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If you use Vaniqa, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Hairs growing quicker than normal?
Date: 10/30/2009
I have been using vaniqa for about 3 weeks now but I’m finding the hairs on my upper lip are actually growing quicker than normal now I’m using this product. Is this normal when you first start using this product? And will the growth start to slow down if I continue to use? or should I discontinue use?


AskDocWeb: Your hair growth will most likely slow down with continued use. Visible improvement usually takes between 4 and 8 weeks.

Subj: Does Vaniqa work for men?
Date: 11/12/2009
Will it work on the groin area or will it work for men? Yes or no? Research needs to be done to find out.


AskDocWeb: Vaniqa was developed specifically for women and it appears that it was not even tested on men in the clinical trials. It would be interesting to know if it has the same effect on a man’s beard. Are you are volunteering to try it?

Subj: Bipolar disorder
Date: 11/13/2009
I suffer from bipolar disorder and am currently taking medication to remedy the symptoms. The medications are lamactil, abilify, small dosages of depakote (doc trying to take me off of it; I should be off of it within the next week or so) and propronolol. Can you tell me if using Vaniqa is safe?


AskDocWeb: Our database does not list any drug interaction between Vaniqa and the drugs you are taking. There are however several potential problems between those other drugs. There is a major potential drug interaction between Lamictal (lamotrigine) and Depakote (divalproex sodium). Taking these two drugs together has been shown to significantly increase the plasma concentrations of Lamictal and the risk of potentially serious and life-threatening rash induced by Lamictal, including Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis. There have also been severe, disabling tremors and ataxia reported.

There is a moderately serious potential drug interaction between Lamictal (lamotrigine) and Abilify (aripiprazole). Taking these two drugs together may increase their effects on the central nervous system and/or respiratory system, especially in elderly or debilitated patients.

There is a moderately serious potential drug interaction between Depakote (divalproex sodium) and Abilify (aripiprazole). Taking these two drugs together may increase their effects on the central nervous system and/or respiratory system, especially in elderly or debilitated patients.

There is a moderately serious potential drug interaction between propranolol and Abilify (aripiprazole). Abilify may make the body more sensitive to the blood pressure medication, propranolol. Make sure your doctor is aware of every medication you are taking.

Subj: Already noticed results!
Date: 11/18/2009
I have been using Vaniqa for about 2 weeks and have already noticed results!! I’ve been using it on my upper lip, my hair wasn’t extreme, but it bothered me. I usually would wax or use veet every week or so but I noticed pretty immediate results using Vaniqa twice a day! I haven’t had to do anything in 2 weeks and only some of the hair has started to grow back, but even those are thinner and have been growing slower! It is expensive since my insurance didn’t cover it but I got a coupon online so that helped. If this results continue I def. plan to continue using it. I haven’t noticed any side effects yet.


Subj: Vaniqa for teens?
Date: 11/19/2009
I am 15 years old and I have facial hair. Is it ok for me to use it? And how would it work on a teen like me?


AskDocWeb: According to the patient insert Vaniqa is not for use in children under 12 years of age so you should be okay but you would have to check with your doctor to be sure. So far there are no reports of any difference between the way it works for teens and adults.

Subj: A life long commitment?
Date: 12/4/2009
Hi there, so basically u have to make a life long commitment to this product for getting rid of unwanted facial hair. Looks like another marketing scheme to make money of desperate people out there. Once u stop using it the hair will grow back???? I am currently getting laser hair removal done every 5-6 months or so and it costs me $80.00 per session for full face and neck. For people out there who have alot of facial hair like myself I would highly recommend these treatments, but find a lisenced proffesional who knows what they are doing. There are no side effects the laser also clears blemishes and brightens ur skin while removing hair. I wish everyone the best.


Subj: PCOS
Date: 12/3/2009
I have PCOS and have to shave dailys my upper lip and chin will this product help me or will it not because of the PCOS and the hair growth I have being because of this disease?


AskDocWeb: Many women have found Vaniqa to be effective and suitable for the hair growth associated with PCOS, but not all.

Subj: Nerve problems
Date: 12/8/2009
I used vaniqa for almost 2 years and found I had a brilliant result. At the same time I stated using vaniqa I got very bad tingly and shaky hands/tongue and nerve pain. I had MRI scans and was tested for everything and everything came back clear (thanks goodness). I didn’t take any other medication and I was so frustrated with what was happening to me that I thought I would see if coming of vaniqa made any difference; and it did. I have now been off it for 6 months and my nerve problems have 99% gone. I am convinced it was the cream.


