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Subj: Depression, anxiety, and confusion with Zyban
Date: 6/17/2005
I took Zyban about a year ago and was extremely successful. Many comments have mentioned how after only a few days on the drug, the urge to smoke and the enjoyability of having a cigarette declined dramatically. After about one month off of the drug, I got drunk and had a cigarette. At that time I began smoking only when I was drinking; as a result I began to drink more often – almost every weekend. I began taking Zyban again and it has had little effect on my desire to smoke. I’ve even smoke sober while on the drug this time around. The first time I took it the only side effect I had was slight insomnia. This time I have devastated my relationship with my girlfriend. At work and with most others, I seem fine. With the love of my live, I’ve been getting angry and irritable FAR too easily. I’ve felt depression symptoms, anxiety, and confusion. I too have run into situations where I was not able to remember whether or not I had taken a pill just 5 minutes earlier, so I took another one. After clueing in that I could just count the pills remaining in the pack, I discovered I had taken two within 5 minutes of each other. I agree with the notion that this drug should be used only as a LAST resort.


Subj: Second thoughts about Zyban
Date: 6/22/2005
Worked a charm to quit the cancer sticks, no cravings or actual desire to smoke after seven days. Am now at day 25 and am giving the drug a second thought. Sleep deprivation – about four hours a night, wake early morning and can’t get back to sleep. Severe headaches, enough to stop me doing anything at all, and severe mood swings.


AskDocWeb: Taking Zyban in the morning can help with the sleep problem.

Subj: Second try
Date: 6/23/2005
This is my second time using Zyban, I gave up for 18 months last time before I fell into the smoking trap again and have regretted ever since. I have found with Zyban the 2nd time around that the side effects are more profound, in the first few days, wild dreams (bonus), nightmares, night sweats and if taking the 2nd tablet to close to bedtime, near impossible to sleep longer than 3-4 hours. After a week of taking two tablets, you level out alot more and other than being a bit fresher in the mornings its business as usual. Highly recommend over smoking any day.


Subj: Another bad reaction
Date: 6/29/2005
Took zyban for two weeks. Once I upped the dose on day 7 from one to two tablets I started to get a rash on my hands, similar to heat rash. By day 10, this rash had spread to large red patches covering most of my body, and severe swelling of my hands and feet, the rash is still spreading despite having stopped the zyban 6 days ago. Am now under the care of my GP, an on antihistamines, antibiotics and steroids, and am unable to work at the moment.


Subj: No affects with Zyban
Date: 7/6/2005
Hi I have been on Zyban for three weeks no side effects but still smoking. I thought Zyban curved ones desire to smoke. Went back to my GP, she was shocked that Zyban has had no effect. Do I continue to take Zyban. Perhaps they may take a little longer to kick in, what’s your opinion?


AskDocWeb: You shouldn’t be smoking at all at three weeks while on Zyban. It doesn’t cure or take away your desire to smoke. It is suppose to help you cope with that desire. Our opinion is that if you don’t follow directions then you may not be committed to stopping.

Subj: Shocked at loss of temper on Zyban
Date: 7/6/2005
I’m on day 3 of Zyban. The first two days I felt a bit sickly but by today that had passed. The trouble I had today was a feeling of a comedown, kind of spaced, stoned even. What shocked me was when I shouted at my work colleague over a really trivial matter. That scared me as I’m usually quite easy going. I then started to feel quite anxious. However, I went to the gym after work and afterwards felt right as rain. I’ll see how it goes and am recording any odd effects in a diary. My day to stop smoking is 5 days away and then I go up to 2 pills. Sometimes I get no pleasure from the cigs, sometimes I do. The biggest difference smoking wise is the fact that I used to have a daily cannabis habit and having gone without for 4 days I would usually be climbing the walls by now. I don’t seem to miss it though, very odd. I’m a little worried about keeping this under control and feel like a bit of a guinea pig but I’ll persevere. Fingers crossed eh?


Subj: Angry enough to kill someone
Date: 7/15/2005
After reading the comments on this website, I am throwing out the rest of the Zyban I am supposed to take. I thought it was just me. The itching and crawling skin has nearly driven me mad. I am so angry and irritable I could kill someone. Wonder how long it will take for these symptoms to go away? Oh and by the way I am still smoking. Now it just tastes awful.


