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Subj: Skipping an occasional pill?
Date: 5/5/2011
Occasionally we all have times when we go out for a meal or are invited to a function etc when we know we may indulge a little and little occassionally is ok right? On those few occasions is it ok to skip the tablet in order to avoid the horrible side effects of too much fat from one meal?


AskDocWeb: One problem with doing that is the tendency to indulge, which is partly responsible for the excess weight in the first place. Ideally a person needs to learn how to cope with those situations without indulging. That is part of learning to make healthy choices, which is required you ever want to learn how to keep the weight off. Each time you indulge yourself with food, you are undoing a lot of progress.

Subj: No bad side effects
Date: 5/6/2011
Hi.. i have been taking xenical for almost a month.. and i dont have any bad side effects.. i like taking cause i feel like i am loosing my weight.. i am 21 years old, 4 ’11 in height and 160 pounds.. goshh.. my bf dont like me anymore.. so want to loose weight to get him back.


Subj: Low fat diet and Xenical
Date: 5/16/2011
I am obese but am now on a low fat diet so would I be right in saying that if you are on a low fat diet there is no point in taking Xenical?


AskDocWeb: Whether or not you might benefit from taking Xenical is up to your doctor. According to the manufacturer, this medicine should be used with a reduced-calorie diet with no more than 30% of calories from fat.

Subj: Continue Xenical or not?
Date: 5/19/2011
I have been taking xenical one at a time thice a day for three months & only 01 kil was reduced. Is in order to continue? for long? Cost per capsul is very expensive in Sri Lanka it is as much as rs.134/- per capsul = 1.1 $ cannot aford.


AskDocWeb: Your doctor needs to evaluate your progress before making a decision about stopping or continuing the use of this medication.

Subj: Does Xenical really work?
Date: 5/29/2011
I cant seem to get a precise answer to this question and hope you can help – does Xenical really work if your on a low fat diet?? I read that a few people have actually had to increase their caloric intake before noticing weight loss which seems insane but could it be true do you think? Or is it the case that regardless of what you it be it low or high fat approx 1/3 will not be digested??


AskDocWeb: Regardless of what you eat when taking Xenical, about 30% of the fat consumed passes through the body undigested.

Subj: I have lost nothing but my patience
Date: 5/29/2011
After nearly 3 weeks I have lost nothing but my patience and went to my doctor who said the body likes to hold onto the fat and it can take the body a while to realise its on a diet and that I should give it at least 6 weeks but everywhere I read it says results are likely within the first 2 weeks….I’m confused?


AskDocWeb: Hello again Lilly. Xenical is typically only part of a complete weight control program, which also includes diet and exercise. The people who report results within the first 2 weeks are the ones following the whole treatment program. Xenical does come with instructions for the patient to insure its safe and effective use. If you have any questions about following them, discuss your questions fully with your doctor or pharmacist.

Subj: Lost 5 pounds since last week
Date: 6/2/2011
I’m astonished I barely even dieted and lost a stone in a month and another 5 pounds since last week but I’ve got to stop as I’m having gastric bypass in 4 weeks. I would have gone on longer but I have pain in I think my kidneys! I thought it was back pain but I don’t think it is, so I’m trialing not taking any to see if the pain goes. I did take these years ago and lost no weight but now its dropping off with pain.


AskDocWeb: Welcome Francine! Good luck on your gastric bypass and let us know how it works out.

Subj: Weight loss – is this true?
Date: 6/9/2011
My doc said it can take a few weeks before you loose any weight as the body doesnt like to let go of the fat and it takes a while before registering whats going on….is this true?


AskDocWeb: That depends on several factors. Of course it takes a while to change your eating habits. It also takes a while to get used to exercising regularly. If you aren’t doing either of those things then it may take a long while to lose weight.

Subj: Xenical is working!
Date: 6/12/2011
I was on a diet for 5 months without any medication and lost 9 kg. It was slow and depressing. Then, whilst still on the diet, I started taking Xenical. In the 4 months since then I have lost 15 kg. I still cannot believe how well this medication is working. I weighed 138kg and my health was seriously compromised so I consider the risks an acceptable trade-off.


Subj: Xenical and alcohol
Date: 7/18/2011
Hello again, Could you kindly explain how as alcohol has no fat but does contain calories it could stop Xenical working? I am convinced at this stage I am not loosing weight because I drink very regularly though have a low fat diet. Dont the calories turn to fat in the body which xenical can then work on? I would be greatly if you could educate me a little on this aspect as though it seems like common sense I’m not sure it is? Many thanks once again.


