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Subj: Rash and horrible itch
Date: 5/31/2010
I have been taking Zyaban for 2 weeks and 4 days. For the first week it didnt seem to be working, but by the second week it was really good for me. I went from 20 – 25 cigs a day to 2 that I could of went without. The urge to have a cig just wasnt there anymore, so I thought it was really awesome until 2 weeks and 2 days I started getting an itch that was unbearable. It started from the back of my head to my arms then within 24 hours my whole body was covered with a rash and a horrible itch that just wouldnt go away. I went to the doctors this morning and I was prescribed with Locraclear and Prednisone which made me really dosey but at least I wasnt scratching for the whole day as I slept most of the day. The itching is still there but not as bad as it was the previous night. Other effects I did have after reading the feedback was dizzyness but I didnt think it was from taking Zyaban.


Subj: Argumentative, paranoid, and vicious temper
Date: 6/29/2010
I went to my doctor for help to give up smoking and I was told I was an ideal candidate for the then new drug Zyban. After the initial round of the usual side effects I started to feel great, and I mean absolutely fantastic smiling the whole day through with a thoroughly carefree attitude.

After completing the prescribed course I came of them gradually, I still felt good, however 3 months later I started to have problems first it was like a breathless pressure like feeling in my chest but it soon progressed into panic attacks. My concentration abilities started to drop off very rapidly my work suffered almost immediately. From being an easy going gentle guy I became argumentative, paranoid and then started the vicious temper it got to the point were I couldn’t function, I wasn’t comfortable around people but I was terrified to be alone. I went back to the doctor and after a round of tests I was offered counceling and antidepressants.

Six years later I am still on cipralex they have all but stopped working and I’m pretty much back to square one. I feel terrible all the time and it’s incredibly difficult to get the motivation to do anything. Sorry for rambling on but I’m getting to the point were I’ve had enough I am so very tired. Oh and I started smoking again. Any advice?


AskDocWeb: Thanks Chris, others have also reported difficulty controlling their temper while on this drug. The advice we leave to Adonline Doctors. The focus here is limited to the discussion of side effects.

Subj: Zyban side effects
Date: 7/10/2010
I have been on the zyban for 7 day’s now…. this is the first day started taking 2 instead of 1….Before zyban I was strong minded, witty and had a spring in my step. At the mo, I am down in the dumps, feeling sick, worrying about everythin and slightly paranoid and anxious….. I do hope I get no more side effects because I really need to give up this time….. I’m only 34 and already on 40 a day and I have developed asthma and suffer from continuous chest infections….. fingers crossed I can cope with the side effects.


Subj: Zyban did nothing
Date: 7/11/2010
I started taking zyban about a month ago. At the end of the 1st 2 weeks I found that I was actually smoking more than when I first started the pills. I managed to quit for 3 weeks but figured the zyban done absolutely nothing for me. I still had major cravings and had to say no to myself so many times a day that it wasn’t funny not to mention been a major cow to everyone around me. Did anyone else find that Zyban done absolutely nothing?


Subj: Zyban has been great
Date: 8/18/2010
I am on Day 3 of Zyban. After using the patches, gum and trying to wing myself off of cigaretts, Zyban has been great thus far. No headaches or feeling out of touch. I did notice on day 2 I took it in the morning on an empty stomach and got very nauseous. Today I took it with breakfast and was just fine. I have noticed that I dont want a cig. In fact I cant even finish a whole one. I’m going on 24 hours without a cigarette. No anxiety, moodiness or headaches. The only thing I dont like about it is that I have no appetite. Overall I have noticed not only do I not want a cigarette but I’m not in a bad mood all the time.


Subj: Zyban pretty much ruined my life
Date: 9/3/2010
I spent six months on Zyban, and it pretty much ruined my life. I have a history of mild depression, and my doc prescribed a change of anti-depressant to Zyban. I was working as a high level organisational consultant, and I started to become incredibly emotionally involved with things and people, and deep, deep obsessions. One of these – with a person in a client organisation – led to the almost comlete loss of a long and very successful career, and eventually to the break-up of my family. None of this was at ALL normal for me, and I attribute it to Zyban. It took me more than a year to recover, after stopping taking the drug, a very, very horrible year. Now I’ve heard of others who suffered in very similar ways when taking Zyban. I would very strongly recommend avoiding this drug COMPLETELY, if at all possible.


