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Subj: Horrible experience with Zoloft
Date: 2/17/2005
In September 2004, my 18-year-old daughter was put on Zoloft for situational anxiety. She was taking 25 mg a day over a period of 4 months. After two months our world started to fall apart. This drug affected her both emotionally and physically. Her emotions became extreme, her menstrual periods were painful, but the most severe side effect was she became bulimic.

She was bulimic for six weeks. During her menstrual periods the urge was the greatest – she would vomit each day. Prior to Zoloft she had very little discomfort with her periods. While on Zoloft her periods consisted of severe cramps and diarrhea. She couldn’t go to school or if she tried she would come home early. She was on a constant dose of Midol and Imodium. She would spend days lying on the sofa sleeping. Her moods were extreme. She would break down crying in hysterics for hours over something which pre-Zoloft she would have shrugged off. She would snap in anger towards me, which I have never experienced. She would go into this deep dark place where I had never seen her go before. This was not my daughter. I realized the Zoloft was destroying my daughter and decided to wean her off it.

The weaning process was one of the most horrible experiences I have ever been through with her. My daughter felt as if her entire body was shutting down. She was crying, couldn’t catch her breath. She was in total withdrawal and this was after only 4 months of taking the minimum dose of 25 mg. During all of this she was under our doctor’s care and seeing a therapist.

My daughter has been off the Zoloft now for 1 1/2 months. It has been two months since she has been bulimic. Her first period after Zoloft was pain free. No cramps and no diarrhea. She has had no moodiness. No anger. This is my daughter. I am CONVINCED it was the Zoloft that caused all the above problems.


Subj: Scared of Zoloft
Date: 2/23/2005
Ok, I haven’t started my prescription yet. I am supposed to be using Zoloft to keep me on more of an even keel. I wear my heart on my sleeve it seems and I tend to either fly off the handle or become very emotional too quick. Anyway, after reading all these posts, I’m not sure I want to even go get the prescription. I already do sleep enough, now there’s nightmares involved. I was told that I was going to lose my sex drive. I don’t even have one to begin with so how is my guy going to feel when I up and lose even more than what I had…
Now I don’t know what to do… My doc said that this was a trusted, tride-n-true drug… doesn’t sound like that to me. Scares the crap out of me if we are being honest.


AskDocWeb: Most of what doctors know about drugs come from the pharmacies that are selling those drugs. What you read here are comments from people who actually use them. As an alternative to Zoloft you might ask your doctor about Lexapro. It will work, and you can keep your sex life and sleep at night.

Subj: Vivid dreams with Zoloft
Date: 2/25/2005
I thought when taking zoloft it was a miracle, I never felt so great in my life. Then within 2 weeks came very vivid dreams and nightmares. I am off the meds now and still cope with these dreams every single night. I also went through awful dizzy spells and feeling of faintness all day while weaning myself off the drug. (I also almost instantly lost all my sex drive!!!!) I had no desire in the world or thoughts of any sexual matter. I have never tried another drug so I am not able to truly compare, but these are my experiences.


Subj: 6 months on Zoloft
Date: 3/12/2005
I have been on Zoloft for about 6 months now for overcoming my anxiety/depression. I have gained about 30 pounds! I have also had extremely vivid dreams. Zoloft has tremendously helped my anxiety/depression, but I cannot stand the extra weight! I am a very healthy eater and workout 5-6 days a week. I am tapering off the Zoloft to see if I can manage w/o it. Hopefully the weight will go away quickly!


AskDocWeb: If you find yourself still needing an antidepressant ask your doctor about Lexapro. There is no weight gain with Lexapro.

Subj: Changing from Zoloft to Lexapro
Date: 3/15/2005
I have been taking Zoloft for about 6 weeks now. For the first 4 weeks, I had a 50mg dose. During this time period, I felt like I was a lot calmer, but still experienced some anxiety, so I began taking 100mg. The medication seems to work, in that I feel like “normal” again, since I am calm, and I don’t have any more paranoid thoughts during the day…However, I now get a nosebleed about every two weeks, so the Dr. has prescribed lexapro. Hopefully it will work.


Subj: Concerned about weight gain
Date: 3/16/2005
I just took my first dose of Zoloft. I am to take 4/50 mg. pills for the first 4 days, and then switch to 100 mg. for the remainder of the month. My concern is the understood–or very possible side effect of weight gain–that is highly associated with this drug. Although I am a big man (6’6″, 270 lbs.) I do not need to gain any weight. Does this weight gain happen in the majority of Zoloft users, and how significant is the weight gain? I’m just concerned all around. My psychiatrist also prescribed to me, along with the Zoloft, Promethazine for nausea to counteract the Zoloft; Ambien for sleep; and Hydroxyz Pam 50mg for anti-anxiety. Please tell me if this is a safe combination of drugs? Thank you for your help in this matter. Sincerely,


AskDocWeb: With only 100mg of the zoloft and 50mgs of Hydroxyz, you should be fine. Remember that these are only temporary to help you get through the next few weeks/months. Please read the our
Report and feedback on Ambien

Subj: Cat ate Zoloft
Date: 3/18/2005
If my cat may have ingested 25 milligrams of my zoloft should I be concerned? I am not sure maybe just a little paranoid.


