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Subj: Long term Zoloft user
Date: 9/12/2006
I’ve been on and off Zoloft for 11 years. Whilst I found it good at the beginning, I found you seem to need to increase your dose over time to keep it working. I’ve just started a drop from 200 to 100mg per day for 2 days and then nothing for 3 days in order to be started on a different med. (All being done under doctors orders). Please for anyone considering using Zoloft, do plenty of research. There are plenty of side effects and withdrawal….. I’ve done the extremely slow weaning off before and now this. The drug company and doctors don’t warn you about withdrawal, you’ll be told it’s a non-addictive drug… that’s total lies.


Subj: Zoloft withdrawal?
Date: 9/13/2006
I’ve been taking Zoloft for 6 or 7 months. I started out on a lower dose and have moved up to 2 50mg tables BID. It has helped me out a lot but when I don’t take it for several days (10+) then I get extremely angry for no reason. I’ve not experienced any other side effects – is this going to be a pill I need to be on the rest of my life? I hope not!


AskDocWeb: No, you are not likely to need it for your entire life.

Subj: Generic Zoloft problems
Date: 9/15/2006
I have been taking Zoloft for about 3 months now. When I first started I was put on 100mg/day for stress. I noticed some nausea and shakes. After about 3 weeks the shakes got better. I take my zoloft before I go to bed at night. I went to get my prescription last month and the pharmacy gave me the generic brand this time. They said it was the same as the brand name. I started experiencing extreme hypotension, tremors, forgetfulness, heaviness in my chest and pressure in the back of my neck. I was having pain down the left arm and had the identical symptoms of a heart attack. I ended up in the emergency room. My cardiac enzymes were normal, but my EKG was slightly off but nothing really bad. I followed up with my PCP and he at first decided to treat me for a migraine yet I had no pain. Then after I told him what I had been feeling since I started taking the generic zoloft he decided to have me stop the generic and he gave me the brand and he decreased my dose to 50mg at bedtime. I still have intermittent chest pressure but I am doing well overall. I caution everyone to please not take the generic zoloft if you can help it. I do not want anyone going through what I have just experienced.


Subj: Zoloft helps with anxiety attacks and depression
Date: 9/27/2006
I started taking Zoloft to help the anxiety attacks and depression from my divorce. It helped tremendously. I’ve never felt an actual change, it just feels like my outlook is different. I’m still me, just optimistic instead of negative. That could also be from getting rid of the jerk. (He left me, but after a few weeks, I was glad to be rid of him!!!) I can’t really say if it’s the meds that are helping, or my new life that is great. I am having side effects, but they’re relatively minor. If my emotions are strong enough to stress me out too much, then I do have some dizziness and leg tremors. Not bad, just enough to be weird. And night sweats sometimes. Also, very dry throat. I’m only going to be on it a few more months, but I have never regretted starting it. It evened me out during a time in my life when I didn’t have control of anything. I can’t wait to get off of it because I don’t like being on any drugs, let alone mind altering ones. But I feel like it’s done more good than bad. I might change my mind when it’s time to get off of it, but I don’t think I’ll have a problem.


Subj: Zoloft baldness?
Date: 9/28/2006
Can Zoloft cause baldness? And is true that I have my maternal grandfather’s beautiful hair genes?


AskDocWeb: Baldness is not a listed side affect but hair loss is reported by about 1% of those using Zoloft. It’s a fact that some of your genes came from your grandfather but we can only guess about the hair genes.

Subj: Better off without Zoloft
Date: 10/3/2006
I was on 100mg of zoloft for close to 6 months. I started at 25mg and it wasn’t working so they upped it to 100mg.I was jittery, hiper, moody, some days I just felt pissed of but at what?. I even acquired the nickname of twitchy from my friends. After careful consideration I decided to quit the drug. I cut down my dose gradually over about 3 weeks now I am taking 50mg every other day. I have had a little bit of the shakes and now my moods are changing and I seem to be very sensitive as far as socially. My best friend fears for me because she says quitting zoloft can be dangerous w/o talking to a doctor but I figure if my doctor was any good he wouldn’t have put me on the stuff anyway. We need to take control of are lives again. With the help of the lord and common sense we can all be better off without these drugs.


