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Subj: Zoloft
Date: 9/28/2003
Hi I am taking zoloft for depression, 200mg. I’m ok the only side effect is loss of libido and I can not get or maintain a erection, this was never a problem, before zoloft. So I decided to take viagra, 100 mgs and it works very well, but my lips turn a slight purple color, and my girlfriend has noticed this and so have I. Is this rare? I’m 40, and otherwise healthy. Hope too here from you soon.


Subj: Intense nightmares
Date: 1/12/2004
I took it briefly at one time, it gave me horrible intense nightmares and I was not able to sleep, so I switched to Paxil and had weight gain, so now I am on Lexapro and pretty happy with it:)


Subj: Zoloft
Date: 2/8/2004
I took Zoloft for depression and it work a little at first, but I had to keep getting a higher dosage for it to keep working. I stayed on 200mg for awhile and I quit because it was losing its affect on me and because of the loss in libido, I am a woman and loss of libido is suppose to be less common in women, but not me. This is usually why I quit most antidepressants.


Subj: Nightmares
Date: 2/15/2004
Stay away from zoloft unless you like freddy kruger.


Subj: Zoloft hair loss
Date: 2/25/2004
Question – I’m 32 and recently stopped taking Zoloft for stress and anxiety. My hair’s been thinning for years, but seemed to get worse using Zoloft. Hair-loss seems to be a new-found side effect of this type of medication. I just purchased a 3 month supply of Procerin, hoping it might help my hair thicken back up naturally, and perhaps slow down hereditary balding. Has there been any success stories on this issue?


AskDocWeb: Yes, you can read them here.

Subj: Zoloft dangerous?
Hi, I have seen on TV that taking zoloft can be dangerous. I have also heard that it can cause you to commit suicide. Are these statements true?


AskDocWeb: Yes, this has been confirmed. Our sources tell us that doctors have been alerted to this possibility.

Subj: Side effects
Date: 3/27/2004
I am curious, I am on zoloft 50mg, my doctor just upped it to 100mg, wondering if all the side effects will come back if the dosage is upped or if I have already been threw the worst?


AskDocWeb: Perhaps you will be good enough to come back and let us know what your experience is in this situation.

Subj: Headaches, shaking and feeling disoriented
Date: 3/30/2004
I have been taking zoloft for 6 years and lately I haven’t had the money to purchase it like I should. I’ll take the doses of 200mg each night then I’ll miss 3 days. I’m having bad headaches, shaking and feeling disoriented. What is wrong with me?


AskDocWeb: Sorry Tonya, this website is for product reviews. You should talk to your doctor for medical advice and diagnosis.

Subj: 2 years
Date: 4/22/2004
I’ve been taking 100mg Zoloft a day, for around 2 years now and I’ve never had suicidal thoughts, nightmares or any other side effects that I am aware of. The reason why the doctor prescribed it to me was, to help me cope with the loss of my husband who died in a tragic traffic accident. It has helped me.


Subj: Zoloft and weight gain
Date: 5/7/2004
I have recently starting taking zoloft 100mg. Is gaining weight a side effect? I can’t seem to find an answer to that in my research? Can compulsive disorders also be a side effect?


AskDocWeb: Antidepressants increase the risks for those with psychiatric disorders. The manufacturer says to monitor weight loss so it would seem that weight gain is not usually a problem. Zoloft is known to cause ejaculation failure, dry mouth, increased sweating, dizziness, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, agitation, nervousness and abnormal vision.

Subj: This stuff sucks
Date: 5/20/2004
I took zoloft, 50 mg/day, for six months for mild but persistent depression. I did not experience any ill side effects at first and found my chronic insomnia was lessened, so I was happy with it for a while. However, I gradually realized that I was gaining a lot of weight for no other apparent reason. I was already overweight, so I decided to quit for the sake of my health! I tapered off for three weeks, taking smaller and smaller portions of the pill. During the first week of tapering I experienced nasty side effects: dizziness, fatigue, irritability. By the end of the third week I thought things had improved enough to quit altogether, so I did. But after about five days without any zoloft the side effects started again. Dizziness, always tired, irritable, just a feeling of being “drugged.” But now that I’m off and working on my weight I am hesitant want to go back on it even in small doses. I keep hoping that this will get out of my system soon and I’ll be back to normal. Don’t know if I’m fooling myself or not. I will see my doctor next week. I hope he’s helpful. I’m skeptical since when I talked to him about quitting his only recommendation was to take a half pill for three days then quit! That never would have worked–the side effects of quiting were extreme. Worse than starting it. Any advice for me? How long can I expect these side effects of withdrawal to continue? My feedback: this stuff sucks. Unless you are very depressed, I would not mess with it. I would never take anything like this again for the kind of mild depression I had.


Subj: 4 years of Zoloft
Date: 5/26/2004
I’ve been taking Zoloft (in progressively increasing strengths) for over 4 years now. Initially, it was prescribed for my anxiety attacks and obsessive compulsive disorder (which I seem to have had most of my life.) I started out taking 50 mg. doses per day and it worked beautifully — giving me a sense of “calm” I had so rarely experienced. Over time its effectiveness seemed to diminish and I am now taking 250 mg./day and still longing for that “calm” I had once experienced. Side effects for me include: weight gain (30 lbs. in one year), lethargy and lots of yawning. I have tried other antidepressant/anti-anxiety medications, but Zoloft seems to be the one with the least amount of side effects.


Subj: Hives
Date: 6/3/2004
Zoloft is the only medication that I take. I get hives on my shoulder and arms after I go into the sun, generally a day later the hives arrive and they get worse. There’s no irritation. Please advise. Thank you,


AskDocWeb: You may be having an allergic reaction to Zoloft or your skin is hypersensitive to it. Please discuss an alternative medication with your doctor.