AskDocWeb: You are not paranoid. 25mgs is way too much for a small pet, call your veterinarian.

Subj: Back on Zoloft
Date: 3/24/2005
I took Zoloft [100 mg] for 6-7 years (in response to severe panic disorder and OCD) & used it w/ strong CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), relaxation techniques and mind training (using A Course in Miracles & Zen). All worked synergistically & I felt very good (initially, I had bad side-effects – libido down, induced panic) but they went away. I then let the other tools (therapy, mind training) drop & OCD kicked in and made me afraid of meds. I did a slow taper and didn’t experience any side-effects. Recently, went back on Zoloft [50 mg] b/c of return of panic (couldn’t drive). I’m back driving but I experience chills in my head and back – I’m very afraid of meds but am also afraid of going off them so … I’m trying to use the other tools (mind training, following CBT/ERP therapy from this book, diet, exercise, sleep) to hopefully wean myself off Zoloft. I have trouble determining if some of what I experience is due to Zoloft, anxiety/OCD/psychosomatic, allergies, or a cold. Dunno…


Subj: Sweating with Zoloft
Date: 3/24/2005
I have been on zoloft for the past eight months and so far besides the few side effects I experienced at first it has been a blessing. Recently though I have been experiencing night sweats at least four times a week. I’ve heard this is common with zoloft, but should I still check this out with my doctor just to make sure that it’s nothing else?


AskDocWeb: Night sweats are not listed as one of the side effects of Zoloft but abnormal dreams are listed as one of the infrequent side effects.

Subj: Zoloft saved my life
Date: 3/25/2005
I have been on Zoloft for 5 years. I just want to say that it is not for everyone. But some of the bad things I have read about on this board were caused by prozac in my family. There are different anti-depressants out there for different types of people. You cannot swallow any pill and get success right away. Sometimes it is trial and error until you find the right medication. I am on Zoloft for severe postpartum depression and anxiety, and OCD. I was not just “feeling a little sad”. Zoloft saved my life because it was the right drug for me. I may be on it the rest of my life… but at least I am alive. I urge you… If it is not helping you, or you feel worse, check out another anti-depressant. And anti-depressants (like all medications) are not to be taken lightly. But in some cases, they are necessity. The best and first anti-depressant though is exercise. And remember to play… lol. playing can make you feel so very young, and so very happy. I jump on the trampoline with my kids. It does wonders if I am having a bad day. 🙂 And dating helps too! Date your spouse once a month 🙂 Just my opinions. Peace be with you.


AskDocWeb: Thanks Teresa, peace be with you too and your loved ones.

Subj: Severe neck pain from Zoloft
Date: 3/29/2005
I have had severe neck pain from Zoloft. I also have zapping noise in head and constant tinitus. I do not recommend anyone to go on this drug! Ever!


Subj: Zoloft and Meridia
Date: 4/13/2005
I am taking zoloft and just started taking Meridia. Is this O.K.? I have read about seritonin syndrome and am worried my dr. doesn’t know what he is doing. Is it o.k to take the 2 together?


AskDocWeb : It depends on the dosage of each and your current medical condition. This is what you are paying your doctor to answer. You should discuss this concern with your doctor and if his answers don’t satisfy you then consider finding another doctor.

Seretonin is one of the main chemicals in your body that improves your mood. If you have too little or too much, you will have problems. Many foods (such as carbohydrates) produce seretonin. People who suffer from depression as a result of the lack of seretonin can get hooked on carbohydrate rich foods. Eating things like potato chips causes them to gain weight and of course that feeds their depression. It can become a vicious circle.

Serotonin syndrome can occur when the brain has too much serotonin and can’t cope with the excess. It is a very dangerous and a potentially fatal side effect of serotonergic enhancing drugs which can have both psychiatric and physical symptoms.

Serotonin syndrome most commonly develops when a patient receives two or more drugs that increase serotonin levels in the brain by different mechanisms. It may also develop after an overdose or therapeutic use of substances that increase serotonin activity in the brain. Any two serotonin uptake inhibitors taken together can cause problems. Unfortunately there is no test that confirms the diagnosis of serotonin syndrome. Read more feedback

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