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If you’ve used Xenical, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Xenical rash?
Date: 10/9/2003
Hi there! What a great and informative page.
I have tried to start Xenical 3 different times, all a year apart. I started in August each time. It is funny but each time I have started Xenical I got a rash within the first three weeks. The first time the rash was so bad that when I went to the Doctors (family, emergency room, then dermatologist) they still can’t figure it out. This is the third time that this has occurred. I was starting to think that this was an allergy brought on in the fall. But I think it may be the Xenical.

The rash is on my upper chest (above the bra line) and crawls up (over a couple of weeks) to my neck. It tends to stop there.

If this is the Xenical, is there something that I can do? It works and it has helped me to control what I am eating and how much. I would like to continue taking it but the rash is sometimes overwhelming.

My Drs. are sure that it is dry skin/excema but can’t be sure… I thought that this condition (excema) would affect more then my neck only. Am I wrong? Is there something that I can do?

Any help would be appreciated.


Subj: Xenical
Date: 12/10/2003
I have been taking Xenical for 2 weeks. The oily stools and gassy discharge are very bothersome. Will this go away. I only take it twice a day?


AskDocWeb: These symptoms are the effects of Xenical blocking the fat from being absorbed by your digestive system. Reducing the amount of fat in your diet below the recommended maximum of 30% should reduce these effects.

Subj: Constipation?
Date: 10/24/2003
I used Xenical for 1 1/2 years and lost 45 lbs. Since I stopped taking it, I have been experiencing constipation problems no matter how healthy I eat. I was wondering if the long term use of Xenical has any thing to do with this.


Subj: Can anyone tell me
Date: 3/14/2004
I’ve just ordered a 1 month supply of xenical to try. According to my BMI, I’m not a candidate, but want to try it anyway. I want to lose 20 lbs. I just can’t seem to get it off and notice that I’m slowy gaining more weight. Why isn’t it recommended for people who only want to lose a small amount of weight? I’m scared of other diet pills and this one seems to be the safest. Can anyone tell me what would be the harm of taking this to lose 20 lbs? I weigh about 150 and am 5’5″ and feel comfortable at 130.


Subj: Long story
Date: 3/20/2004
Hi, I’m about to turn 40 and I’ve been overweight for at least 15-20 of those years. I never had back problems or muscle problems and was basically healthy though fat. About 5 years ago, I started showing signs of diabetes and hypertension set in about 3 years ago. Everything has finally settled under control but then my Doc decided we should do something about the weight and started me on Xenical. For the first 2 months, it played total havoc with my blood sugar. Then he told me to stop some of my diabetes medicine (diamicron but keep avandia) and to see how it goes and adjust as I feel the need (great science there!). So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 2 months (total of 4 on Xenical). Now my question: in the last 4 months, I’ve had 2 incidents (1 x back + 1 x wrist) where my bones were apparently pulled out of alignment by either muscle spasm or loose tendons/ligaments. I mean there was no other cause: no fall, no extreme movement, no undue stress, nothing out of the ordinary. Could Xenical have an effect on ligaments/tendons or muscle spasms during sleep? Also, my finger joints are becoming very sensitive/painful with a bump showing on the front of the middle finger joints (which I believe is the bone ’cause it’s very hard and at the right spot for it). I’ve always had big bones but they’ve never hurt or been that prominent in the fingers before. Again, I’ve been working with computers, typing and clicking day in day out, for most of my life and it never hurt before. Is there a possible link with Xenical? It seems strange that I would develop arthritis, a bad back, tendinitis, etc. all of a sudden in the last 4 months… since I started Xenical. Is there a link? Thanks.


AskDocWeb: It does seem strange. That is a lot to have going on at the same time. Have you considered getting a second medical opinion.

Subj: xenical – cancer
Date: 3/20/2004
I’ve heard that long time consumption of xenical causes cancer is there any fact in this?


AskDocWeb: We found just the oppisite. According to the journal Cancer research, Laboratory tests at the Burnham Institute in California showed that by using Xenical to block a certain protein, they could stop cancer cells from spreading. This is the same protein that enables the body to turn food into fat (also found in prostate cancer cells). The tests on mice produced similar results. If clinical trials work out, there may be a new treatment for prostate cancer.