AskDocWeb: Alcohol does not affect the effectiveness of Xenical to block the absorption of fat from the digestive system. However, the effect of Xenical is limited to the digestive system. It does not work throughout the body.

Whether or not alcohol is “fattening” is still a controversial subject because technically speaking, alcohol is NOT stored as fat; it is oxidized ahead of other fuels. As you may know, alcohol can mess up your body’s perception of hunger, satiety and fullness. If drinking stimulates additional eating, or adds additional calories that aren’t compensated for then your body produces more fat. That doesn’t mean that alcohol stopped the Xenical from working but excessive drinking could sabotage your weight loss efforts.

If you drink in moderation, and you’re aware of the calories in the alcohol you drink, and the calories from the additional food you eat during or after drinking, and if you compensate accordingly then you can still lose weight.

Subj: Xenical is okay
Date: 8/4/2011
Xenical is very good and effective. I have used it for 2 months now and I have lost about 5 kg (11 pounds). I do not experience any of the side effects mentioned above apart from gasing and stomach upset sometimes, and passing stool with oil. I think xenical is ok.


Subj: Losing weight but also losing hair
Date: 8/5/2011
I am taking xenical about 2 months now and before a year I took again for a month. Both times successfully … but I notice that I lost hair. Last time less but this time a lot and I am still losing and is quite obviously especially in front of my hair. Before I go to sleep I always take multivitamins.. Any advice about that???


AskDocWeb: There are a few reports of hair loss from those using Xenical but not enough to establish an incidence rate. Any side effect that becomes a concern should be discussed with your doctor.

Subj: Dreadful cramps and pain in my abdomen
Date: 9/1/2011
Hi there, I am on Xenical now for 3 months and by and large I watch what I eat and therefore dont have the horrible side effects so much. However for 2 days I ate high fat foods (did not realise these particular foods were so bad) an ever since I have had dreadful cramps and pain in my abdomen which I have never experienced before….could it possibly be from the tablets and should I stop them for now and how long should the cramps last for…I know you may advise me to see my GP but would be grateful for your opinion also ASAP pls. Many thanks.


AskDocWeb: Eating a high fat diet while taking Xenical may produce significant abdominal cramps that could last as long as it takes for that food to move through the system. There are antispasmodic drugs (paracetamol) that may provide some relief. Here’s some of the home remedies others have found useful to relieve stomach cramps:

  • drinking a lot of water
  • laying on the right hand side to aid in the movement of food through the system
  • how water bottle or warm towel on the abdomen
  • chew slower to allow more saliva to mix with your food
  • avoid eating unhealthy foods
  • eating bland foods such as bananas, bread, crackers, etc.

You may want to avoid taking aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drugs because they can make the pain worse. And yes, check with your doctor.

Subj: Xenical with hoodia?
Date: 9/8/2011
My doctor prescribed Xenical for me today, and I am going to get it, but my question is this? Can I take an all natural appetite suppression capsule with this medication. The appetite suppression has hoodia in it. Hope to hear from you.


AskDocWeb: Sorry Dez, there is not enough data available on hoodia to assess its affect on the system when combined with Xenical. You’ll have to check back with your doctor.

Subj: Xenical and pregnancy
Date: 9/13/2011
Hi, What is the reccommended amount of time xenical should be stopped taken before you should try to fall pregnant? Thank you.


AskDocWeb: It seems that the manufacturer doesn’t recommend a specific amount of time. Since the half-life is so short (1-2 hours) your body eliminates the Xenical from your system in less than a day. Good luck with the family plans!

Date: 10/1/2011
Hi, I stopped using Xenical a few months ago & did only take it for a few months, I lost a few pounds but I think that was mainly down to me, Xenical scared you into eating healthier otherwise you’ll have bad side effects which I never did toilet wise, however I believe that Xenical has given me bad skin. I don’t know if it’s eczema it’s dry & sometimes inches, it forms scabs alot which is annoying because you can clearly see it even though I’m wearing foundation. It’s mainly around my nose, chin & underneath my eye which is really annoying because it irritates me so I have to wear lee eye make up (I don’t wear that much anyway).

I’m not trying to lose weight the propa way without taking pills, plus I’m a bit annoyed that my doctor didn’t look into my history of having gallstones. I’ve read that your not supposed to take Xenical if you’ve had that. I haven’t got a gallbladder anymore but anyway I don’t think Xenical is worth it, it’s not the magic drug that most people probably think it is.


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