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Subj: Grinding teeth in sleep
Date: 8/21/2007
I have taken Zoloft off and on for a few years. Several times I have run out or decided to see what would happen if I stopped taking it, and have had no problems from stopping. I get none of the withdrawal symptoms at all. Just recently I stopped 6 months ago, and did fine for a few months. Then suddenly I was depressed again. I had no energy, wanted to sleep all the time, no concentration etc, etc. After 3 days on zoloft I am my old self again. I sleep better then I did, and wake refreshed. The only problem I am having is grinding my teeth in my sleep.


AskDocWeb: This is a common problem and about the only thing you can do is to wear a mouth guard so you don’t ruin your teeth.

Subj: On Zoloft for 8 years
Date: 8/26/2007
I’ve been on Zoloft over 8 years. I cannot lose weight. I eat nothing fattening. I have gas pain constantly. Feel depressed still. I started it because of panic attacks, which it helped to get rid of. I take 200 mg. Can I taper off slowly & safely??? I am scared to stop it but it is ruining my life. I am very outgoing but not anymore, I am always sad, HELP!


AskDocWeb: Do not stop taking Zoloft without first talking to your doctor.

Subj: Shortness of breath
Date: 9/2/2007
I lose weight on Zoloft. I am 30 lbs. over weight. I have lost 4 lb. The Dr gave it to me because I was beige eating and also depressed. I have been on zoloft for 48 days. I have shortness of breath, but not bad.


AskDocWeb: Tell your doctor of your shortness of breath, that should not be happening.

Subj: Zoloft and Clonazepam
Date: 9/19/2007
I suffered from absolutely disabling Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Anxiety Disorder, and my doctor put me on Zoloft and Clonazepam. This was 10 years ago, and Zoloft and Clonazepam have been my “miracle” meds. Zoloft really, amazingly, puts the OCD on the back burner in my head, and it only surfaces during times of extreme stress. I was totally housebound before I began this drug. The clonazepam stopped my night terrors I was experiencing BEFORE beginning either med. I do not think Zoloft works very well for me as an anti-depressant, and I am not reading about side-effects from Zoloft that I have been experiencing for years (night sweats, hair loss) that I hadn’t known could be connected to Zoloft.

I am also bi-polar and my doctor recently reduced my zoloft dosage from 200 mg. a day, to 100 mg. a day, when I swung into a manic mood. I did notice the excessive sweating and night sweats diminished with the lower dose of Zoloft. Still, I will never go back to how it was before the Zoloft. My life was miserable, I couldn’t even leave my house, and still life was a nightmare existence in the safety of my own home. I felt every heartbeat, every breath, before Zoloft. There is more, but I will not go into all of it. The one disturbing side effect is loss of ability to have an orgasm. It is terrible.


Date: 9/25/2007
Hi, my name is Carol, I’m 18. I guess I have been on zoloft 100mgs for about 2 years now! At first it worked Great…not really any side effects, maybe the odd ones once in awhile not nothing major. However I stopped taking it cause I could not sleep at night. It was taking me 3 hours to fall asleep!!! So when I went off it my OCD come back! So I went back on them and I still can’t sleep!!! I’m so annoyed!!! And I’ve gained 40 lbs. on this drug! And on top of all that since I’ve been back on zoloft, IT’S NOT WORKING!!! Someone please give me advise! Please!!!


AskDocWeb: The advise you need should come from your doctor. Please make an appointment ASAP.

Subj: Fatigue, diarrhea, and insomnia
Date: 9/27/2007
I’ve been on Zoloft(100 mg) for 2 months. I don’t feel much different emotionally. I have noticed a few side effects. My side affects are as follows: Watery diarrhea, excessive yawning and feeling extremely tired. And I don’t sleep very well at night…Should I switch meds or should I give it a little longer?


AskDocWeb: Both diarrhea and insomnia are cause for concern and should be reported to your doctor.

Subj: Despise Pfizer for lying to me
Date: 9/29/2007
My doctor lied to me. Pfizer lied to her. Zoloft IS addictive! I misplaced my pills one time, then could not afford to buy a replacement. I figured I’d go through the month without them, then get some more. It was LIVING HELL! I had been taking 100 mg for three years, and suddenly I could not understand why I felt so dizzy, irritable, angry, could not sleep well, and could not function! That was when I did searches on the web to find out the mess I got myself in. So I was able to buy enough pills until the insurance covered the next jar, and decided to take myself off that hideous thing.

