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Subj: Zoloft 14 Years later
Date: 2/27/2009
My bouts with the taken zoloft I loss my mother in 1994 and was diagnose with acute depression 50mg. However was off of zoloft for 3 years to resurface again and to eventually get worse. due to my depression and anxiety. as years progressed I was diagnose with severe depression now taking 200mg. Significantly this was not a productive approach my doctor increased my medicine I eventually passed out due to I assume fatigue I suffer tremendously with insominia I am weak not funtional am home at the present time but eventually will be back to work.

My next doctor visit I will have him decrease my medication. If I known this antidepressant was going to be this troublesome of going through hell nightmares feeling severe depression, no appetite fatigue weakness do not have any get up and go I would have never let a doctor put me on this. It is like you signed your life over to some kind of zoloft contract forever… It’s hard as hell to get off the side effects and withdrawls is more detrimental then the medicine appears its like being built up for a let down.

They should let each patient know the withdrawls side effects can be very crucial. I will have God help me with continuance prayer and my doctor wean me back down to at least 50mg. Eventually my short term goal is to be off this medicine and if ever my depression should present itself again I will take a low dosage and wean off in time. I do not want to ever be on this medicine again. I was in the emergency room due to this medicine zoloft. I never passed out before. Good Luck!


Subj: Side effects but it did get better
Date: 3/5/2009
I have been on Zoloft for almost a month now, for severe depression as well as anxiety. I experienced quite a few unfavorable side effects during the first week, such as: insomnia, loss of appetite, low libido, severe headaches, nausea, and sweating. Most of these have faded significantly but I do still lose my appetite for no reason here and there. I can tell I’ve lost weight due to this, I’ve gone down a pant size. The libido is still low as well, and the sweating is also still apparent. However, I have felt much better emotionally and the anxiety is much much lower. I do feel “normal” now, and calm and have greatly been enjoying life much more since starting this drug. I do have fears about being on it for a long period of time, as I have heard weaning off of it may be very difficult, but for the time being I am enjoying the results.

For the first week there was a distinct floating feeling, which was a constant reminder that I was “on drugs” which I did not like, but like I said I do feel normal now, and not out casted due to my inner feelings in public. It has helped a lot with my social skills as well, as I am a lot more calm and comfortable. My period did come a week early, however, and it is painful. This is strange for me since I have been on birth control which regulates your cycle and particularly allows a lighter flow. I suppose the interaction with Zoloft has altered some of my birth control good side effects.

I wish the best of luck to anyone starting out on Zoloft or thinking about it, and my true hardship has been getting past that first week…because it did get much better!

Zoloft results outweigh the setbacks

Subj: I feel like I’m getting better
Date: 3/10/2009
I started having a problem with anxiety and depression in 2008, along with panic attacks. I went from one A/D to the next with some pretty rough side effects. Finally, I tried Zoloft 1st 50 mg. now 100mg daily. For the 1st time I feel like I’m getting better. I’ve been taking it for 2 months now. The panic attacks are gone, there is less anxiety, and the depression has decreased. I do have vivid dreams and am experiencing hair loss but I think that is from changing meds so many times recently. I’ve always had thick hair so when it started falling out I got nervous. I’m going to give it another month and monitor carefully. I too pray for all of you who suffer with anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. But please don’t suffer there is help out there! Don’t be afraid to try. YOU ARE WORTH IT!


Subj: Neck/throat symptoms
Date: 3/14/2009
I just started Zoloft two days ago. I was given a prescription to start with 25 mg for one week and then move to 50 mg daily. I took it those two days and am nervous about taking it again today. What I have experienced is a very tight feeling around my throat/neck area and pains in my neck that come in go in different areas. The tightness is espcially around the middle to bottom of my neck. Possibly where the thyroid is located. It also feels like a strain to swallow. In addition, I noticed I felt very jittery, was talking much more than usual, and slurring my words a few times. Finally, when it was time to go to bed and I settled in, I felt my heart was racing and I did not feel tired at all. Has anyone else had similar symptoms. I am especially curious to know about the neck/throat symptoms. Thanks, Staci


AskDocWeb: Any closing of your throat may indicate an allergic reaction so report this to your doctor as soon as possible.

Subj: Vivid strange dreams
Date: 3/18/2009
Uhm, so I just started taking zoloft like 2 months ago and recently I have been experiencing really vivid and strange dreams and I am not sure but I think its the zoloft any explanations?


AskDocWeb: There are many reports from others using Zoloft about dreams. Users have described their dreams as vivid, strange, bizarre, weird, wild, and nightmares.

