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If you’ve used Zyban, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: 2 months on Zyban
Date: 7/14/2004
I have been taking Zyban for 2 months now. The cravings come and are gone within 5-10 minutes. Other than that I have no desire to smoke. I do get headaches but not so bad that I cant handle it, and a few other symptoms but in the long run I will be much healthier and live longer. I’m anxious to see how I do when my 3 months are up.


Subj: Quitting for the second time
Date: 8/1/2004
I am taking Zyban for the second time. I quit smoking with it the first time and the only effects were feeling a little different the first week (loopie). Also some CRAZY dreams (kinda cool). I quit for four months but became weak and went back. Now I have quit again with Zyban. I would like to say, as far as, side effects that it is not scary or weird. If you get headaches, you can get headaches from nicotine withdraw without Zyban. For all the people out there that are scared of the effects of Zyban, like me please be more scared of the effects of smoking. ZYABAN GETS ALL THE PROPS!!!


Subj: Side effects of Zyban
Date: 8/10/2004
I’m on my 8th week of Zyban. I was a smoker for 20 years and stopped smoking after the first 10 days on Zyban with absolutely no problem. I would like to address the side effects since no one should be discouraged from trying Zyban for themselves: The first 3 days you only take one pill so that was fine. Once I started taking 2 a day I felt kind of funny for about the first week. I can best describe it as that feeling you get when you’ve drank way too much coffee. I am not a morning person, but I would find myself wide awake at 6 or 7 every morning. I also had some difficulty falling asleep, dry mouth, and sweating. After about a week I stopped feeling “weird” and most side effects went away. Now the only side effects I can name are occasional and extremely vivid nightmares (these seem to occur when I take the second daily pill too close to bed time). I also experience periodic loss of appetite… no nausea, I’m just not hungry. If you are thinking of taking Zyban, don’t be discouraged by the side effects. They are a piece of cake compared to the long term effects of smoking. Before when I tried to quit I always felt deprived of something I enjoyed and really missed the cigarettes. With Zyban I don’t miss smoking at all. It’s strange… but the absolute truth. Give it a try!


Subj: Painful side effects of Zyban
Date: 8/28/2004
Hey, Went to bed last night, thought the dog had gotten fleas and they decided to attack me and not the wife. Well after no sleep and knees and hands that are swollen, extremely itchy, and painful. I hit the internet solely to find out if it’s the Zyban. I started Zyban about three weeks ago and thought I’d investigate the Side effects people are getting from it. Well, The mood swings had’em they seem to be getting better though. I think my body might have just needed to get used to the drug. The swelling and itchiness, this sucks. Not sure it’s worth the agony. Dam cigarettes!!. Any other ideas for quitting. I’d like to stay away from hallucinogenic if at all poss. This is the reason I try to avoid even a tylenol most of the time (side effects)Cheers!!


Subj: Zyban success story
Date: 8/31/2004
I started taking Zyban about 3 weeks ago. My first 2-3 days on the drug, I felt a bit loopy and out of it, with some slight insomnia, but it wasn’t too bad. I felt it evened out more when I started on two pills a day. I set my quit day for 1 week after I began…though those first 2 days of quitting were rough. The cravings definitely lessened, but I was hysterical crying for no reason…it was like I just lost my best friend and didn’t know what to do with myself without them…I believe that was more mental than anything. So I kept my knitting and camera around, and replaced my habit of smoking with something much more productive. After those first two quit days, the crying and emotions stopped!!! I can go to the gym and not get breathless after jogging for 5 minutes…I can now go for 1/2 an hour just fine! I used to be a heavy marijuana smoker as well and since I started this drug I have also stopped smoking that…and the funny thing is, I did not intend to stop smoking marijuana, just cigarettes. I have followed the instructions of this medication and researched it extensively before starting it. I cut out caffeine and alcohol, because it states that both of those can increase the risk of seizures and side effects…and so far so good. I cannot remember the last time I felt so clean and healthy…it’s like I am starting a new life. I do recommend this for quitting cigarettes, but I highly suggest researching it and learning about it before starting.


Subj: Recommend trying it
Date: 10/1/2004
I took zyban 3 years ago the 1st time. I took it for the 1st week, quit smoking, and continued to take it for that following week. I had no side effects at all. It worked fine. I quit for 9 months. Then I started smoking again thinking I could be a social smoker (not smart!). Then about 6 months later, I tried zyban again for the 1st 4 days. I had terrible nightmares for those 4 nights. I had to quit because it was not allowing me to rest. Then I tried it a 3rd time, and it was making me very irritable, so I stopped. I figure it has a lot to do with your general mood at the time. So you can take it 1 month and it works perfectly, and then another time it might cause you more problems than it’s worth. I would recommend trying it. If it doesn’t cause major side effects, it will probably be the best way to quit. My mother, who smoked for 35 years, has been smoke free for 3 years using zyban. She smoked more than 1 pack/day. My brother has also been smoke free for 4 years (1 pack/day). I will try my crack at it again. Cold turkey just doesn’t work for me.


