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If you’ve used Xenical, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Allergic reaction?
Date: 10/2/2011
I just started using xenica 2days back. I developed burnt marks on the face. facial skin is no longer supple but become hard suddenly. need help to know any tablet n cream can be used to cure the allergic reaction quickly.


AskDocWeb: Although allergic reactions with Xenical are rare, it is possible. If you suspect that you are having an allergic reaction, get medical attention as soon as possible.

My tummy is getting bigger
Date: 10/23/2011
XENICAL: I am using xenical for about 3 weeks now and I don’t have any side effects anymore unlike the first week, but I have noticed that instead of losing weight, I am gaining and my tummy/belly is getting bigger. I am so frustrated about this… Please advise. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: It sounds like you need to check back with your doctor. An increase in tummy size or belly fat is typically the result of a poor diet and insufficient activity. If you need help with improving your diet, we suggest you read Eat for Health: Lose Weight, Keep It Off. It’s a 2-book set that is well worth the money.

Date: 11/14/2011
I was recently admitted to hospital with pancreatitis (cause unknown). Do you know if it could be connected with the pills?? Also I have sought the opinion of 2 doctors to ask if it is ok to continue on Xenical – one said yes it was ok to continue on them and the other said no to wait a while till the pancrease is completely healed…needless to say I am confused, what would you say?? Many thanks for your help so many times!


AskDocWeb: Pancreatitis has been reported with the use of Xenical in postmarketing surveillance however, no causal relationship has been established. The FDA has been petitioned by the a consumer advocacy group (Public Citizen) to immediately remove both Alli and Xenical from the market because of reports of 47 cases of acute pancreatitis and 73 cases of kidney stones.

Please remember that this forum is limited to discussing side effects. For questions about anything other than side effects, ask the AdDoctors online.

Is this okay?
Date: 11/14/2011
I am trying to make my pills last as long as possible as they are sooooo expensive. I usually take 3 pills a day with meals regardless of what I eat but if I have a meal with less 15% fat is it ok to skip a pill therefore I would only take 2 a day and still get full benefits?


AskDocWeb: Any change in your treatment plan should be discussed with your doctor. Please see Cathy’s post about not being able to afford Xenical for ideas on how to handle that situation.

Old box of Xenical
Date: 12/18/2011
I found my old box of mine…still looks good but expired in Oct 2002–can it be taken still?


AskDocWeb: No. You can’t always tell just by the way it looks if a product is still good or not. That’s why they put an expiration date on the container.

Amazing impact
Date: 12/31/2011
Yes, 2nd time I am taking xenical. It works wonderfully as I noted. Previous time I reduce weight 78 to 72 kg in 15 days. Now I am again 81 kg. I lost 2 kg in 3 capsules. Is it wonder or not because I do exercise. Also 10 minutes cycling and other light excersize, which vital plays with xenical and amazing impact and take radish with meals and see the result.


Xenical dosage
Date: 1/3/2012
I have been taking xenical for 3 months & have lost 1 stone. I have had no side effects & feel alot healthier. Recently my weight loss has become very little, only losing 1lb a week to 2 weeks. Are there different doses you can take? The dr has put me on 180mg.


AskDocWeb: Is that 180mg your total daily dosage? Xenical comes in 60mg (Alli) and 120mg capsules. The recommended dose of Xenical is typically one 120-mg capsule three times a day. That’s one with each meal. This applies to patients in the USA and other dosages may be available in other countries. Doses above 120 mg three times a day (daily total of 360 mg) have not been shown to provide additional benefits.

Is this normal at the start?
Date: 1/18/2012
I have just started taking xenical and seem to have not lost any weight and even looks like I’ve put on a pound or 2!!! I have stuck to may same amount of food and exercise plan. I haven’t experienced any loose stools or oily discharge etc, in fact I’m not even going that much! Also my skin on my face has started to get a bit lumpy. not really bad but as if I’ve got lots of spots coming (but no spots) it just doesn’t feel as smooth as it used to. Help needed…. is this working or is this normal at the start? Feeling really low as this was my last hope at losing the weight I need to have IVF.


AskDocWeb: Hi Gem, welcome to the forum. It is helpful to know how long you have been taking Xenical because some side effects go away with continued use. If you believe that it is not working then check back with your doctor. In any case there are likely to be other alternatives that you have not yet heard of so if this doesn’t work out, there is still hope.

Report fake orlistat
Date: 1/26/2012
How do you report fake orlistat (co-orli?) sent from America (I’m UK)? It’s powder inside and looks like this (link provided did not work). What do i do? It cost me £112.


AskDocWeb: Counterfeit prescription medicines seems to be a rising threat in many countries. The appropriate agency to report fake drugs to varies with the country. In the UK you can e-ail the Enforcement Group at or you can ring their 24-hour dedicated hotline on 020 7084 2701 or you can write to:


The Intelligence Unit
5th Floor
151 Buckingham Palace Road
Consumers in the USA who believe they have received counterfeit medication are asked to contact the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations (OCI) by calling 800-551-3989 or by visiting the OCI Web site ( Xenical report 21 22 23 24 25Page 26 27Last Page 28

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