Subj: Tremors
Date: 6/4/2004
I have been taking Zoloft for 11 years and have suffered from virtually no side effects. Within the past few months, I have developed a tremor in my left arm. I was taking 100 mg when the tremor began (but due to stress, my Dr recently increased the dosage to 150 mg/day). I feel much better, but I have this annoying tremor. Are there any reports of side effects which show tremor in just one arm or hand? The shakiness in my left hand only occurs when my arm is in certain positions. Thanks for any information you can give me related to this.


AskDocWeb: Yes, tremor is listed as one of the signs of an overdose. Be sure to tell your doctor about this.

Subj: Dizziness
I have been taking 100mg of zoloft a day and I just quit cold Turkey and now the only problem I have is dizziness. How long will this last?


AskDocWeb: This sounds like one of the unpleasant side effects of quitting zoloft cold turkey. The package insert specifically warns against doing that without first talking with your doctor. What did your doctor tell you?

Subj: Dizzy and nauseous
Date: 6/13/2004
I have been taking Zoloft for approximately four weeks now. About 3 hrs. after taking my dose, I get dizzy and nauseous. Sometimes I throw up. I often take Zoloft with little water and an empty stomach. If I eat and/or drink water when I take it, should this alleviate the nausea?


AskDocWeb: It is certainly worth trying. Drinking more water and eating something helps with most medications that cause nausea.

Subj: Zoloft for chronic fatigue syndrome?
Date: 6/14/2004
My husband has been told to take zoloft for chronic fatigue syndrome, is there anyone out there that has taken it for this and how did it help you? He is very scared to take it because of the side effects, his Dr. has prescribed it for him.


Subj: Tremendous help
Date: 6/22/2004
I’m on 200 mg. of Zoloft and have been since 1998. It has definitely helped me tremendously…I would not stop using this medication. I have had horrible nightmares but since I began taking a B-complex vitamin and staying away from sugars and carbs its’ been so much better. Overall I would say that for ME it has been a miracle drug. Didn’t want to take meds but I had no choice as I was so ill. It was either the meds or confinement in a hospital.


Subj: Nightmares
Date: 7/9/2004
At first Zoloft seemed great, but like all good things…..this came to an end. I had mild depression so my doctor suggested I take the pill. I started gaining weight and experiencing bad nightmares, now I’ve been off the pill for about 3 weeks and the nightmares will not go away. My advice: don’t go on anti-depressants unless you really need them. These side effects just are not worth it. Good luck!


Subj: Great drug but weight gain
Date: 7/19/2004
I have been taking 50mg of zoloft for about a year. Taking it for IBS and stress, the two are related. Have no problem up until about 5 months ago. Have put on about 15 pounds. I had no idea that it slowed your metabolism. So I am weaning myself off. I am 32 and 5’5″ 15 pounds shows up everywhere. Really needed about a year after my son was born, because I worried so much. It’s a great drug, but the weight gain has to go.


Subj: Switched to Lexapro
Date: 7/21/2004
I am a 24 year old female and I have been taking Zoloft for over a year, gradually increasing to 100mg/day. I was prescribed this for social anxiety and mild to moderate depression. I had previously used Paxil for the same reasons but had to stop due to side effects, such as vertigo, dizziness, feeling ‘out of it’ and a slight ‘electrical shock’ feeling…though this mostly occurred when I forgot to take my dose and when I was trying to get off the medicine.

Zoloft was fine for me at first, it treated my depression okay but did not seem to really do too much more for treating my anxiety. After a while I did not see enough improvement to outweigh the negative side effects. It completely killed my sex drive, gave me night sweats and vivid nightmares and dreams, and diarrhea. The night sweats and disturbing dreams mainly occurred when I forgot to take or skipped a dose. This would also cause my to feel very, very tired, dizzy and disoriented for the next day. Zoloft did nothing to really help my lack of energy and, at times, motivation…so I have switched to Lexapro. But I am sure it works great for some people…you just have to find the anti-depressant that you can tolerate the best.


Subj: No more panic attacks
Date: 7/31/2004
I have been taking zoloft for a short while, only 4 weeks, I am not sure if it is in full effect, but I can say that I don’t have the fears that I used to. Also, I had bad panic attacks, and I don’t have them anymore. My goal is to not have to depend on any drug, but to just be on this a little bit, to help me through these difficult times in life. I hope to be off of zoloft in a few months, I pray that god would heal me, so I will not have to depend on a medicine for any stress or nervous related disorder.


Subj: Zoloft nightmares
Date: 8/9/2004
I have been taking 50mg/day of zoloft (after diagnosis of hereditary depression) for about 2 weeks, and have experienced extremely violet nightmares, and lots of yawning. Also, I had to begin taking the 50mg in the morning or could not sleep through the whole night (waking every hour or less). It has helped with my mood and depression, though.


Subj: Panic attacks and depression with Zoloft
Date: 10/19/2004
I have been on zoloft for 1 year for panic attack and depression. The problems are still there but I am afraid to try another new medication. I suffer from horrible nightmares, vivid dreams. I frequently wake up while sleeping 20 times a night. I still have thoughts of suicide about once a month and feelings of hopelessness. Will this ever get any better? I’m 21 and been dealing with this for 5 years. I’m still having trouble coping. I also take klonapin and ambien. I can’t seem to find a doctor to get my meds right.


Subj: Feeling light headed
Date: 10/21/2004
I took Zoloft for a few months for mild depression. I thought it was fine I didn’t have anyside of affects or anything of that nature (Thank God). But my Dr. thought is was time for me to quit since I was doing a lot better. But ever since I stopped taking them I can’t sleep and I feel light headed like if I was going to fall over or something. I would have to say even with the way I feel now I have no regreats about taking this stuff it made me feel 1000% better.


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