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If you use Zoloft, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Accidentally forgot my meds
Date: 7/16/2007
I have been taking 150 mg of Zoloft for about a year now. I had severe panic attacks and mild social anxiety. I feel like a new person. Please don’t quit cold turkey though. I accidentally forgot my meds while on a 4 day cruise. It was a little scary! I felt all my symptoms multiply by 10 very quickly. It took about 3 days of meds to get back to “medicated” normal. I don’t have any problems sleeping or with nightmares. I do sweat more quickly than normal. This is my only complaint. It can be embarrassing if it’s hot out and I’m wearing cotton pants? Sweaty Mc Sweat!!! I guess I have had a little problem with not being able to cry but for me that’s a good thing. I also carry water with me everywhere like someone else mentioned. No weight gain to speak of. I try to maintain a healthy diet and exercise 3-4 times a week. working out helps alot for me. I wouldn’t stop taking these meds! I love the new me. I’m too afraid of those ugly withdraw symptoms. I’m very sure those are real.


Subj: Social Anxiety Disorder
Date: 7/20/2007
I began taking zoloft for what I thought was Social Anxiety Disorder. I filled my first prescription a few days ago (sertaline, generic zoloft…only 10 bucks, woo!) and since, it has been literally, a nightmare. I have been waking up every hour at night with terribly awful nightmares. I feel like I can’t be around anyone and at work I want to punch everyone (I am a bartender). In fact, yesterday, I was involved in a screaming argument with my girlfriend who came to visit me at work that ended in the parking lot, she is now my ex. Needless to say, it was awkward for everyone including my customers. This is something that I have never been prone to, but I think may be attributed to the meds. Also, I haven’t been able to get in a good wank in days…it just won’t work. I am having terrible jitters that make me look like I have Tourette’s, and they have been so bad at times that I look like I am dancing. My cat is afraid of me, I may lose my job, no more sexy-time, and so far, I am feeling much more anxious and it seems like I am seeing things that aren’t there (bugs on walls, monsters in peripheral vision), and also weird noises in my head (clicking, buzzing, a weird pots/pans sort of noise). So, I contacted my physician and he said I must come in for another visit before he prescribes me something else, which is ridiculous because I already gave him blood twice. This was comforting because I now know that I do not have gonorrhea anymore (which may have been the reason that I was socially anxious in the first place). I do not want to pay for another Doctor’s visit because my co-pay is horrendous, and I know I will just be telling him the same thing I told the nurse on the phone. I was told that Lexapro is a great alternative. Is it more expensive? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Your doctor may want to see you because he needs to consult about changing your anti-depressant, possibly to Lexapro. It does have fewer side effects.

Subj: Can’t ejaculate
Date: 7/22/2007
Have been taking 50mg per day and have felt wonderful, feel like my old self again. Before I was agitated and cranky and generally feeling off the rails. The one thing that happened when I first started taking zoloft was, I could hardly sleep going four or five days at a time. This has now subsided but a disturbing thing is that I can have sex with my wife but generally feel nothing and cannot ejaculate. It pretty much feels numb down there, is there anything I can do about this? Other than that I am happy taking zoloft and am very pleased with the results.


AskDocWeb: You might ask your doctor about trying an alternative like Lexapro, it has been a good anti-depressant for many people.

Subj: Bizarre dreams
Date: 7/25/2007
I’ve been taking 50mg of Zoloft for about a month now and have been having bizarre dreams for the past week as well. Also, I have a hard time distinguishing between dreams and reality about once a day. I’ll have someone tell me something and it’s something I already know…I’ll have dreamt it or imagined that they already told me and when they ACTUALLY tell me, my response it “I know.” Then they ask how I knew. “Well, because you told me this yesterday.” They come back with a “No, I didn’t,” and I am completely stunned and dumbfounded. How would I know things that people haven’t yet told me? This has happened twice JUST this week. This is my second run on Zoloft. I took it for 6 months when I was 16 and had the typical vivid dreams and inability to display emotions. I’m 23 now and this time around, I can’t tell if I’m dreaming or actually awake at times, and the feelings of already knowing something before it actually happens. Truly bizarre. Anyone else experience something similar?


Subj: Very dangerous
Date: 8/5/2007
I took Zoloft seven years ago, and I tried to kill myself. It’s taken this long to begin to heal and get my life back together. I think it’s very dangerous.