Subj: Second time around?
Date: 9/8/2010
I used Wellbutrin three years ago to quit smoking. It worked like a charm. Cigs just didn’t taste good anymore and the cravings went away naturally. I had very little nicotine withdrawal symptoms if any. I stayed smoke free for a little over two years. Six months ago I stupidly picked up smoking again as a social habit. I got back on Wellbutrin but am finding that it is not doing the trick this time. I am still smoking and cigs taste just fine. Does anyone know if this drug loses its effectiveness (for quitting smoking) the second time around?


Subj: Rash looked like Ring worm
Date: 9/20/2010
I took Zyban a few years ago. I developed a rash that looked like Ring worm all over my arms and back, the itching was horrible, the rash was only visible in the evening….each day there was nothing. Had to take pictures so my doctor could see the rash…. After testing and stopping the Zyban all symptoms stopped within a day or two. Never Again!


Subj: Taking Zyban
Date: 10/3/2010
i am on 13 day of zyban and still i am craving still smoking like before. Seems like it doesnt work on me. I dont know what to do. Should I stop smoking after 14 days like they said or to take another week and see what is huppaning. Pleas help me!!!


AskDocWeb: If you think it isn’t working then check with your doctor. Sometimes the instructions are modified to meet the needs of an individual patient.

Subj: Positive feelings
Date: 11/12/2010
My doctor prescribed Zyban to help me quit smoking. As I suffer from severe depression I am also taking 2 anti depressants (SSRI’s) per day. I am in my fifth day now and still feel like smoking but to my surprise I feel happy for the first time in years. I am hoping that I will quit and that I will get no negative symptoms from taking Zyban. My next visit to the doctor will be next week and I am hoping that I can take Zyban long term. I have tried numerous anti depressants in the last 15 years and they have kept me stable but couldn’t give me the positive feelings that I have now thanks to Zyban.


Subj: I was horribly mistaken
Date: 11/25/2010
I have been a smoker for 15 years. I have quit 3 times (when pregnant)and a couple other times cold turkey with no side effects. When i quit before I smoked almost a pack a day. I have decided I need to quit and thought Zyban seemed like a great idea. I was horribly mistaken. I thought this would be easier especially since I only smoke 5-10 a day instead of a pack. I can go a whole day with out having even one. I thought Zyban would give me that extra kick that I needed. It did with miserable side effects. I have been taking it for 16 days. I don’t have an urge to smoke and I havent since day 2 but here is the laundry list of things that are going on in my body now.

1. Heart palipations

2. chest, back, and severe neck pain

3. anxiety attacks

4. unable to take deep breaths

5. cannot sit still for any length of time

6. no concentration

7. Constapation

8. crazy vivid dreams

9. feeling of bugs crawling under my skin

10. severe shaking of hands

11. when my hands aren’t shaking they are numb along with my feet

12. Headaches

13. my vision seems to get blurry at times.

Well you get the idea. I am absolutely miserable. I would like to say that it is just nicotine withdrawl but since I have quit before with only mild irritaion and mild cravings, this has to be with the drug. I stopped taking Zyban yesterday and I hope that these horrible feelings go away within the next day or so. Have to wait for 4 days to see the doctor due to the holidays. I would definately suggest that individuals that are going to take Zyban really weigh the options.


Subj: Zyban with sleeping pill?
Date: 1/14/2011
I have been taking Zyban for 3 weeks now and managed to stop smoking. I am finding it increasingly difficult to sleep and when I do it is for short periods of half an hour at most. I’m incredibly tired and feel I’d be more able to cope with just one decent nights sleep. With this in mind, is it safe to take Zyban with a single Hypnor sleeping pill? Thank you!


AskDocWeb: A moderately severe drug interaction is possible if a sedative, for example, Ambien (zolpidem) is used with Zyban (bupropion). The use of sedatives may precipitate seizures in patients taking Zyban. Conversely, Zyban may antagonize the central pharmacologic effects of sedatives. Although sedatives may be prescribed to treat agitation, anxiety, and insomnia associated with the use of Zyban, you should know that there is a possibility of an increased risk of seizures during excessive exposure to these drugs. Patients should not attempt to alter the dosages or discontinue the medications without first consulting with their doctor.

Subj: Nasty drug
Date: 1/22/2011
I took zyban to stop smoking 13 years ago.had only been taking the drug a couple of weeks and ended up in hospital with severe weight loss, seizures, huge swelling in my neck. I was very ill in hospital for 2 weeks on oxygen. I am lucky to be alive as I was so ill. I still have severe neck pain and I am convinced it is because of this nasty drug. My advice is to keep well away from zyban as I still have problems. In my opinion this drug should be banned.


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