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Subj: 4 years on Zoloft
Date: 7/30/2005
I have been taking Zoloft for about 4 years now. I was on a 25mg dose and have increased my dose to 50mg during the last 6 months. During the last month I have experienced bad dreams. But, I wouldn’t call them nightmares. I have also gained weight; about thirty pounds and can’t seem to take it off.

In March I had a heart attack and subsequent angioplasty. During the angioplasty the doctor mentioned that I had sleep apnea… In spite of all of the above, I do believe the zoloft is doing me a lot of good. It helps me to be with my wife and kids. It also helps with my depression. I don’t believe that there is some conspiracy on the part of drug companies to make big bucks. Even thought I do believe that they are greedy and overcharge for their meds, I believe that they are doing the best that they can and simply haven’t come far enough to invent a drug that can help with depression without the side effects.

I have recently started an exercise program that is helping with the weight. But, as most people, regardless of whether they are on zoloft or not, I find it difficult to be consistent.

Lastly, I am still very sensitive – even with the zoloft. I am easily disheartened and loose sight of my inspiration if something goes bad at work or a friend says something that hurts my feelings. But, I find that zoloft helps lighten the blow and that’s priceless…


Subj: Arterial Fibrillation
Date: 8/2/2005
I am a very healthy 47 year old male athlete. I had attacks of Arterial Fibrillation;[Unknown cause of very rapid heartbeat].I was in hospital for 4 days. It finally stopped. It came back. I am convinced it came back because of my anticipatory thoughts of a pending attack. Zoloft has kept my arterial fibrillation away. Cardiologists should consider adding this drug to their arsenal.


Subj: Trouble with erections on Zoloft
Date: 8/2/2005
I have been taking zoloft for 3 weeks now. I am only 25 and am having trouble with my erections. Is there another drug that I can take except for viagra to gain my erection back? Or could the side effect go away on its own. Other than that I have no problems with it. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: These are side effects that need to be reported to your doctor. They are warning signs that your dosage may need to be adjusted or that you cannot take this medication.

Subj: Left Zoloft in hot car
Date: 7/18/2005
Is it safe to take zoloft if it had been left in car for a few hours? What signs would show it is having a bad reaction? I’ve taken 3 doses from the batch? Please help.


AskDocWeb: These pills should be stored at a temp no higher than 75 degrees. We suggest you ask your physician for free samples to replace them.

Subj: Six years on Zoloft
Date: 8/9/2005
I’m 55 and I’ve been on Zoloft now for over 6 years. I can honestly say that it has changed my life – gone are the morning “downs”, gone are the panic attacks and OCD, and gone is the sometimes raging temper that made relationships so difficult for me.

It’s not just changed my life, it’s opened up a whole new life for me. The downside has been(for me)decreased libido and delayed ejaculation. I try to work around these 2 issues, because the benefits have been too great. I can’t praise this drug enough!


Subj: Stopped taking zoloft drug
Date: 8/15/2005
I recently stopped taking zoloft. I was on it for about a year at 50 mg. I originally started taking it for anxiety attacks. Initially I felt that the Zoloft worked to reduce anxiety, but during the last half of treatment, I began to realize that the side effects far outweighed the anxiety. I experienced an extreme loss of sexual interest, extremely violent and disgusting nightmares, and an occasional numb “dead” sensation in my limbs. I do not recommend Zoloft. I suppose some people may need it, but I think for my anxiety, I have been successful in combating it with meditation and positive thinking. Zoloft merely clouded the issue, rather than curing it. I am glad to have my good dreams and sex drive back!


Subj: zoloft side effects
Date: 8/16/2005
I’ve been taking zoloft for a few months. I’m a teenager and I’m pretty underweight. Zoloft made me gain about 15 pounds, which actually helped me a bit. But I can’t stop having horrible nightmares. Every single night I have a bad dream after fighting for 3 hours to fall asleep in the first place. When something goes wrong, I get so upset I kick holes in the wall and have suicidal thoughts. I don’t think zoloft is an amazing medication and it has the worst side affects of any medicine I’ve tried.


AskDocWeb: These are pretty serious effects! Bad dreams and kicking holes in the walls are bad enough but having suicidal thoughts is something that needs attention. Discuss the side effects you are having with your doctor. This should be done immediately.

Subj: Zoloft nightmares
Date: 8/20/2005
I’ve been on Zoloft for about 6 years. First 25mg, then 50 mg, now 100mg. I feel like I don’t want to be on this drug anymore. I tried to go back down to 50mg like a year ago but I felt terrible. I hate these horrid nightmares. I wish I could record them…would scare anyone from taking this medicine if you really don’t have to.