I cut the pills to ~75 mg, and took them like that for about 3 weeks. I felt great. Then I cut them in half, and the hell came back. Pathological thirst, brain zaps, images that seem to move like a film right in front of my eyes and a lack of balance made my life miserable. So I went back to 75, then back down to 50. I was fine for two more weeks until I hit 25mg and the living hell returned. The dizziness is so much like what I feel when I have not eaten for hours, that I kept eating to try to get rid of it. Again, I increased and decreased my poison. Then I cut those 25mg pieces in half. I dealt very well for two weeks, but the dizziness came back. I started taking Benadryl and sleeping the hell off. It seems to help.

I completely stopped taking this filth four days ago. I feel very light dizziness and zaps. I tossed and turned all night last night. But the symptoms seem to be more bearable. It is the weekend and I plan to pump in Benadryl and sleep my way out of this dope. I despise Pfizer for lying to me. Anyone thinking about taking these hideous things should realize that we are pharmaceuticals, and doctors’ meal tickets. They’ll mess us up to make a buck. And we get addicted to these poisons feeling trapped, and angry. Seek other treatment ways instead, and good luck!


Subj: Zoloft side effects
Date: 10/12/2007
I recently started taking zoloft, not even a week. Are all the side effects i.e. hair loss, loss of sex drive, dizziness, uncontrollable movements? Does everyone have the side effects or is it a worst case senerio?


AskDocWeb: These are worse case scenarios.

Subj: Noticed a difference with moods and temperament
Date: 10/15/2007
I was prescribed Zoloft over 10 years ago. My OCD was/is a bit overpowering at times. Recently, I was put on the Generic brand. I have noticed a difference with my moods, as well as with my temperament. Being away from home for an extended time recently, I stopped taking my Rx because I seemed to be acting “drunk” and “loopy” a couple of times. I believe they were also the days that I had taken an Ambien at night, before bed, but I have done that for years. I’m thinking perhaps the Generic stays in my system longer/differently and has a different reaction to the Ambien. I have not taken the “Ambien” for almost 2 weeks, and to say I’m a bit edgy or emotional would be drastic understatement. As long as I’ve come this far, will it hurt me to not start taking this again? Any physical damage possible? Emotionally, I know I’m not on the steadiest ground. I plan on calling my Dr. later today. Thanks,


Subj: Screwed up people
Date: 10/18/2007
Man this blog is a riot! Just reading this makes me feel NORMAL…what a bunch of screwed up people – no wonder my ex was such a lost cause! Good Luck.


Subj: Feeling more tired and strange dreams
Date: 10/18/2007
I have been taking Zoloft for over 5 years for mild anxiety. I was taking 100 mg and the dr. just increased the dosage to 150 mg because I was complaining of feeling stressed. I don’t really notice a difference I just feel more tired and have strange dreams. I have taken prozac and paxil in the past. Does anyone have any suggestions?


AskDocWeb: This medication should not be making you more tired or change your dreams. You might talk with your doctor about the possibility of changing to an alternative, maybe Lexapro.

Subj: I hate taking medication
Date: 10/29/2007
I have been on zoloft for approx. 1 1/2 years. Went from 25 mg up to 200mgs. I decided to stop myself and had a reaction that scared me enough to call the doctor to find out what to do. Was told to start up again immediately which I did. I have a mind of my own and knew it would just be a matter of time before I would try to quit again. Well, this time I have been completely off for two weeks now and am still having horrific headaches, ringing in my ears and nausea. I see you say it is just a matter of time, but do you have an approximation of what the timeframe can be. I refuse to go back on the medication and will try to figure something else out to deal with my life than being a slug. Right now I am taking Bayer asprin and when that does not work I take ambien so I can sleep away these miserable feelings. Any help is appreciated.


AskDocWeb: Your doctor can save you time in figuring out what the best alternative to Zoloft is for you. Please talk this over with your doctor because Ambien has side effects that may cause more problems like these.

Subj: Zoloft side effects?
Date: 10/30/2007
Does zoloft have a side effect like tardive dyskinesia with movement of the feet and hands and grinding of the teeth or jaws? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Grinding of the teeth or jaws has not been reported but tremors are a warning sign and should be immediately reported to your doctor.

Tardive dyskinesia is an abnormal condition with involuntary, repetitious movement of the muscles of the face, limbs, and the trunk. The disorder most commonly affects older people who have been treated for extended periods of time with phenothiazine drugs to alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Read more feedback. Zoloft Report 12 13Page 14 15 16Last Page 34

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