Subj: Cheapest source
Date: 4/3/2004
Hi! At 241Lbs, 43yrs old and standing at 5’4″ tall. Doctor recommended Xenical. Taking INH, B6, Aciphex, PAXIL CR, FLEXIRIL and BEXTRA. My doctor is aware of all of this. Have not started yet because I want to check with my insurance to see if they cover it. I should lose 150Lbs. Question: What is the cheapest I could find this for and how long should I take it in order to achieve my goals.


AskDocWeb: How long you should take it is something you need to work out with your doctor. We do not recommend buying cheapest because the quality becomes unreliable below a certain point. Many people find this out when they hire amateurs to do the work of professionals.

Subj: Allergic?
Date: 4/4/2004
I started taking xenical a week ago; suddenly my upper lip became swollen and I am now using ice packs. Can this be an allergy to xenical? I also take synthroid for hypothyroidism. Please advise. Thank you


AskDocWeb: Swollen lips is a sign of an allergic reaction. Call your doctor or go to Emergency at your nearest hospital.

Subj: Xenical and synthroid
Date: 4/6/2004
I have just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and my Doctor is treating me with both xenical and synthroid. I am wondering if anyone else is on this combo (or any other thyroid medication).


Subj: New to me
Date: 4/16/2004
I just started taking xenical yesterday. How long does it take for the medicine to start to help with weight loss. If there are side effects, do they happen in the first few days? I would appreciate any information, as this is new to me.


AskDocWeb: Xenical starts helping with weight loss the very first day you use it. Remember that it does NOT reduce your appetite. It reduces the amount of fat your body absorbs from the food you eat. If there are side effects, they usually show up in the first few days.

Subj: Wow
Date: 4/21/2004
I used Xenical for only three days and lost 6.6 lbs!! Is that too much just in three days? Considering that I am only 133 lbs, and I just want to lose a small amount of weight, but now I’m afraid that Xenical would do harm to me. Should I stop taking it?


AskDocWeb: You have already lost a small amount of weight, and very fast indeed. The recommendations we have seen say to aim for one pound a day. You don’t say how tall you are so we can’t figure your BMI (body mass index) to see if you are obese or not. Xenical is specifically for those who have a body mass index of 30 or more. (Or 27 if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes) You can check your BMI here. If your BMI is less than that you should talk to your doctor about an alternative.

Subj: Is it possible?
Date: 4/28/2004
I am trying to lose about 25 – 30 by July 1, my doctor put me on Xenical and I wanted to know is it possible to do or am I dreaming? Thx.

newonthe “x”

AskDocWeb: Sounds reasonable. If you lose about a pound a day you can get there. Good luck!

Subj: Dizziness
Date: 5/3/2004
I’ve been taking Xenical for approximately two weeks. My head has been getting a strange sensation in it like dizziness. Is this normal and if so, when will it stop.


AskDocWeb: That is one of the side effects that usually goes away with continued use. If it causes you any problems or is of concern, talk with your doctor about it. We don’t have data on how long this will last but, you could help others by returning to and let us know how you come out.

Subj: Not working
Date: 5/4/2004
I have been taking xinical for a month faithfully and has not lost one pound. Does this pill really work for everyone? How long until I get any results. The pill is very expensive and I can’t efford to buy more if it is not going to work.


AskDocWeb: If you have used it for a month and not lost any weight then maybe it is time to try something else.

Subj: Long-term side effects
Date: 5/6/2004
I took xenical about two years ago for a total of nine months. I had good results and lost the weight that I wanted to loose. I had greasy stool side affects and diarhea if I ate too much fat. I quit taking the xenical because I felt I had reached my goal. Now two years later, I still cannot eat high fat food. If I do eat food that has a lot of oil in it or high fat I immedieately(within ten minutes) have to run to the bathroom. I believe this is a long term side affect of taking xenical. I never had this problem before xenical and I have continued to have it since I quit taking it.


