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Subj: Facial sweating with zoloft
Date: 4/28/2005
I’ve been taking 50 mg for almost a year, for panic attacks / social anxiety. It works really well, but the side effects for me have been heavy facial sweating, and occasional night sweats. I’ve always had vivid dreams, but I have noticed lately that I wake often. For me, these side effects are better than the anxiety I used to cope with. I haven’t seen anyone else mention facial sweating – is this common?


AskDocWeb: Facial sweating with zoloft seems to be rare, but it does occur.

Subj: Night terror with Zoloft
Date: 5/2/2005
I take 50mg a day. After missing one dose, I had a night terror that I have never experienced. It felt as if something was pulling my brain to one side and would not stop. In addition, there was buzzing and electricity charge noise. The electricity noise was like the sound of jumper cables being touched together. Also, I tried to scream but I could not, it was like a force holding me down. It was definitely a scary feeling. I thought a ghost was after me. My husband mentioned that I could have missed a dose and I had.


Subj: Zoloft made me feel crazy
Date: 5/5/2005
I took this in college for depression and it made me feel crazy. My head was in the clouds and I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t study and daily tasks became hard to do and focus on. I know it is supposed to take a month for this stuff to get in your system, but how could I have lasted 2 more weeks when I felt like this.


AskDocWeb: These symptoms should be reported to your physician immediately on onset.

Subj: Trying to get off zoloft
Date: 5/24/2005
I have been trying to get off zoloft for 6 years. I’m once again making a valiant attempt–pretty scared though because I’m definitely in the severe withdrawal effects group. My worst effects are total disorientation: dizziness, vertigo, motion sickness–really feeling like I’m loosing my mind. I would like any and all suggestions for what works.


AskDocWeb: Suggestion are welcome but after 6 years maybe it is time to talk to your doctor about this.

Subj: Zoloft for life
Date: 5/26/2005
I have been on Zoloft for 14 years. I took Prozac for the two years preceding the Zoloft. I truly believe that I am going to take it the rest of my life. Maybe some of you have forgotten how truly “life wasting” the depression/OCD was before the meds. A “bad” day now is like a great day back then. Does it prevent every symptom? Not always. Side effects? Who knows after 14 years 🙂 I just know that Zoloft enabled me to go through therapy as between the two of them I have been able to live a better life…a more comfortable normal life.


Subj: Helped but can’t cry
Date: 6/5/2005
I have been on Zoloft for 7 months now for panic attacks. It has helped me 100%. The only side effect I have is that I cannot cry. I also went through 7 months of therapy with a psychologist who also helped me tremendously.


Subj: Bionic Woman head spin
Date: 6/6/2005
I have been taking Zoloft for about 8 months, starting at 25mg and a month ago going up to 200mg on my Dr.’s request. I started getting the shakes when I didn’t eat regularly and sleep was off & on. I quit cold turkey and felt fine for a week but starting on day 8, I began to get the “dizzy – Bionic Woman” head spin sensation that I have been reading about. I will try getting some samples from my Dr. to wean me off more gradually. I did not experience any weight gain on hunger symptoms as some have reported. Thank God!


Subj: Before you decide about Zoloft
Date: 6/7/2005
I know most people who are considering taking Zoloft has read every website warning you against this drug…but don’t take what happened to a few people be the norm for reactions to Zoloft. It is different for everyone. I started taking Zoloft about 9 months ago after my Mom died. I was not taking it well and my depression took over my life and I almost lost my job and my house. Zoloft has changed my life. As far as side effects go-I only have dry mouth and drowsiness. I take my pill at night instead of the day—that helped the whole drowsiness issue a lot! I take bottled water with me every where I go. Drinking more water is a great side effect, eh? So—before you freak out and decide NOT to take Zoloft, really talk to your doctor and see what he/she thinks. Or just TRY it! You never know–it could be your savior, like it was for me.


Subj: Expired pills
Date: 6/9/2005
My doctor gave me some samples of zoloft 50 mg. but I noticed that the expiration date was October 2004. Is it still effective and safe to take?


AskDocWeb: No, return them to your physicians office and ask the nurse to replace the samples given.

