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If you’ve used Xenical, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Oily stools
Date: 7/3/2010
I think this terrible. I am having oily stools non stop and didn’t even eat anything high in fat. I ate fruit like, it’s a joke. I had to come off it.


AskDocWeb: Some of what you are eating may be higher in fat than you think. The oily stools typically occur only when the total amount of fat in your diet is above 30 percent.

Subj: Weight loss
Date: 7/6/2010
Hi I went to see my specialist today and he prescribed this medication to help me with my weightloss so I will keep you posted on my journey and wish me luck.


AskDocWeb: Good luck Sharon. Remember that lifestyle changes to your diet and activity level also go with this drug.

Subj: Can’t afford Xenical?
Date: 8/9/2010
I have been taking xenical for a number of months and have seen results. My insurance only covers $300 a year for the drug. Is there anyway I could ask the drug company for free or a reduction in the price?

AskDocWeb: Here are a few patient assistance programs and resources that may be helpful for those who can’t afford their meds.

  • First, if you can’t afford your medication, tell your doctor. They may have free samples or know about other discount health services.
  • The Partnership for Prescription Assistance is a free service you can access through a toll-free phone number. Call 1-888-477-2669 to see if you are eligible. You will never be asked for money by a PPA Call Center representative.
  • Community health centers that are regulated by the federal government exist in many parts of the country. These clinics are required by law to provide care to individuals without health insurance and have sliding fee scales based on an individual’s income. Many of these clinics either have pharmacies on site or have contracts with community pharmacies. In order to get medication from these clinics you must be a patient of that clinic or one of one of their satellite sites. To find the nearest community health center call 888-275-4772.
  • Many public hospitals have public health departments that may be able to help you as well. Your state health department should be able to tell you how to make contact with these health care providers.
  • Local social service agencies or religious groups may have emergency funds for medication purchases. You may want to contact the United Way, Salvation Army, Goodwill or a local church or synagogue for help.
  • If you have a specific disease, there may special programs just for you. Look for national organizations or their state chapters advocating for people with your condition.
  • The National Institutes of Health has links to different organizations that may have information on financial assistance for specific chronic diseases. See:
  • You may qualify for Medicaid or other similar programs that offer prescription coverage. Contact your state or county social services/welfare department.
  • Check with your pharmacist. They may know where to get free or discounted medication and other health services.
  • Check with the manufacturer of your prescription drug. Several of them have patient assistant programs.

There is no sense in getting a prescription if you are not going to get it filled.

Subj: Cervical pain and pain in fingers
Date: 8/10/2010
10/8/2010 I am over weight and bec of tht I’m suffering from high blood pressure and always pain in my knee i start this medician last 15 days before and I have so many prob like I have swear cervical pain and a pain in my fingers. I dont no may be bec I start this medication or sum thing else. I dont want to stop this but lets c if u guys have any suggestion for me. I will be great full to u all thanks.

AskDocWeb: Always check with your doctor if side effects become a concern. Xenical works best when it is combined with lifestyle changes to your diet and activity level. That means changing to a reduced-calorie diet and getting more exercise. Some people carry an extra set of underwear with them in case of accidents, which may happen if your meals contain too much fat. Most doctors recommend taking beta-carotene and a multi-vitamin because Xenical blocks some fat-soluble vitamins and beta-carotene. Good luck and let us know how well this works for you.

Subj: Irregular menses and pregnancy
Date: 8/17/2010
I am planning to use xenical ever since but just as I’m about to buy the thing somebody tells me it affects menstruation and my ability to bear a child. I already have irregular menses and I would really want to be pregnant someday. Can I still take the drug?

AskDocWeb: That may be possible but your doctor will have to decide if the benefits outweigh the possible risks. The FDA put Xenical in pregnancy category B, which means that it is not expected to be harmful to an unborn baby. Taking Xenical can reduce your body’s ability to absorb certain vitamins from the food you eat. These vitamins are important if you are nursing a baby so do not use Xenical without telling your doctor if you are breast-feeding.