Subj: Had an obstructed kidney
Date: 5/22/2004
I am going to start taking Xenical on Monday. I had a kidney stone in 1978, which I passed in my urine and I had an obstructed kidney due to a kidney stone in 1992, they were both calcium oxalate. Do you think I should be concerned since so much time has passed without any other kidney problems. I also have gallstones, but have not had any problems from them. Thank you in advance for any feedback.


AskDocWeb: According to the manufacturer, if you have a history of kidney stones, you should tell your doctor and let a medical professional decide if you should use this drug.

Subj: 5th Week on Xinical
Date: 6/2/2004
This is my 5th week taking xinical, I have not lost a pound. I am experiencing the side effects and I do exercise 5-6 days a week. Am I going to loose weight? How long does it take?


AskDocWeb: Please check the spelling on your weight loss product. It may be an imitation product and not the real thing. If it is Xenical, it should be working and you should be losing weight by now. It sounds like there is something else going on. We suggest you should talk to your doctor to find out.

Subj: Diarrhea
Date: 6/11/2004
I also took Xenical for a few weeks 3 years ago. I did not have any bowel problems until I started taking it but evem after the 3 years I still suffer from diarrhea several times per day.


Subj: Figured it out
Date: 7/9/2004
I have been takng xenical for approximately 4 months now due to a sudden weight gain last year of approx 42lbs in 4 months for no apparent reason. I have a history of IBS, so have always tried to eat healthy foods. I had believed my diet was already low fat, it was not until I started xenical that I came to understand that I could find new ways of reducing my intake of dietary fat, as what I ate, would later show up in my toilet bowel. I believe all overweight people should have a one month trial of these pills for educational purposes, to show them just how much fat they are eating.

But…in the first month I lost a measely 4lbs, and then nothing the next month, I was devastated, there was no way I could cut back even more than I had! Then a friend suggested I may be Wheat Intolerant as I have suffered bloating, chronic stomach pain, acid reflux, skin rashes, severe dioreah before the weight had started to pile on. I decided to cut out bread immediately, and within 1 week I had lost 6lbs in weight, and the weight loss is still continuing now. I have now lost approx 20lbs. I believe that the xenical is now working it’s magic and giving me a helping hand. The extra good news is that my IBS symptoms have cleared up, my acid reflux has eased and I feel better as a result! I can now judge when I have eaten any food containing wheat as the stomach cramps, bloating and dioreah return, as well as food containing high fat as these produce the usual xenical side effects.

I have been experiencing a few problems of late though and am not sure if this is xenical related. My periods have become more frequent and irregular, I have been suffering with hoarseness of my voice, severe pain in my throat, the doctor says it is swelling up and red and suggests I may be suffering from hayfever.


Subj: Does Xenical go bad?
Date: 7/16/2004
I have used xenical successfully for over a year now but now I don’t get the greasy stool at all no matter how much fat I eat in my diet. I usually only take it immediately after fatty meals, so a 3 month supply may last 6 months. Does the product go bad? Why else might it stop working?


AskDocWeb: Yes, the product does go bad and Xenical should not be used after the expiration date. You may increase the effectiveness if you take it with a glass of water before, instead of after a meal.

Subj: Losing vitamins and minerals?
Date: 7/22/2004
I used Xenical for about two months I lost l4 lbs. My question is would taking this medication cause you to lose a lot of vitamins and minerals? Also could it cause you to lose hair, which I have.


AskDocWeb: Xenical decreases the absorption of some fat-soluble vitamins and beta-carotene. To compensate, you should take beta-carotene and a multivitamin with vitamins A, E, D, and K once a day, at least 2 hours before or 2 hours after taking Xenical.

While we didn’t find hair loss listed in the side effects for Xenical, it could still be a possible side effect. Please let us know what happens with your hair loss when you stop taking the Xenical. I’m sure others will be interested.

Subj: Overweight by 40
Date: 8/1/2004
I’m overweight by 40 and my doctor will not give me any kind of diet pills. Are doctors more willing to give a prescription for Xenical? My BMI is 30 and I am 4 feet 10 inches.


AskDocWeb: Have you asked your doctor what his (or her) reasons are for not prescribing the diet pills? If their reasons were not acceptable, we would certainly go to another doctor.

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