Subj: Permanent reduction?
Date: 1/4/2010
I have very mild chin hairs that only pop up every now and then. I am getting treated for laser hair removal and I’m wondering if I can use this along side of the laser hair removal for nearly permanent reduction.


AskDocWeb: Yes, clinical studies have demonstrated that Vaniqa can actually improve the results of laser hair removal. In one study of using Vaniqa cream combined with laser hair removal, after 6 months of treatment, 96% of patients had total and permanent hair removal.

Subj: Vaniqa with Retin A?
Date: 1/9/2010
Can Vaniqa be used while using Retin A?


AskDocWeb: We would check with a dermatologist before trying to use them together or even on alternate days.

Subj: Hair loss
Date: 1/13/2010
I’m was heading to pick up my script now. I’m not really afraid of any of the comments except the lady who lost her hair. Is this a side affect? Has anyone else had this happen? It is getting absorbed on the head area. Very scary. Please comment.


AskDocWeb: Since there are only two reports of hair loss, that hair loss could also have had other causes. Hair loss is listed among the possible side effects for Vaniqa for about 2% of users.

Subj: Standard recommendation with laser hair removal?
Date: 1/26/2010
Hi, I started laser hair removal for my upper lip two months ago and my doctor has recommended vaniqa twice a day in between laser treatments. If vaniqa thins the facial hair wont I be getting a false positive when finishing my facial laser removal treatments and thinking my upper lip excess hair problem is been solved and gone for good? Is vaniqa a standard recommendation in conjunction with treatments for laser facial hair removal i.e upper lip? I have been using vaniqa now for three weeks and I am starting to see the reduction on hair growth.


AskDocWeb: While it may not be standard the use of Vaniqa has proven to result in better results than just using the laser alone for hair removal.

Subj: Allergic to Vaniqa
Date: 1/28/2010
I have to take minoxidil for my blood pressure which has caused me extreme hair growth all over my body. My dermatologist prescribed Vaniqua for me which insurance does not cover as it is considered ‘vanity’ and it cost me $90.00. The first two times I used it, I had mild tingling on my face that lasted almost all day, the third time gave me a rash on my face that I am now having to treat with Naftin. After a week, the rash is still not gone. I guess, sadly, I am allergic to it.

Minoxidil oral user

Subj: Pleased with results
Date: 2/2/2010
After seeing a commercial about VANIQA I asked my Dr., gave me a prescription 85.00 a tube BUT well worth it. I applied it 2x’s in 1 day and the very next day…no hair. I am truly amazed how this product worked for me. I started growing patches of black course hairs, plucking 3-5x’s a day. It was awful & embarrassing. I am so pleased with this…the cost is nothing compared to the waxing, plucking & embarrassment I was experiencing. Thank you so so much!


Subj: Dry lips
Date: 2/3/2010
I have noticed less hair afer about 4 months, however my lips have become EXTREMELY dry…this has never been an issue for me. I am using extra eye cream on them, before/after, and of course my usual routine, of caring for my lips. My daughter has reported her lips not only being dry, but being painfully swollen as well. Her swelling and dryness is not relieved by any kind of lip treatment. Is this something to be concerned with?


AskDocWeb: Any swelling of your lips, tongue, throat, or face may indicate an allergic reaction and you should seek immediate medical attention.

Subj: Excessive chin and mustache hair
Date: 2/4/2010
I have only started using Vaniqa so I am not sure if it works for me. But one comment. Vaniqa is JUST FOR FACIAL HAIR and primarily for women with HIRUTISM which is higher than normal facial hair growth. It is meant to stop the expression of testosterone in your skin and facial hair. I have PCOS and as a result have excessive chin hair and probably excessive mustache hair. The latter is easily treated with bi-monthly waxings that i get with my hair cuts. But the chin hair is a daily excercise in futility. IF I don’t have the will to pluck for a couple of days (or sometimes just one day) I have the startings of a really thick beard. I literally sit at my computer at work and take plucking breaks where I say to myself “I will pluck at least 10 hairs before I go back to actually working). This has made me feel awful about my appearance and I’m so hoping Vaniqa works.


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