Subj: Not being hungry and chest tightness
Date: 3/22/2009
I took my first Zoloft this morning and the only two things I’m feeling is not being hungry and chest tightness, Should of keep taking it?


AskDocWeb: Please address questions about what you should do to your doctor. This website is for sharing information and questions about side effects.

Subj: Hair loss and tinnitus
Date: 4/1/2009
I have been taking Zoloft for about 5 months. I started on 50mg, for Depression and Anxiety post a work place accident. After 2 weeks, I was not better so I saw a Psych who increased the dose to 100mg daily. Following this I then had a manic episode for about 48 hours, but then it settled. 2 weeks later, I was only just picking up a bit, but still quite low in mood so he increased it again to 200mg daily. I have now been on this for about 4 months. In the past 2 months, I have noticed an increase in my hair loss. My husband has complained that I am going bald and ‘Insists’ I do something about it. Well, HELLO… What can I do.?

I have also recently had ringing or the sound of Electricity buzzing in my ears at night and insomnia is a constant problem. I either take Temazepam 10mg at night or over the counter ‘Dozile’ – Doxylamine Succinate. These help me sleep beautifully. I only take 1/2 dozile as 1 full tablet makes me very tired the next day. I take the Zoloft in the morning. I have fluctuated in my weight over the past few months, I tend to lose a couple of kilos due to careful eating and some exercise, but then put it back on again when I’m unable to exercises due to back pain or feeling low…

I am off to see my GP tomorrow to discuss it further and I guess then to the Psych to change the meds… I also have been taking Tramal/Tramadol 50mg on occassion for severe back pain… I know you shouldn’t do this because of the increased risk of Serotonin Syndrome, but my Psychiatrist states that the risk is so minimal it shouldn’t be a problem… Tell my Bald Head that… Anyway and input or comments would be greatly appreciated. And remember… It appears that we are all in this together… CHEERS!!!


Subj: Expired Zoloft
Date: 4/2/2009
I have some old zoloft – about 3months supply, from when I went off it. Is it still safe to take it at this time. It says to discard after 2006. I really don’t have any way to get a Dr Rx for new zoloft, as I have been suffering from suicidal thoughts and been depressed for the last 3 yrs. It just gets worser everyday. Can I take this zoloft that is 3 years pass the expire date until I get to a Dr next? Will it cause me any harm if I do? Help now, please.


AskDocWeb: You can not safely take a drug after the expiration date. That is one of the reasons for having an expiration date, to tell you when it is no longer safe or effective.

Subj: Swollen gland?
Date: 4/11/2009
I have been taking zoloft 50mg for 3 days. It seems to have improved my mood already, although I have lost all motivation to do anything – luckily it’s the bank holiday weekend so I can have that luxury. On the first day I took it in the morning and overnight developed a swollen gland on the left side under my chin. It has grown again overnight. Could this be a side effect of zoloft? Or just a coincidence and completely unrelated? My jaw feels really stiff and weird too, and I keep getting butterfly sensations in my body, as well as a general tense feeling. Will all this wear off in time? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Any swelling may be a sign of an allergic reaction so contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Subj: Irritable and bad tempered
Date: 4/12/2009
My son is on zoloft 150mg a day for the past 2 months and now we are finding him very irritable and bad tempered. Does anyone have this side effect? Not sure what to put him on now for his panic attacks.


AskDocWeb: You may want to discuss this with your doctor because several people have posted comments about feeling irritable and bad tempered.

Subj: Side effects like hell
Date: 4/23/2009
I take zoloft 100 mgs. It’s alright to take on schedule, but the side effects is like hell. I have the worst vertigo, tiredness, sleeplessness, sick in the stomach, and mood swings. I just wanted to die. As long as you take it on time, it won’t bother you.


Subj: Memory loss or confusion?
Date: 4/26/2009
I am taking Zoloft 50 mg and sometimes I just feel like my head is spinning I get really overwhelmed and I cry….I’m also taking adipex and I have heard that you should not take adipex with zoloft is this true? Also I don’t want to be on this forever I only got on it because of post partum and one of my children passing away should I talk to my doctor about something else or should I continue with what I am taking. Does zoloft cause memory loss or confusion?


AskDocWeb: There is a major drug interaction between Zoloft and Adipex and in general, these drugs are not used together. Memory loss is listed as an infrequent side effect of Zoloft and there are a number of reports that problem. Confusion is listed as one of the infrequent side effects of Zoloft. Read more feedback. Zoloft Report 19 20Page 21 22 23Last Page 36

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