Subj: Nightmares on zoloft
Date: 10/4/2006
Ok, so here is my theory. There seem to be alot of us experiencing nightmares on zoloft. I too experience this problem, which is a shame as it’s the only negative side effect I have. My theorizing is that owed to anxiety and depression not finding a release in our concious during waking hours they slip out in dreams. I am a firm believer in everything ‘finding a way out’ and its my belief that that is what these dreams are. The thing is, you have to turn it around, these dreams can actually help you, they make you see what your anxiety stems from and can provide clues that may help you overcome depression and anxiety in the long run. Well, that’s opinion anyway. Any thoughts?


AskDocWeb: We’ll have to leave that one to the professional therapists. If any read this we would welcome your comments.

Subj: Zoloft withdrawal Side Effects
Date: 10/8/2006
Withdrawal Side Effects Not just for people on long-term, high doses! I was only on Zoloft for a few months, and never went above 50 mg but when I stopped taking it I experienced heart palpitations so bad that when I would jog, even for a second, it felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I’m only 27, I have been an athlete all my life to include marathons and triathalons, and this was awful to experience. My sexual drive was not existent and I found it impossible to achieve orgasm, no matter what. I felt more defeated and depressed by the side effects than anything. I started because I was feeling depressed from losing control of my life, but this just made it worse. The side effects did however make me decide to take back control of my life and actively pursue safer means to control my depression. BE CAREFUL of this drug!


Subj: Zoloft withdrawal
Date: 10/11/2006
I have been on Zoloft 50mg for about 3 months now and I cannot afford it, so I stopped cold turkey about 4 days ago and now I feel dizzy all day and I get tingly feelings through out my body. No pain just dizzy and tingly. Will this go away soon?


AskDocWeb: These symptoms should be gone within 14 days. If they last beyond that you should talk to your doctor.

Subj: Hand tremors
Date: 10/15/2006
Hi My husband started zoloft about 3 weeks ago and now he has hand tremors. He had hx of alcoholism and is sober now. He says he is feeling worse with zoloft. Should he stop the drug? Thanks


AskDocWeb: It may help if he talks to his doctor about changing to Lexapro.

Subj: Generics are different
Date: 10/19/2006
Interesting experience with generic for CA. Not one I want. I already have requested that my Medicare carrier honor the original prescription that I do well on. Generics simply are often not compounded in the same way which can make a difference. I’ve already had several of the symptoms such as excessive sweating (maybe good for me), Buffy-type dreams fortunately mine are meaningless), and tinnitus, which last does bother me, since I also have some hearing loss related to past pneumonia and current age loss. Tinnitus and hearing loss together are causing me the unhappiness of losing whatever it is in music and bird songs that thrilled me. Does anyone have alternative treatment suggestions since I do not want to change what worked after trying other not-so-good SSRIs etc first.


Subj: Generic Zoloft?
Date: 10/29/2006
I have never had any side effects with zoloft it has been the only med that has put me back in balance. but is there a generic, its too expensive.


AskDocWeb: No, sorry. Maybe another type would be cheaper, or ask your doctor for samples or coupons off the prescription. Your doctor could call the pharmaceutical rep for samples.

Subj: Bazaar behavior with Zoloft
Date: 10/30/2006
Has anyone seen bazaar behavior in starting of this drug zoloft. A year ago My wife filed for divorce and was seeing a councilor and given zoloft. She took 100mg for a month and came back to me and we were in the process of reconciliation. She suddenly stopped because she felt better but our relationship spiraled. I begged her to get back on it which she finally did. But her first 2-3 weeks of starting it again she was agitated and went back to the lawyers stating she still wants a divorce. Has anyone seen this bizarre behavior when starting this drug. When she was on it for the four months that she was, we had the best four months ever. Please help.


AskDocWeb: About 2% of patients experience social anxiety disorder (SAD) upon discontinuing Zoloft.

Date: 11/15/2006
I just started Zoloft and I can’t sleep after I take it. When do most people take their dose?


AskDocWeb: They usually take it very early in the day, just after waking. Read more feedback. Zoloft Report 5 6 7 8Page 9 10 11 12 13Last Page 36

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