Subj: Skin rash specifically urticaria
Date: 8/19/2010
Hi, I’m Naz. This is the 2nd time I’m taking Xenical. For the first time, I’ve taken Xenical before for about 3month and I’ve lost 13.2 pounds and then I stopped for about 2months. I’ve never experienced any side effect other than oily stool during that time. Then I continue taking it again now (already a month continuing Xenical). The problem is I’ve been experiencing skin rash specifically urticaria during night around 8.30pm-10.30pm. Sometimes it last longer than that. I try to ignore it and simply go to sleep. The good news is it disappeared as if nothing happened when I woke up in morning. But still it is irritating when it happens. So my question is does my body triggered some kind of allergic reaction to Xenical during the time I stop taking the medicine? Is it possible? And what is your suggestion for my case? Should I stop taking it?

AskDocWeb: The reason why people develop allergies is not yet understood. It is known that an allergic response can develop even after using a product or drug for some time. You will need to consult with your doctor to find out if your symptoms are an allergic reaction or not.

Subj: Manageable side effects
Date: 8/25/2010
I have been using Xenical for 6 months and have lost 56lb and reduced my waist by 4in. As well as taking the tablets I increased my excersize (walk 2miles per day) and decreased meal sizes but do not have any special diet. My blood pressure is now also beginning to reduce (this was the reason to take Xenical) Side effects have been the usual stomach problems if you eat a fatty meal Poor sleeping. Back ache (around the kidney area). I find these problems manageable.


Subj: Stomach fat and love handles?
Date: 8/27/2010
I want to start using xenical, will I loose my stomach fat and my love handle because I was doing aerobics?

AskDocWeb: Xenical is an anti-obesity drug so you will have to consult with your doctor to find out if qualify for using it or not. It works best when used in conjunction with and an exercise program and a reduced-calorie diet. How much stomach fat you lose varies from one individual to the next.

Subj: Nasty side effects
Date: 8/28/2010
I’ve taken Xenical and find it very effective although a bit nasty side effects like oily discharge. I want to know if Xenical affects fertility. I am trying to conceive but not willing to give up taking Xenical. Will Xenical affects my ovulation and fertility/conceiving? Pls reply urgently N thanks AskDocWeb!

AskDocWeb: The FDA put Xenical in pregnancy category B. It is not expected to have any affect on reproduction.

Subj: Mentally depressed
Date: 9/2/2010
My wife just started taking xenical 2 days back. She is now 101 kg. She had two child, one child was dead accidentally. After that sometimes she felt mentally depressed and shown some sign of mental disorder like feeling fear, spiritual talk, suspicious mind etc. After taking medicine it was ok. But after taking xenical it started again. Does it have any relation with xenical?

AskDocWeb: It may be possible, depression is one of the side effects that sometimes shows up after long-term use but it can occur anytime. Remember that any symptom that becomes a concern should be discussed with your doctor.

Subj: Hormonal balance
Date: 9/16/2010
Hi, I had a subtotal Hytrestromy months ago and I weigh 90kgs I want to start on Xenical to aleast shadfe off 20kgs. Will there be any problems given that my hormonal balance was tampered with.

AskDocWeb: This is something you need to discuss with your doctor, especially if you are taking thyroid hormones (eg, levothyroxine) because their effectiveness may be decreased by Xenical. You may still be able to use Xenical but your doctor may tell you not take the hormone med within 4 hours before or after taking Xenical.

Subj: Xenical made me itch for two days!
Date: 9/24/2010
I’m not excessively overweight, but because of a spinal problem, I have been asked to reduce at least 10 Kg. I tried to take Xenical once and the first pill itself made me itch for two days! I’m assuming this is because I’m allergic to it? I am planning to start a family soon and I have again been advised to lose 10Kg before that. Please let me know if it is suitable to take Xenical if you are planning to get pregnant and how early must you stop taking the tablets before you get pregnant? Is it still advisable to take the tablet even though I started to itch with the very first tablet itself?

AskDocWeb: Your doctor is the only one who can say if a medication is suitable for you or not but it sounds doubtful, especially given your first reaction to it. Read more feedback about Xenical. Xenical report 20 21 22Page 23 24 25 26Last Page 28

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