Subj: Facial hair growth in women?
Date: 8/8/2007
Can zoloft/sertraline cause facial hair growth in women? I have been getting dark, coarse hairs on my chin since I’ve been on the medication.


AskDocWeb: No.

Subj: Postpartum Depression
Date: 8/15/2007
I’ve been on Zoloft for about 3 years due to Postpartum Depression. I just began weaning off of Zoloft 5 days ago per my doctor (started at 150mg-now on 100mg for a month). I feel terrible. The side effects I am having are: dizziness, anxiety, disoriented, feeling overwhelmed, tired, having a hard time concentrating, wanting to be alone and irritable. My doctor says to give it 2 weeks for symptoms to fade or that I could go back to the dosage I was on. It will take a few months until I will completely be weaned off of Zoloft and I’m hoping for the best. But so far, I’m scared. The feeling of being off and not myself is hard to get thru each day. I felt the need to send my comments so that I wont feel so alone in this process and confused about the future.


Subj: Diagnoses OCD & anxiety
Date: 8/16/2007
My name is Becky, 39 years old, been on zoloft for 6 years. Diagnoses OCD & anxiety. Have tried to get off a few times and crashed every time. Recently told to increase to 200mg when I did got eye twitching for a month and tremors began. Horrifying, couldn’t get spoon to my mouth without everything falling off of it. Paged Psych. went to ER they said thyroid prob. Dizzy, fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, heavy sinking feeling, feel like a FULLY suited army man going up hill all sweaty (Get the picture) nausea, no sex drive, not sure if I’ll faint or fall unexpectedly. Breathing becomes more rapid. feel as though I am on a merry go round constantly yet I face the same direction while the rooms go around me, night sweats, insomnia, total confusion, words come out not how I think I’m saying them. Where’s the milk mommy? Reply is “it’s in the toilet honey.” & I’ll say what did I say?? MD today says over medicated zoloft take 150mg then 125mg – 150mg, 125mg alternate each night every two weeks then taper down. Same routine, now go 125mg/Mon 100mg/Tues 125mg/Wed 100mg/Thur 125mg/Fri 100mg/Sat 2 weeks at a time then 100mg/75mg – 100mg 75mg alternate each night two weeks till down to 25mg. I’m going to try this and PRAY!

The worst news yet is that I have learned that ZOLOFT leads to Parkinson’s disease and they don’t want the people to panic so they are very hush hush, spoke to neur office and worker there say “Oh my gosh! we have so many people coming in here now even younger than 39 some even 22 years and now we have to treat them for Parkinson’s disease, it’s sad – we are trying to run some emergency studies and we’re doing the best we can to resolve the issue.
MEANWHILE no one realizes the danger they are in. These tremors are AWFUL. I go for MRI to see if Parkinson’s has begun in my brain. Even talked to Pfizer Co. and went off on them, how dare you! (Profits are important to people these days regardless of the cost of life). Sadly enough you need to be your own best Dr. and research EVERYTHING! Don’t just take a Dr. word for it. Parkinson runs in my family. I had no idea I was in such danger after all I’m just another appoint, a guaranteed come back so I can get that next refill. I am going to go all natural and seek psychotherapy to retrain my brain. I’m also going to try the GREAT PHYSICIANS NATURAL CURES GET REST! TAKE TIME FOR YOU!!!


Subj: Sweating bad
Date: 8/16/2007
Hello, I just started taking zoloft and I am sweating bad like right after I get out of the shower its awful. I had to stop wellbutrin because of the same side effect. Can anyone tell me if this goes away I am on 1/2 tab then go to 100mg and so on till I get to 200mg but if this goes on like this I don’t think I can go on with this med. Any info would be great. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: You’re right, you shouldn’t put up with that side effect. Ask your doctor about and alternative, like Lexapro.

Subj: Headaches
Date: 8/16/2007
I have been on Zoloft 50mg for a few years. I got pregnant a couple months ago and had a mis-carriage. I have read some things about pregnancy and zoloft so I decided to go off of it because we are going to try to get pregnant again. I am on day 3, I have not noticed any irritability yet, but headaches off and on. Should I be weaning off the meds or just continue with the cold turkey? Also how long does it take for it to get out of your system 100%? Thanks,

Trying to Get Pregnant

AskDocWeb: The directions say to NOT stop taking Zoloft without first talking to your doctor, please do that. Read more feedback. Zoloft Report 11 12Page 13 14 15Last Page 34

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