Subj: Withdrawal symptions
Date: 6/17/2005
I took Zoloft for a few months and gained 20 lbs! Although I hated the weight gain, I do have to say that for a while before the dosage had to be increased because it stopped working, that it was the most amazing miracle I have ever experience. Did I mention that I’ve had depression for 5 years and nothing has worked nearly as well as Zoloft? Watch out for those nightmares though, they can get bad. Fortunately there are drugs a doctor can prescribe for you to help make them go away… As for my question about withdrawal – if you stop cold turkey, how long are the withdrawal symptoms estimated to last?


AskDocWeb: The side effects may last up to two weeks but, you are not supposed to stop Zoloft cold turkey. You might want to talk to your doctor about changing to a drug called Lexapro. It works without the nightmares and there is no weight gain. In fact some have lost weight.

Subj: Anxiety attacks and tight chest
Date: 6/21/2005
I have been on zoloft 25 m for a week and I feel like I’m getting more anxiety attacks, and my chest is tight?


AskDocWeb: You need to discuss this with your physician, heart palpitations are a side effect.

Subj: Dizziness with Zoloft
Date: 7/4/2005
Can dizziness be caused by stopping Zoloft?


AskDocWeb: Yes, it can cause dizziness, sorry.

Subj: Can’t drink alcohol with Zoloft
Date: 7/6/2005
I took zoloft following a divorce beginning December 2002 and weaned off of it May 2003. Ever since I have stopped taking zoloft I am unable to consume alcohol. It makes me sick. I used to drink socially, but now forget it. I experienced muscle weakness while on the drug and wish I would have never used it.


Subj: Zoloft is well worth it
Date: 7/7/2005
I took Zoloft for almost 18 months and stopped taking it about 5 days ago, as I feel better. Overall, it was well worth it. It made me overcome depression and social anxiety. I hope this is permanent! I feel fine now except for some dizziness and confusion. I expect this will go away soon. The only caution I have to people is that occasionally I felt some depression peaks and valleys more severe than before, but just told myself it was the med. That worked. Good luck.


Subj: Paxil or zoloft
Date: 7/19/2005
Paxil or zoloft, which one is better and safer to take…thank you.


AskDocWeb: The final choice should be made by your doctor but we can tell you that there are many more people on Paxil than there is on Zoloft.

Subj: Zoloft doesn’t work like it did before
Date: 7/20/2005
I am 22 and have experienced depression and anxiety (panic, GAD) off and on since I was 14 years old. I’ve been on zoloft now for about 2 1/2 years. I was taking 100mg and this medicine worked great for me! Virtually no side effects except for a little diarrhea. And then like a dummy I quit taking it cold turkey b/c I felt better, and within weeks fell back into a horrible state of depression/anxiety. Two months ago my doctor put me back on 100mg–nothing, then a month ago went up to 200mg. Feeling alot better but not like I wanna! Not like before! Should I switch to something else or give 200mg more time?


AskDocWeb: If it doesn’t seem to be working for you then ask your doctor about Paxil.

Subj: Link Zoloft to increased serotonin to Galactorrhea
Date: 7/22/2005
I was prescribed Zoloft for postpartum depression nearly 6 years ago. Part of the depression was because my child would not nurse. (I had previous experience and consulted various lactation experts) For 6 years I have continued to lactate with absolutely no stimulation to do so. I have seen 4 different specialists regarding the lactation. Had an MRI on my Pituatary. NO ONE could figure out why I was still lactating. FINALLY I found a web site linking Zoloft and increased serotonin to Galactorrhea. I have tapered off, but am feeling the ‘jolt’ effects still. Not one medical professional, including our pharmacist, knew of a link between Zoloft and Galactorrhea. I hope this helps someone else.


Subj: Can’t take the nightmares caused by Zoloft
Date: 7/24/2005
I have been taking Zoloft because of depression for about 4 or 5 months after switching from Fontex (Prosac) because I was pregnant. My doctor told me that Zoloft was better for breast-feeding mothers. The first months were great, I felt much better and now the nightmares that I had while taking Fontex had stopped. But after a while I had to take more Zoloft to feel good, swiching from 50 mg to 100 mg. Now I feel really dizzy and having nightmares nearly every day, making me so tired that I feel like I have to sleep every time my 4 month old baby sleeps, which is alot. These nightmares are though different than those I had while taking Fontex because now I don’t wake up crying like before but I am so tired when I wake up now. I feel like I have been living a horror-movie the whole night or been running from something the whole night. I am going to ask my doctor to give me something else for my depression.


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