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If you’ve used Xenical, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Long term use
Date: 2/28/2012
Xenical – Completely DESTROYS your gallbladder with long term use. I ended up on the operating table due to having painful gallstones trapped in my bile duct. Whilst I accept I probably had the gallstone formation prior to taking Xenical/Orlistat (they say we all have gallstones whether we know it or not)- it was taking this drug that triggered my terrible attacks where I ended up in hospital – No doubt about it!


Is Xenical still available?
Date: 3/19/2012
Has this drug been removed from the market? Does Alli replace the drug that can be purchased over the counter? Or what is Alli?


AskDocWeb: Alli is a lower dose version of orlistat, which is sold under the brand name of Xenical. Where Xenical is available only with a prescription, Alli is can be purchased over the counter. Both products are still on the market. You can read more about Alli here.

What if I become pregnant?
Date: 3/27/2012
If I am taking oralistat and do become pregnant with using protection will it harm the baby at all, I would obviously stop taking it, but the ones I have already taken? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: It is not known whether Xenical is harmful to an unborn baby when taken by a pregnant woman. This diet drug is generally not recommended for use in pregnant women unless the benefits of treatment outweigh the risk to the unborn baby.

Passing fat
Date: 4/28/2012
Hi I have just started taking xenical week my side affect are passing fat from my passage oily, any advice please i will be greatful. Many thanks.


AskDocWeb: Xenical blocks some of the fat you eat from being absorbed so that it passes through the body undigested. That can result in some unpleasant oily accidents. Those are a sign that you are eating too much fat and the more fat you eat the more likely you are to have that kind of accident. Reducing the amount of fat you consume will reduce you that problem.

Date: 7/3/2012
When I took Orlistat I lost 42lbs but after 1 year lost all of my body hair including a large patch at the front of my scalp. I now am facing a large operation and need to loose some more weight but cannot get Orlistat will Alli have similar results?


AskDocWeb: Alli is a lower dose version of Orlistat so you can expect some results, just not as much.

My weight has refused to drop
Actual i don’t have a comment but a question am a 23 year old who works out about 3hrs 6days a week am 63 kilo but desperate to lose 10 kilo, i watch what i eat but still my weight has refused to drop though on weekend i tend to drink a lot of alcohol. So can xenical be useful to me?


AskDocWeb: It might be but there are many factors that have to be considered before that question can be answered. Your doctor would need your medical history and an evaluation of your current condition before deciding if Xenical would be a good choice or not. However, you may be pleased to note that alcohol does not affect the effectiveness of Xenical.

Bright red blood in stool
Hi, been using xenical before for just 2 months and the result was amazing, the only side effect i had was just oily stool, i have off xenical for over 10 months now and notice that my weight started to climb back so i bought some xenical again and had been using 13th/september it has been my 4th day now and and went toilet twice, at first i saw blood, but didn’t paid much attention on it as i recenlty just had my period thought it might just from my period, but then after 2 hours went to toilet again and notice the that the blood was not coming from my vagina, and that it is bright red, should i be worried about this? should i stop using xenicl straight away or give it few more days?..i don’t have problem with the first time i used it, just this time? please help, non of my family knows am taking this..


AskDocWeb: Finding blood in your stool can be an alarming experience. It indicates a problem that should be reported to your physician. As a rule, the closer the source of bleeding is to the anus, the brighter red the blood will be. This is because bacteria in your digestive system breaks down the blood as it passes through. The longer the blood stays in your digestive tract, the darker it becomes. The color of the bloody stool can range from bright red through maroon and all the way to black, Since yours is bright red, there’s a good chance that the blood was added on the way out by hemorrhoids or anal fissures. Although these can be unsettling, they are relatively minor and easily treated.

About passing gas
Hi! Im taking xinical pill, almost 5 days now. my questions is i did not notice any effects of this…just like what they told, oily in the stools and ects. my problem now is 2 dys already i did not even feel to get out the dirty of my stomach, which i have it every day. I used to pass gas now a days…pls can u tell me the about this. thanks,


AskDocWeb: Passing gas with an oily discharge is a common complaint by those using Xenical. There are many reports of people thinking that they are passing gas and oops — they had an accident. You may need to do periodic “Xenical checks” after passing gas, using a restroom for a test wipe. Otherwise the oil you pass with the gas can stain underwear and anything else you might be wearing or sitting on.

Blood in stool.
I started taking 2 capsules of xenical last friday night. The next day, I have seen some blood in my stool and it continues until today. What can be the problem?


AskDocWeb: Bloody stools often are a sign of an injury or disorder of the digestive tract. Your doctor will want to know the exact color to help find the site of bleeding. To make a diagnosis, your doctor may use endoscopy or special x-ray studies. If the blood is maroon or bright red it may be due to:

  • Anal fissures
  • Bowel ischemia (when blood supply is cut off to part of the intestines)
  • Colon polyps or colon cancer
  • Diverticulosis (abnormal pouches in the colon)
  • Hemorrhoids (common cause)
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis)
  • Intestinal infection (such as bacterial enterocolitis)
  • Small bowel tumor
  • Trauma or foreign body
  • Vascular malformation (abnormal blood vessels called arteriovenous malformations or AVMs)

Call your doctor immediately if you notice blood in your stool.

6 weeks pregnant
I am about 6 weeks pregnant and I was taking orlistat 3 times a day after meals. I know it interrupts with the absorption of some vitamins. I wanted to check with you if its still ok to take orlistat once a day with dinner as that’s when I tend to eat a filling and most fatty meal. I do take prenatals and beta carotene in the morning.


AskDocWeb: Orlistat (Alli, Xenical) is considered a pregnancy Category X medication. This means that it is definitely not appropriate for use during pregnancy. For medical advice, please consult with your doctor. Xenical report 21 22 23 24 25 26Page 27Last Page 28

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