Subj: Zyban Itching
Date: 8/9/2005
Started taking zyban this morning and have been itching all day – going to work through it as I must admit I don’t feel that interested in smoking tonight and it does taste horrible…I can’t believe that nice cigarette feeling isn’t there after just taking one tablet! Will let you know how I get on!


AskDocWeb: The itching is an allergic reaction. If you continue, you could start having trouble breathing. Talk to your doctor about an alternative.

Subj: Zyban hell
Date: 8/9/2005
I was prescribed Zyban to quit smoking as I was about to undergo radiation therapy for breast cancer. I knew on day 3 that this drug was having a very negative effect on my mood and informed my doctor who insisted I hang in there because it would get better with time. By week 2 I was feeling worse. I had stopped smoking on day 8 but I was having terrible mood swings and feeling terribly depressed which I wasn’t before I started. I told my doctor who again insisted that I stay on them for at least 6 weeks. After 3 weeks I couldn’t handle anymore. I was a basket case. I quit Zyban and I quit my radiation treatment. I would never advise anyone to try this because if you’re one of the ones with negative side effects – it’s really hell. I’m still trying to recover from the Zyban and haven’t had time to worry about my cancer.


AskDocWeb: Of course they don’t want you smoking during radiation treatment but it is truly tragic to quit the radiation treatments because of the side effects of Zyban.

Subj: Driving my husband crazy
Date: 8/15/2005
I took zyban years ago and quit for 7 months. Stupidly I started again by just having one…I am now taking it for the 2nd time 2 years later and it’s just as I remembered it. Awful. I wake up at 4am to take my 1st pill, so I can sleep that evening but never go back to sleep. Everyday since I’ve started it’s been the same. I took 1 pill for 4 days and then started w/2… which not only left me w/out sleep but now I’m sweaty, constipated and am constantly suspicious of my husband (who I completely trusted before)- for some reason I feel myself getting a little crazy at times. I can’t handle situations as well and feel like I can cry at the drop of a hat. (note: I am a very happy stable person in a terrific relationship and had no worries prior to zyban)

In Zyban’s defense- I don’t like smoking now and do it out of habit but only 5 a day instead of a pack. My quit date is Wednesday and I am very confident that I will quit- like I did the last time but I fear that I will either drive my husband crazy or never get a good nights sleep again.. Pls help any advice would be great. My thinking is that I will take it for 2 weeks after I started the 2 pills a day b/c I really can’t take this. I’m crying right now. If you absolutely do not have to take this pls don’t it’s crazy.



Date: 8/20/2005
My brother has only been on it for a short time – started crying all the time, depressed, didn’t sleep for 6 days and the only reason he was able to sleep on the 7th day is because he was admitted into the hospital for his suicidal thoughts. I pray this medicine passes and he is back to normal soon. We were told it could take as long as 3 months before he is back to normal. I’ve never seen him like this – he could hardly talk, didn’t sleep, cried all the time started thinking crazy thoughts and almost went into convulsions. Stay away from this drug!!


Subj: Stopped in 1 week
Date: 8/20/2005
I stopped in one week and have not smoked in 3 years. I feel like I never Smoked. Had no side effects. Please, no emails.


Subj: Zyban joint pain
Date: 8/22/2005
I just started taking Zyban last week. As soon as I was up to 2 doses a day I began experiencing SEVERE joint pain in my knees and elbows. Nothing seems to be able to take away the pain and I’m feeling constantly anxious. Should I stop taking this or decrease my dose? I should be seeing doctor early this week.


AskDocWeb: Because you have this type of side effect, you may not be able to take this medication at all. Talk with your doctor about alternatives.

Subj: Mind altering Zyban
I have been on Zyban 6 weeks (of 8) now. I have never been so irrational before and feel Zyban is seriously subconscious mind altering stuff. I have nearly ended a perfect relationship but have not craved a ciggie for the 6 weeks. I am going to finish the course but only prey it works permanently and that I haven’t destroyed everything else in the meanwhile.


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