
Date: 9/27/2008
I was just wondering if you stop using vaniqa what will happen?


AskDocWeb: If you stop using Vaniqa, facial hair will begin growing at the same rate as before and return in about two months.

Subj: Vaniqa for men?
Date: 10/7/2008
Is Vaniqa used for men?


AskDocWeb: That would be an “off label” use and there is no data on that. If the drug company found that it would work for men, you can be sure that they would advertise that use.

Subj: Question about how Vaniqa works
Date: 10/15/2008
I have a question regarding Vaniqa. My skin doctor has me using this twice a day. The way she explained it to me is that it takes about 2 months for it to work. After 2 months the hairs that are present die off and the new hairs push them out as they make their way throught. Each time the hairs die off and make their way through they become less a less until they are non existant. Does this seem true? I thought in order for it to work you had to get rid of the hair first then the hairs just grow back slower and lighter with continued use.


AskDocWeb: Vaniqa works by inhibiting ornithine decarboxylase, an enzyme in the hair follicle that stimulates hair growth. Once you neutralize that enzyme the hair stops growing. And it does take a couple of months to accomplish that.

Subj: Hair started to fall out
Date: 10/22/2008
I have been using the cream for 5 months now. I have started getting big pimples and my hair has started to fall out from my head. I dont have facial hair it has worked very good on me but, dont know if I should stop using it? Should I cut down to using it once a day? Does anyone have this problem?

AskDocWeb: Several people have reported the loss of scalp hair as a side effect of Vaniqa. You’ll have to be the judge if cutting down works or not.

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