Subj: Quit smoking book
Date: 10/8/2004
A general recommendation: I tried anti-depressants in 1997 to cure a simple case of “the blahs”… they led to a severe anxiety attack and depression that continues to this day. I quit smoking by reading an amazing and inexpensive book titled “The easy way to Stop Smoking” by Robert Carr (Barnes & Noble) Try it!! And stay away from all “Anti-depressants”, they will ruin your life!!


Subj: Sticking with Zyban in spite of the side effects
Date: 10/25/2004
Loss of nicotine cravings, loss of appetite, insomnia, mouth sores, muscle twitching, stomach cramps, palpating, visual sensitivity to bright light… I can deal with physical side effects but the mental side effects are hard to deal with. I am constantly suspicious of everyone, including my partner…I have extreme mood swings, one minute I am motivated and the next minute I want to kill myself.. I lock my self in the bathroom and cry at times…then I feel so violent I want to beat someone up (NEVER BEEN A VIOLENT PERSON IN MY ENTIRE LIFE BEFORE)

I am starting to hate people and going outside all together. I feel like a caged animal, at times I get a energy boost and want to destroy the house…I guess this is how the green incredible halk felt when he burst out of his clothes and grew… But I am sticking with it, because these are short term effects and I know in the long run I am happier to be free of the control cigarettes had over me… Lets hope I will live to see that day while taking ZYBAN 🙂


Subj: Quitting smoking
Been on Zyban for 2 weeks now. Had a half-assed attempt at quitting a few years back on Zyban and found that I had terrible insomnia on 2 tablets daily. Told doc I was going to try it again but only stay on 1 tablet daily which I take early in the morning. Sleeping is pretty good. No headaches or other listed symptoms, but have been rather belly bloated which I’m not used to and is pretty gross! Stopped smoking 4 days into it on 1 tablet a day – will not go up to 2 tablet dosage at all. Still takes a bit of will power but I’m being the ‘anti-quitter’ with a half packet of smokes sitting in the kitchen – I’m tougher than nicotine and intend to prove it!!!


AskDocWeb: Good luck Wendy.

Subj: Used Zyban to quit smoking
Date: 11/21/2004
I used Zyban to stop smoking 3 and a half years ago at age 46. I was a packet a day smoker for over 30 years, but on a healthy lowfat vegetarian diet and taking no other medications. I had no side affects and am still not smoking.


AskDocWeb: Congratulation on quitting.

Subj: Need some advice
Date: 11/24/2004
I took zyban for the first time in summer 2000. I have always enjoyed a drink and never ever have I blacked out or had any reaction with alcohol. After taking alcohol I went out and had 2 bottles of beer and blacked out, can’t remember getting home. I stopped taking zyban and am still smoking but do plan to give up. I am only 28 and 4 years later I still have a strange reaction with alcohol every single time I drink I black out, it is very scary as to date I have fallen down stairs, broken my thumb and had to have it pinned , dislocated my hip and other serious incidents. I really need some advice and help on how to get back to having a normal relationship with alcohol. The trigger is most definitely zyban and I feel that it is destroying my social life as I now fear going out socially in case I black out. Can you please offer any help or advice (apart from the obvious of never drinking again!)


AskDocWeb: Maybe it is time to step back from your situation and look at it from another viewpoint. You’re telling us that for the last four and a half years you have repeatedly injured yourself with your efforts to drink alcohol (and probably endangered others). What’s wrong with that picture? And how would you feel if you woke up from a black out to find you were responsible for someone’s death? Think about it.

Subj: Horrible backache
Date: 12/2/2004
My first day using zyban I took two pills, after the second one I have been experiencing a horrible backache. The following day I took only one. I am going to stop taking them completely but I am scared that I have done irreversable damage to myself from taking 3 pills.


Subj: Wellbutrin dosage
Date: 12/24/2004
My doctor gave me Wellbutrin XL 300 mg in ONE pill to quit smoking. Everyone talks about taking 2 pills of 150 a day. Will my dosage have the same effects? Thank you!


AskDocWeb: Some people do take two Wellbutrin XL’s, but one will work just as good to help you quit smoking. Two pills can cause you trouble sleeping. Be sure to take this pill early in the morning when you get up. Good luck with quitting smoking.

Subj: Swelling and rash with Zyban
Date: 1/25/2005
I was taking zyban for 14 days and suddenly my wrists hands and fingers were swollen. I also came out in a huge rash all over currently taking steroids prescribed by my doc to stop the reaction STAY AWAY FROM THIS MEDICATION…


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