Subj: Zoloft
I have been taking Zoloft for two years. My doctor prescribed 50 mg but I only took 25mg. I exercise every day, eat good and use a multi vitamin, get at least 8hrs sleep and I feel great. I think the key here is take a mild dose and keep in shape and eat right. I also drink a few rum and cokes a week and have no problems.


Subj: Zoloft drug
I have been on Zoloft quite a while I have gone from 75 up to 200mg through the years. I have within 1 year gotten very irritable from the high doses now I am on 25 mg. and I am feeling better. Is this possible, does zoloft seem right for me? Thank you,


AskDocWeb: For your health and safely, you should ask your doctor. This website is for reporting side effects, not medical advice.

Subj: About Zoloft
I have been on zoloft for almost 2 months now and I am working my way down to stop taking it. I had a panic attack when my throat closed up on me from a allergic reaction to keflex. So I had the fear that my throat was going to close up when I was going to go to sleep. My doctor started me out with 50mg of zoloft for about 2 weeks then moved me up to 100mg. I went this past week to talk to her about working my way off of it because of the side effects from taking it. I have pretty much had all the side effects. I have gain about 15 lbs, I get chills in the middle of the afternoon, my shoulder would twitch every-now-and-then. I have been breaking out in a sweat and my heart will start beating really fast while I am sleeping, is that a side effect also?

I am 23 years old and I have never had any of these problems until that allergic reaction happened with me. I’m not scared of my throat closing up any more because I know it all had to do with the keflex. I am now taking 50mg for a week and the 25mg every other day for a week and then I stop taking it. Should my heart be racing like crazy and sweating really bad in the night from taking this? How long does it take to get out of your system? Alot of times I will feel so dizzy and depressed since I started zoloft. I have learned to do research on any type of meds before I start to take them. I would not recommend zoloft to any one. Thank you for your time.


AskDocWeb: Zoloft will cause your heart to race and sweats are reported by others, but I haven’t heard of muscle twitching from anyone. It can take from 3 to 7 days to get it completely out of your system. Once it is out of your system it may still take a few days after that for your body to return to its normal feeling.

Subj: Zoloft side effect
Date: 9/9/2005
I am thinking about quitting Zoloft. I began taking 25g for pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder almost 2 years ago. Then it wasn’t working so I took 50. When my sister died 16 months ago I have been taking 100mg Zoloft. It used to work so well. And, after my sister’s death a bit of numbing was welcome…but now I feel too numb to things. Such as, my niece was born and I could feel the emotions of it, but wasn’t physically able to cry tears of happiness. Things which should make me angry, really don’t. I feel like my inner voice and my outer expressions don’t relate as if I am numb on inside but appear indifferent on the exterior. Plus, I still have a bit of anxiety over things, but not a lot. My guess is I am taking too much and should reduce to 50. Any suggestions on how to do this safely? I hate it when I miss a day of my pill and get that “zap” feeling in the head. Thank you for your suggestions!


AskDocWeb: The safest way to adjust your dosage is to let your doctor decide what it should be.

Subj: Zoloft and aerobics
Date: 10/4/2005
I have now been on it for a month and the only thing I’ve noticed is decreased anxiety (I had taken it for depression), loss of appetite and fatigue. I work out in the pool and I noticed last night that I don’t have the kind of energy to get through the hour class, which is pretty aerobic.


AskDocWeb: The loss of appetite will go away, but the fatigue will probably stay with you while you are on zoloft.

Subj: hair loss or thinning?
Date: 10/26/2004
I have been on zoloft for about one year now I was wondering can it cause hair loss or thinning? By the way I’m 35 years old and female.


AskDocWeb: Yes, hair loss (alopecia) is listed as one of the infrequent side effects of Zoloft.

Subj: Zoloft side effects
Date: 10/30/2004
I’ve been taking 100mg per day for one year. I was told that I grind my teeth at night (this is new) also I recently became aware of involuntary depression of my tongue to the roof of my mouth. This really drives me up the wall. I can’t stop unless I eat or chew gum. Any advice?


AskDocWeb: We’ve not heard of the tongue business before. The habitual grinding of teeth is known as bruxism, which has three main causes. Most people who grind their teeth are using them to vent stress. Others have a dislocated jaw joint that causes the jaw muscle to go into painful spasms. A few people, usually women between 17 and 35 years old, seem to have a central nervous system disorder that compels them to grind their teeth.

Here are some things that may give you some relief: First, pay attention to your teeth periodically throughout the day. Your teeth should not be touching (upper to lower) unless you are eating or chewing something. Whenever you find yourself clenching your teeth, just relax.
Another thing you can do is to give your jaw a workout. Chew some sugarless gum for an hour or so before bedtime. Your jaw is more likely to relax if it has had a workout.

You could also try reducing the amount of stress with meditation, yoga, massage or just a half-hour walk each day. Read more feedback

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